What’s in a name? That which we call Unmaskd…

Posted: July 11, 2010 in 1-2-3 eyes on me
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[tweetmeme source= “unmaskd” only_single=false]Three months and 1,300 tweets ago, my ID was the only topic most of my followers were interested in. The ideas ranged from plausible to crazy. Somewhere in the bowels of Twitter lay tweets suggesting that I’m Jim Carrey, The King, Jesus, Ashton Kutcher, Kelsey Grammer, Edward Norton and simply an ambitious nobody. All of that despite the fact that from the day one I made it clear that I was not interested in discussing my ID. Then, in the midst of conspiracy theories, one very considerate person said that she thought she knew who I was, but was concerned that voicing that theory would bring in a lot of people into the conversation. The question came in right between “Are you Tom Cruise?” and “You are Santa Claus!” tweets, so I didn’t mind. In fact I didn’t care. So she went ahead with a tweet, and so “John Mayer’s Secret Twitter Account” conspiracy was born. I’m still thankful to her for asking me that question.

Fast forward three months. The @unmaskd account has a very moderate number of followers. ID theories are gone. Unmaskd is accepted as a name. But most importantly we’re having a conversation. A conversation about things I and people who read my tweets happen to care about. Twitter or blog, 1 tweet in a week or 10 in a day, it is still a conversation of people mutually interested in each other’s opinions. That was the case until today.

Today that three-month old warning came true. A rumor published on John Mayer’s fan site has sent quite a few people in my direction. The old PR wisdom claims that no publicity is bad publicity. Some utterly bizarre questions that showed up in my feed today make me question that theory. At the same time, it was great to read many comments and tweets about my blog posts. Serious or funny, thoughtful or blurted out, they are all part of what I’m looking for here — a conversation. If you were one of the people who took time to read my thoughts and reply — thank you! If you’re one of the people who don’t have anything better to do than ask a stranger about things like their sexual preferences… well, I feel sorry for you.

Denying rumors is more futile than fighting off Borg. I’ve said more than once that I wasn’t Mayer — and look how much it helped. So I’m not doing this anymore. Instead, let’s make a couple of things clear and move on. I’m not going to disclose my ID, at least not anytime soon. It doesn’t — at least it shouldn’t — matter what sequence of characters is associated with me outside this Twitter account. What matters is that here you’re getting a real deal — my real thoughts and real feelings. If there’s one thing I promise it’s lack of bullshit. As people who’ve been reading my tweets for a while know, the whole point of being @unmaskd for me is to have zero limits on expressing my thoughts. So if you’re curious, read a post or two on my blog. Skim through the tweets. Then decide if this is interesting enough to stick around. If it is, welcome to the conversation. If it’s isn’t, thanks for stopping by. But if you’re following me, expecting to hear John Mayer’s thoughts, you’re wasting your time. For that you’re much better off following his Twitter or Tumblr account.

So many people go online pretending to be someone they are not — smarter, richer, cuter. But the best kept secret of Internet is that here you can be who you really are. And that’s why I’m here.

  1. Chris Cohen says:

    When I go online, I act dumber, poorer, fatter. Means when people get to meet me in real life, they’re pleasantly surprised. Anyway, despite the fact your whole post focused on how you find it unecessary to reveal your true identity (which I agree with) I am still going with my initial hunch that you are, in fact, High Tower from the Police Academy movies.


    • Phil says:

      LMFAO 🙂 xo Phil


    • Chelsea says:

      Everyone should be able to feel like they can completely be themselves. I could care less what your name is. All I know is that I respect what you have to say and I relate to it. The truth is hard to come by these days and if someone has to give and get that through a “Mask” it’s sad but it’s something.

      Thank you.


  2. Angela says:

    The only good thing to come out of this rumor was that I was made aware of you…. I’ve read some of your stuff and as a “mayer” fan, frankly, I just don’t see the resemblance…. or why people cant just let things be…. I actually hope you never reveal any ID… I mean if you enjoy this kind of freedom, why would you be willing to give it up? Looking forward to more convo’s and if you have any advice for an aspiring writer currently located in TX, I’d appreciate the feedback.


  3. psychicsarah says:


    admission…confession… or (a) musing…

    Shame many need to put a *name* to a face….

    I mean a *Mask*

    This is where the *fun* begins…even though the *Riddlers* face paint is now perhaps a bit smudged…

    (just kiddin’)


  4. nusi says:

    I don’t care who you really are! I love your thoughts and the way they make me rethink all about it! Keep on with the challenge!!!!


  5. Maria says:

    I know you’re not John, and its rather pathetic that some John Mayer fans think that you are. You and John’s writing style is totally different and you just dont come across as John at all. And its a shame all your extra followers are following you because they think you might be John, they should be following you for you and what you write.


  6. youbeturassitsme says:

    Why request two million followers? If you so badly want to be yourself and express everything inside of you with freedom through a mask, why put a limit to it? Hm? That is the sad thing about it all. You are so desperate for attention even though you’re claiming the opposite. Your mask is transparent. Your intentions are transparent. Any intelligent person could see that.

    People are following you for the wrong reasons. You keep writing you are not John Mayer. Why even pay attention to that rumor if you didn’t try so hard to create it in the first place? Why are you communicating mostly with John Mayer fans? No reason for it? Surely, you’d say it just happened. No one cares about unmaskd. All the followers care about the idea behind unmaskd. They get super excited, thinking “John Mayer replied to me!!” If tomorrow you reveal a picture of yourself, they will disappear. They’ll do it slowly, too, just so they don’t look like the fools that once believed you were someone you’re not.

    You asked for this. You made this rumor happen. You want to pretend it was never your intention, that’s fine. You know the truth and you’re living with it. Whoever you are, I hope you will get your two million twitter followers just so you can feel special. Only then, you can be free. Right now, all of this is a lie. This is not you, expressing yourself, freely. This is about you, hiding from your true identity, and hoping to become someone else through popularity. Good luck with all of that. I mean it.


    • rock_angel77(Leigh) says:

      hmmmm i follow Unmaskd coz i find them interesting, im not a Mayer fan.


    • psychicsarah says:

      ‘Surely you’’d say it just happened’

      If you read the thread back…that’s exactly what the *Beagle* DID say!


    • Randi says:

      I don’t see @unmaskd asking for 2 million followers to be attention seeking in the way you do. I see it more as a an attainable number (difficult and time consuming, but attainable) that will undoubtedly give him/her enough time for people to view them as a human as opposed to a name. Knowing the name only brings people back to whatever preconcieved notions they had. Waiting for 2 mil. gives Him/her enough time to let people get to know the living/breathing human being who struggles with the exact same things everyone else does. A celebrities circumstances might be different but at the core everyone shares the same fears, insecurities and emotions, so let @unmaskd figure out what makes him/her tick, and be grateful they’re doing it in a way that can only be a positive journey for both them and the people who follow him. To re purpose a phrase “there’s safety in numbers” it can only help for people to know others worry about the same things and their not alone in what they feel. It’s a safe place to share your questions and opinions without feeling ostracized.


    • Felicia says:

      Actually he/she changed the bio on twitter and it doesn’t mention getting 2 million followers. If the intention was to start the rumor than why not be coy and not confirm or deny the rumor. If he/she had done this in the beginning then there would be even more people following Unmaskd on twitter and this blog.


  7. krunk says:

    Wait just a minute…this isn’t the secret Bansky blog? UGH.

    I…I…I guess I’ll just go back to how I was before the shake up.

    The same.



  8. BeyondTheEpiphany says:

    Admittedly, I would not have known about your blog had it not been for this morning’s propaganda installment. So I realize my laurels coming in late will automatically be in question. But, as I dove into this array of beautiful expression, I actually tried to visualize JM himself sitting down and penning this blog. As much admiration as I have for the guy, I couldn’t do it, (this in turn is a compliment to you @unmaskd.) I agree with what I have read from others, your writing does have a very familiar ring to it. I think that speaks to the true talent in your abilities, i.e. sharing of yourself while also allowing the feeling/message to be identified with. Or perhaps just a true gift of empathy? Whether you are Jesus Christ The Superstar himself or not is irrelevant. Your message trumps all. I look forward to reading more of your insight (and not just yours.) It would seem you have attracted some highly artistic and intellectual contemporaries. 😉


  9. rock_angel77(Leigh) says:

    for one, i am not a John Mayer fan, i don’t mind a few of his songs.
    I follow you coz I really like you, you for you.
    Celebrity doesn’t make you, so I don’t give a rats arse who you are behind your iPhone or computer! 🙂
    I follow you on Twitter coz I think you are interesting, smart, witty, funny, somewhat serious and because I just WANNA! 😉


  10. Geanina says:

    ”So many people go online pretending to be someone they are not — smarter, richer, cuter. But the best kept secret of Internet is that here you can be who you really are. And that’s why I’m here”
    I never understood why it is a secret when it feels so obvious.You just totally won me over and it doesn’t matter but I just wanted to let you know.I hope you’ll stick around the Internet needs more people like you


  11. Adi says:

    You know, I don’t really care if you’re John Mayer or not. In fact, I kind of wish you aren’t. John Mayer disappointed me in a really big way about a month ago (and then again a few days ago), and from being a huge fan who listened to his music non-stop, now I can’t even bring myself to listen to one song without getting sad or angry.
    That said, I’ve skimmed through your tweets and read some of your blog entries, and decided I’m sticking around for a while. I need inspiration and conversation in my life now, and that, from what I’ve seen, is something you can provide, and hopefully I can catch on and pass some of it around as well.


  12. Lel says:

    Personally,i don’t really care about your identity. You seem smart and funny,that’s all.


  13. Alex Anderson says:

    I read your words because they’re interesting and it seems you have important things to get out. Hoping to learn something or find something out about myself. Dont stop


  14. k8 says:

    I read through the entire Twitfeed and your blog, once I was made aware of it. What I found there far surpassed my expectations. Yes, I am a JM fan, but that shouldn’t color your perception of me anymore than the rumors should color my perception of you.

    Incidentally, I take what you’ve said about Mayer fans as a huge compliment — you called us “JM fam” and nothing could be more true. Not only do we care (voraciously) about the man and his music, we care about each other even more. His concerts are excuses for family reunions for us — and each time I go to a show, my “JM fam” circle widens. We talk on a regular basis online — mostly about real-world stuff, not about John or his music. I was made aware of your site through that gossip item, but I’m staying because I’m intrigued and I’ve moved beyond caring about whose mask you wear in the real world.

    The point here is that you are asking valid and necessary questions, and I don’t really care who you are. I care what you have to say.


    • Carter M Webb says:

      I completely agree. We truly are a “JM fam” and feverishously support JM through good and bad. I learned about unmaskd through the JM site, as many, and I am with you. It does not matter to me if it is JM or not. This is an intriguing concept and the tweets entice me to read/response further. 🙂


  15. Sarah says:

    I did not know about this, until I saw it on tryjm, and I still don’t think you should reveal yourself either way. When I saw it, I went and checked out your blog and decided to read and follow your twitter regardless. I really like the idea of just free conversation, whomever you are 🙂


  16. Mike says:

    I don’t think it matters at all what your real ID is…However, it’s sort of a sad thought thinking that you can only be yourself here on the internet but the most important thing is to always remain true with a “lack of bullshit” ideal. I myself try to live life with a lack of bullshit just because too much of it is just a waste of time and energy. If you can just live life being yourself there’s really no need for any bullshit. Peace out my friend.


  17. Oliver Thames says:

    I must admit: I heard about this blog through the aforementioned site. Since Mayer has had some public apprehension to Twitter as a result of his celebrity, it made sense that he would create an alias in order to broadcast camouflaged thoughts. I also must admit that after reading some content, I’m not concerned who you are. While that kind of information can be worthwhile, the ideas that you write about are deeper than the sole concept of identity.

    I’ll be hangin’ out here for a while, and not because of who you’re probably not.


  18. Angela Miller says:

    Ugh so frustrating. As you said we’ve been past the point of caring about identity for sometime now. So obnoxious, so annoying. It’s about the honesty, the genuine art of conversation when we (your followers and you) share thoughts and feelings as equals. Truly listening (or in this case reading) to what the other has to say, processing and responding something useful. I apprecaite you honesty with us, our chats are always a fun little get away from a world that can sometimes me dismaying. I’m sorry that people keep projecting these hopes and wishes of who they want you be upon you. Because you’re fabulous as you are, and as we’ve discussed in the past, you are not your name.


  19. Felicia says:

    As one of John Mayer’s self proclaimed “biggest fan” (BTW I love when people proclaim themselves to be someone’s biggest fan since what constitutes being a biggest fan but I dgress). The gossip site masquerading as a fansite that said some of his biggest fans think John Mayer is Unmaskd were false. If anything, it’s the opposite. His biggest fans know Unmaskd is not John Mayer.


  20. Nicole H. says:

    I like that you are “unmaskd” and that’s just who you are. You can be you w/out an pre-concieved notions/judgements.

    Don’t we all wish that for ourselves sometimes?! I know I wouldn’t mind voicing my opinion and not having my identity attached to it once in a while 🙂

    Keep up the excellent topics of conversation. You make us think and sadly that is not a very common occurrence this day and age.


  21. xxx says:

    Thanks for reminding me of how long you have been on twitter, you are the first person/company? that I have paid attention to for that long. Actually, I now enter the blog first, so I have no idea in the increase of numbers of followers that seem to have come along lately… Anyway, I welcome anyone regardless of intention.


  22. Phil says:

    To clarify my earlier post, I was laughing at @ChrisCohen’s reply, not at this blog 🙂


  23. JT says:

    If this blog is about honesty, then let me be completely honest. Yes, I clicked on the link to your blog via John Mayer’s TRY JM twitter page. I was curious. Since my initial first peek, I’ve read a few of your posts, as well as the comments that follow.

    John Mayer, Jim Carrey, Tom Cruise, the guy or girl next door, it doesn’t matter who are. Your words/feelings are your own. How ever you choose to share your insight is up to you. If you feel more comfortable masked, then by all means, remain that way.

    If in fact you are a celebrity, I can empathize with your desire to remain anonymous. It allows you to receive objective feedback rather than someone agreeing or disagreeing with you based on your name and whether they *like* you or not.

    It takes courage to share your raw opinions/feelings with someone, especially if you’re opening yourself up to potential criticism. So, by all means, please keep sharing. I enjoy your thought-provoking topics.


  24. I completely agree with the idea. After all, that is the same reason I got my Tumblr account. I do not know ANYONE that I am following, and vice versa. Labels should not tie you down wherever you go in life. Because of the “privacy” (and i use that word lightly) of the Internet, you are not tied to any labels or identity. Here, you have the ability to be the raw, real you, an at the same time, some over-rated celebrity.
    I quote “k8” (above) in saying “yes, I am a JM fan, but that shouldn’t color your perception of me anymore than the rumors should color my perception of you.” But as I was saying, you have the ability to create an identity. THIS identity is not John Mayer, THUS identity is Unmaskd.


  25. Carter M Webb says:

    I am, admittedly, one of those “JM fans” that came over when it was announced on the fan site. Although, after reading through Unmaskd’s tweets, it does not matter to me if it is JM or not. The entire theory is thoroughly entertaining and, I hope, that the true identy of the author is never revealed. I plan to continue to follow their threads through the “experiment” as long as it exists. I would like to thank the JM site for posting the information for, without it, I may not have discovered Unmaskd on my own.


  26. Phil says:

    I’ve been following Unmaskd for the past three months or so. I’ve enjoyed how this project has developed over time. I think the idea’s fantastic and one of the best things to hit Twitter, or any social networking site, in a long time. I’ve connected with a lot of cool folks, too! I encourage new readers to please stick around and take part in the discussions, posts, etc. These are the things that matter to me, many others, and probably you too.

    Celeb or not, it’s just plain cool and very kind to know that a person would go out of their way to take time to try to connect others. More generous with time than I. So thanks, Unmaskd.


  27. Chantal says:

    Dear Unmaskd,

    I’ve been following from the beginning, and I’ve always said that it doesn’t really matter whether or not you ever reveal your “name”… we ARE getting to know your TRUE identity, and that’s the whole point.

    To be honest, the magic would be lost for me if you did reveal yourself… for as much as keeping it a secret helps you, it helps me as well. I wouldn’t feel as free to express myself, if I knew who you were… I might be worried what you would think. What if you are a person I have always admired, or maybe even disliked? I would have all kinds of preconceived notions about you… It’s a relief not to have that filter.

    Last I checked, I was one of the only person who had addressed the rumor on TryJM. My intention in doing so, was to inform the others that you are most likely NOT John Mayer… I was hoping more people would chime in to help crush the rumor, before it got too big… I have been so happy with the people who’ve been following thus far, because we all seemed to be *in it* for the same reasons – honest, thoughtful, dialogue… I worry that the level/type of communication will change or degrade now that there are so many following with an agenda that isn’t in keeping with the sprit of your original goal. I hope this doesn’t happen… I hope that those few will quickly get bored, when they can’t confirm who you are, and slowly drop out of the discussion. At the same time, I also hope that we gain a few souls who will be enthusiastic contributors to our developing family – perhaps a few who would not have discovered you/us if it weren’t for the rumor posted on TryJM… time will tell.

    For me, this rumor coming more into light, and finally being more directly addressed by Unmaskd, has been a blessing… Up until now, I was somewhat skeptical about the true intention for this account/blog, so I have been reserved in my communications… now that I know things will not be changing anytime soon, I plan to participate much more.

    Finally, I would like to thank ALL of you – Unmaskd included – for sharing so much… it has been a lovely experience so far, and is quite timely for me… I need this right now, and it seems I’m not the only one. I’m glad we are all here, sharing this experience together.

    All of that being said, I never asked before (due to my suspicions, and fear of rejection), but I am asking now – Unmasked, will you please follow me?… I know we have shared replies, but I was hoping to be able to DM you from time to time as well… when I would like to share something that I don’t feel brave enough – yet – to share with the group.

    Warmest regards to all of you,
    aka: chantaliylace


  28. Ashley says:

    Unmaskd has stated everything to be said in a wonderful way already. So I’m only adding that this has been an amazing experience for me as well as many others. It’s allowed many of us to be “unmaskd” and that has been so freeing! We can express thoughts and feelings without the judgement or scrutiny you often get in your “real” life. We learn about each other, about life and sometimes we say nothing at all of importance. But the content isn’t always what matters. It’s the thought behind it that does. I’m gonna risk sounding really corny by saying this but that’s ok here 😉 I’ve really made some great friendships/connections out of this little experiment. And remember, I’ve never met ANY of these people in real life. We are all “strangers” working together for a common purpose. Just enjoying each other and appreciating life. ❤


  29. jesseknutson says:

    I admit that I found your wordpress and twitter based off the fact that the John Mayer rumor was going around, but I think it’s very apparent that this blog doesn’t have to do with John Mayer as a musician or John Mayer at all. I actually enjoy all the insight and the fact that it’s anonymous. I like the fact that you can just share opinions and bounce off each others insights.


  30. Trice says:

    In other words: The path is not important, its what you find at the other end that matters. Whomever, or whatever led you there in the first place is irrelevant. In this case, its purely for human nature in feeling less alone in this world in a cubed consciousness. Let us soar past the barriers in our mind to get to the heart of our true musings in life. If it has to be addressed in this fashion, then so be it. It is what it is. Rationalization will always be there and is married to BS, can’t get around it. Nothing is as straight as it seems to be, but the truth is found between those crooked lines. Happy to read your process.


  31. youbeturassitsme says:

    Just answer this: would unmaskd get all of this attention and these posts if he or she never wrote “I am a celeb”?

    The answer is “No!” If you are a celebrity and you want to communicate with people without them knowing who you are and that’s working, why mention you are a celebrity and more importantly, why ask for 2 million followers and end that freedom?

    I can’t have a problem with someone I personally don’t know. I don’t have a problem with this individual. I have a problem with the intentions of unmaskd. I have a problem with people who seduce others through lies. The type of attention this person is seeking is sickening. It’s not healthy and I’d feel ashamed if I were you. I said what I had to say. People need to snap out of it.


  32. Chantal says:

    *additional note*

    I’ve gone back to have a peek, and it seems that many more people have commented on the TryJM site since I last checked… many denying the validity of the rumour, and a few who want to believe it.

    To each his/her own 😉


  33. Dawn says:

    I really can’t add much to what Unmaskd and the other regular followers have said so far but I can confirm one thing. What Unmaskd said about how he got involved with John’s fans is in fact the truth. I know, because I’m the one that asked if he was John in the first place and I’m the one that dragged my JM Fam into the conversation. Yes, I did have some reservations about doing that for the very reason that’s posted on TryJM right now….I didn’t want the rumor-mill started. I can’t say that I’m sorry for asking and I’m definitely not sorry about following Unmaskd. Hanging with Unmaskd on Twitter has been one the best things I’ve done. For those of you that are new to the conversation, I hope you’ll hang around because you like the conversation and not because you still think he’s John.


  34. Steve says:

    I have not idea who you are. And I don’t want to know. I want you to go big as Unmaskd. If you keep doing what you’ve been doing in year you’ll be big. I know what I’m talking about. Just look at all these comments! I don’t know if you planned it this way or not, but you’ve just discovered something special. You’re giving people somthing they really need. In your own words just stick around, keep coming back, keep talking to people, stay away from bs and you’re going to be big. Who knows we may be witnessing history in making. It sounds like Good Will Hunting moment and you may be laughing while reading this, but don’t let this go to waste. And when you do go big, don’t fucking change!


  35. Maria says:

    John would get a huge kick out of this rumor, lol. Although the last thing in the world he needs right now is another rumor about him floating around the net.


  36. marco italy says:

    you’ve understood all of life 😉 thanks


  37. ACM says:

    If you are, if you aren’t… If you are ‘mask(d’, if you are ‘unmaskd’. These are all (both)
    the same. Whatever energy is behind it all, pulses at the same frequency regardless of identity. That is what becomes identity. Encountered by the meaning makers, as we naturally must operate. Derive answers, label to affirm, obtain a semblance of control. It’s just whose end the control is on… Here it seems like the ball is in your court. Higher, there is no ball……
    There is just the joy of playing…
    Words are easily edited. Style can be honed a-new. These are attributes of a mind, as minds can cleverly mold.
    But the spirit shaping the seed, remains true blue.

    For now, the razor’s edge is yours,

    Sharp one
    Cut away at our collective illusions, one by one

    Stirring. The fragrance. Allying. Semantics


  38. adrenaln says:

    Hmmm, I must admit, I came because of the rumour. However, I will stay for the musings….

    Muse on, Unmaskd!


  39. Wow. I just clued into you the other day cause you posted a comment on my site. Thought your stuff was interesting and have been waiting for a new post. Couldn’t care less who you are or aren’t, just keep writing stuff that makes people think.


  40. Jess Knuckey says:

    You’re not John?! Urgh.. I’m leaving…

    Kidding! I find this all so amusing.. the conspiracy theories that is. It’s so typical that people are so interested in ‘getting to the bottom’ of who you are. Must solve the mystery! Maybe we have Jerry Bruckheimer to thank for that..

    To those people, I say, we’re not playing a game here.. run along and find yourself a ‘fake’ celebrity to annoy. We’re all enjoying the rawness and honesty of our Unmaskd, please don’t ruin that for us.


  41. Ryan M. says:

    I think this discussion of your true identity is totally irrelevant to your purpose. I see this blog as a place for you and the rest of us to share artistic approaches, ideas, and musings, and I don’t think that this stream of half-disguised rumor-mongering serves that end. I’m here to share my reaction to your posts. Nearly all of them made a strong impression. In particular I was moved by your “quote” from Michelangelo. I’ve been an aspiring musician/songwriter for some years now, and that sentiment, that the true purpose of art is to evoke a powerful emotional response, in conjunction with your thoughts on time as a motivator (I had never before considered breaking years down into seconds – it’s scary), has helped propel me to an extremely fertile artistic place. I appreciate the sincerity of your comments, and I would be honored to have a more direct philosophical conversation someday; truly intellectual discussions are few and far between these days.
    – Ryan


    • unmaskd says:

      > …has helped propel me to an extremely fertile artistic place
      Ryan, glad to hear this — it means a lot to me. This resonates really well with how I’ve been thinking about inspiration (and the last three months of unmaskd’ness have only strengthened that idea). We’ll be talking more about this.


      • Phil says:

        “This resonates really well with how I’ve been thinking about inspiration (and the last three months of unmaskd’ness have only strengthened that idea). We’ll be talking more about this.”

        Hey @unmaskd~~

        I’m psyched to read this!! Can’t wait for more! THIS IS AWESOME 🙂

        I’ll try not to pepper you with so many inspiration questions this time around, Unmaskd (it was more like a firing squad, but thanks for your patience and willingness to answer almost everything)

        xo Phil


  42. JD78 says:

    I was rummaging through an old box of mementos and came across my first real dictionary, The American Heritage Dictionary, Third Edition, bought for me when I started middle school going on nearly 20 years ago (Yikes!) and decided to look up a few words. Please bare with my flashback to seventh-grade Language Arts.

    name – 1. A word or words by which an entity is designated. 2. Appearance rather than reality.

    unmask – 1. To remove a mask from. 2. To disclose the true character of; expose.

    friend – A person whom one knows, likes, and trusts.

    While we are all intelligent individuals and I don’t think anyone needed such a basic vocabulary lesson, I do think sometimes it takes seeing the actual definition of a word to truly put into perspective how it relates to a situation. Being a participant from pretty much the beginning I feel fairly confident in the statement I am about to make:

    I have a friend named Unmaskd.

    Hopefully those of you with good intentions will soon be able to say the same. For those that have less than noble purposes for following along all I can ask is please don’t go out of your way to ruin it for everyone else. It’s a fun distraction, it isn’t hurting anyone, and it has made quite a few people happy over the last couple of months. Yes, I realize how silly, and maybe even lame, that sounds, but it is true. This whole experiment has been a great lesson in learning to trust in the unknown and I for one am thankful for that and for the person who is teaching it no matter who they may be in flesh and blood form.

    Perhaps you may end up feeling the same.


  43. unmaskd says:

    Thank you all. Those who have been reading my posts for a while (and in the last 48 hours took an extra effort to preserve what we’ve had going) and those who left their first comment today. Thank you for your attention and support. And most importantly thank you for your willingness to engage in this what-makes-us-tick dialog. To join the conversation. To go a bit unmaskd yourself. Some of you may remember that a couple of months back I said that this journey was taking me places I didn’t expect to go. Well, in the today I ended up in one of these places — and in a great company. If I ever needed another proof that this experiment was worth the time and effort, I surely got one today.


  44. river says:

    If I said I was not curious about your identity I would be lying. Curiosity is natural, but your identity is not important. When I first started following you several months ago you said, more or less, that as a celebrity people see your face, but do not know the real you and here as Unmaskd, people cannot see your face, but know the real you. I like this very much!! This is why I started following you; I continue because the conversation is interesting, challenges me on several levels and in this company I feel like I am growing as a human being.


  45. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot says:

    “If you want to say something and have people listen then you have to wear a mask. If you want to be honest then you have to live a lie.”
    — Banksy

    A mask of anonymity is still a mask, philosophically. But…interesting experiment.


  46. We all wear masks don’t we? What difference does it make who Unmaskd is? As long as you make your anonymity clear upfront you are maintaining your integrity and allowing people to decide for themselves whether or not to enter into the blog relationship. It seems to me he’s done that. He’s not “pretending” to be anything but a voice in the ether. Remember, Benjamin Franklin wrote for years under a female ghost name, but he had interesting things to say so people just took it at face value. Just read or not.


  47. Shan says:

    If I were to keep thinking who you are, I think I’d give myself a headache! I’m fine with your identity being kept secret I loved Bruce Wayne aka “Batman” didn’t you?? I’m going to keep enjoying my summer an you do the same too 😉


  48. Jemalia says:

    This is the first post that I have actually read. I understand you, whoever you are, wanting to know the people that are following you are actually doing it because they enjoy what you write. So I say keep writing and I look forward to the next post whether it’s on Twitter or here on wordpress. Oh, and I’ll go back and read the other posts.



  49. Adam says:

    Excited to see what comes next in this little universe here.


  50. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Kendra Barnett, Unmaskd. Unmaskd said: Now, before I sign off, here's my take on all the questions and rumors: http://bit.ly/unmaskdname . Take care all […]


    • Yesenia says:

      What i do not understood is acltlauy how you’re not really much more well-liked than you might be now. You’re very intelligent. You realize therefore significantly relating to this subject, made me personally consider it from numerous varied angles. Its like men and women aren’t fascinated unless it’s one thing to do with Lady gaga! Your own stuffs nice. Always maintain it up!


  51. Trish says:

    Nice move unmaskd! Timing is everything isn’t? You come out on Twitter to talk about your new post while John is live on ustream. Well done!!


    • xx_xx says:

      That nice move will cost unmaskd a 1000 followers on Twitter. Probably that’s what he wanted.


      • Greg says:

        I will probably disappoint some very passionate people, but I had to google John Mayer’s after seeing his name for the first time on this site. Being a male IT professional in my 40s with no interest in music I am likely not his core audience, and probaby shouldn’t care. But some comments imply that most people come here because they think it’s John Mayer’s secret thing and that’s downright arrogant. I ended up here because someone I follow on Twitter retweeted a link to a post. I happened to like the content and I have signed up for updates. I know now that John Mayer is a famous musitian, but I still don’t care who he is or what he does. So for crying out loud stop saying that I do.
        Whoever writes these posts has made it clear that he’s not that guy. He’s made it clear that he wants to be called unmaskd. End of story. He was too nice. Had it been my site I would’ve told you to get lost and then banned your IPs. Why do you keep coming back with all this nonsense if you obviously don’t care about what this fellow has to say? Why are you coming here only to tell everyone else they are as obsessed as you are? Get a life.


  52. Angelica says:

    Unmaskd, thank you for putting the time and effort to maintain the concept of “unmaskdness”. Its such a refreshing look at blogging, and just people in general. I think its important for those of us participating to respect what you’re trying to achieve here, by expressing ourselves and fueling a discussion. Ive come to realize that whatever my first motivation for clicking onto this site was, has dissapeared and has been replaced with true enthusiasm for this concept. Its a very pure sort of experience/experiment, and I’m just as interested as you ‘unmaskd’ to see where it may take us. For this reason, I really hope that others are able to discover that same interest, and therefore respect ‘unmaskd’ and this blog. Don’t be that person who ruins it for the rest of us, if you want to find out who John Mayer is dating/hooking up with go buy a trashy magazine at your local drug store, and don’t waste our time here.


  53. Sunshine says:

    I’m thankful that there was a rumor posted on tryjm because it led me here–I just don’t have much time to play on the computer but I do spend a little time there because the man’s mind is brilliant outside of all that otherstuff posted there. This is a wonderfully refreshing website that I find is challenging me to reconnect with the person outside of work and motherhood. The creative girl that’s always there inside but I forget to spend time with from just being plain old busy with the mundane things in life that have to get done. I find myself drawn here to stay a while and spend some thought time throughout the day asking myself questions. Spending time here is the much needed alone time giving me prompts to delve back into my core.


  54. overtly says:

    Most stuff have already been said, but I just want to add a few things. First of all I think I understand why you are hiding your ID. I mean, I don’t know why YOU do it specifically but I know why I do it. It’s so liberating to being able to be just yourself without anyone knowing who you are. You don’t have to worry what people might think of you when they hear what you say and you can just be yourself because it’ll never come back to you. I joined Tumblr for that reason, among other reasons, but when my accout was found out by someone I had to get another blog, which is how I reasonly ended up on wordpress.

    It’s not just the anonymity that I admire you for, it’s how you seem so enlightened and experienced in life. I really liked your post about motivation, it really helped for me with the countdown. Just to come across something like that and post it might seem like a simple thing but I myself would never have thought about it. I find inspiration and guidence from you and your blog, and I care about that and not who you are, your ID.

    It doesn’t matter what your name is, because we can see who you really are just by reading what you write. That is who you really are. And while you might be something differently in the real life, Unmaskd is who you are here, and who you are to me. No one else.

    (P.s This was supposed to be a short comment, but I just remembered that I can’t do short…)


  55. huh? says:

    You know, there are tons of comments already on this post that address the same issue and the same feelings. It’s going to be hard for me to say anything different, well literally impossible is closer to it. I just wanted to say that I hope this becomes some sort of a way for people to come and liberate themselves when they’re sick of the day-to-day. A place where the only connection is wanting to write about something that makes them feel “fresh” or “renewed”. The identity crisis that was discussed is a non issue. Sure, of course it would be cool if this really was JM but who cares if it’s not. We’re all here to challenge ourselves to think about things that normally wouldn’t cross our paths. A name is something you were given, not something that you’ve made. A name is something that identifies you, not defines you. It’s something that keeps you from disappearing, yet people disappear everyday. A name is what you make it. Only you give it life, and only you can harm it. What is a name? It’s just….a name.


  56. psychicsarah says:

    A name has/holds an *energy* vibration…so it actually IS important and goes deeper than a surface label


  57. I love that anonymity of the internet. I have recently started writing from an anonymous standpoint and I am still playing with where it will go. I have written for years as “me” but there was always a sort of guarded nature to that. There is something to be said for just being me… without a face or a name.


  58. […] not going to repeat what I said in this post when I found myself surrounded by screaming fans of a guy I hardly knew before that craziness […]


  59. reel says:

    As a fellow human who just happens to be sharing this experience called “life” with you, I hope that you find whatever it is that you are searching for and cannot find when you are not hidden.


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