A Journey Interrupted

Posted: September 14, 2010 in rhymed musings

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Sometimes I feel an urge to look,
To peer deep inside
To ponder over vows I took
To dive into my mind.

I want to travel deepest thoughts,
To face my deepest fears,
And to untie a million knots
I’ve tied over the years.

I hold my breath, I concentrate
I see the lighted way
I glide into a weightless state
That takes me far away.

And as I’m just about to fly
I hear some loud voice
It must be it! I’ll reach the sky!
I will– wait… what’s that noise?

And slowly slowly one by one
The words are coming in
“You idiot! You think you’re done?
Come back! Where have you been?”

And with a deep regretful sigh
I leave my dreamy shrine
That stupid voice is always right
And after all it’s mine.

  1. psychicsarah says:

    This is sooooo beautiful!


  2. Danielle says:



  3. PersephoneInsde says:

    Oh dance in the dark of night,
    Sing to the mornin’ light.
    The magic runes are writ in gold
    To bring the balance back.
    Bring it back.

    At last the sun is shining,
    The clouds of blue roll by,
    With flames from the dragon of darkness
    The sunlight blinds his eyes.

    The Battle of Evermore.


  4. psychicsarah says:

    *You Idiot* voice?

    Its your logic N your *drive* speaking…the voice that intermittently beats you with a stick…

    Never *diss* what surfaces in the *Dream Time* State…the seeds of the future R sewn during such reverie.

    No one has to feel bound by ties that bind & restrict who U R in this moment. One can outgrow these burdens and they certainly create the *P* state and that swampy feelin’…

    Is that really a road block in the way ahead?

    If U access the metaphorical *digger* n keep digging….there is always a way through…

    It might just be an illusory mound of earth which crumbles to dust as soon as you dare to approach it…and poke it with a stick!

    If our intention is growth, development and progression even the closed doors, concrete walls and road blocks may prove to be illusory…(as well as a form of guidance along the way)

    The *tests* which seem to sabotage a smooth ride are probably only there to solidify your TRUE direction.

    They do not have to be signs you are on the wrong track.

    They could in fact be the way the Universe is testing your commitment and resolve to productively change…

    Just think….how boring would a permanently smooth road ahead be?

    OKay you could rev the engine and cruise for eternity…

    (and that is probably something we will all experience eventually)

    But in the mean time…it kinda makes sense that we have to stop n start; shift gears n accelerate; break and stop; change direction & dither @ the cross roads.

    The big ? is how much choice do we reeeeeallllly have?

    Yes we all want to honour commitments and do not like to carry a sense of failure or guilt.

    But the *key* can always be unlocked at the point we give ourselves a *break*… (probably at the point where we dare to actually *like* & forgive ourselves & others)

    It doesn’t have to be anything hasty…indeed it doesn’t have to happen at all…Such changes can be a long time coming….built through frustration, emotional transition and of course endless bouts of *P*…

    Yet when we finally *Get * it…it all seems to happen so quick…In the *blink of an eye*…

    The leap of faith is scary…sooo scary…We all adore the cosiness of the comfort Zone…

    but ultimately everything is in flux…

    We can choose to stay on the time worn track; but our stronger impulse is to create, to fly, to soar…to dream…

    Action comes @ the right time…When the Ticking Clock does *ding* …When the alarm bell rings out and can’t be shut off…

    Only then will the comfort zone become a stifling living hell or a prison cell from which we simply have to escape…

    Only then will we decide that in fact we are not so bad…that in fact we dooooo deserve the chance to fly out of our skins and onto the next phase…

    Lighter n Brighter…

    If we ignore this *Lightning* impulse we can descend into a permanently *numb* state…The quagmire of the *swamp* or the eerie silence of the *fog* takes over…and that is that…

    Do we really want to sit in the density of denial?

    Or should we be brave enough to embrace the *Lightness of being*…?

    …at the RIGHT time…


  5. psychicsarah says:

    The poem is absolutely stunning…so true n honest…N real!

    (No further words needed really though typically it inspired some thoughts! sori …xx )


  6. Adam says:

    Sometimes to change we may have to fight within ourselves to get there. It may be impossible to “untie every knot,” but why not find a new rope? Maybe we can’t always build on what we have, maybe sometimes we have to throw out the line again into the water…maybe sometimes we have to leave behind that voice inside us that begs for comfort and consistency…

    Keep at it. These interruptions may just be a sign that we are conquering what is hardest for us to overcome, or to abandon.

    With you all the way my friend.


  7. nusi76 says:

    Inspirational as always! and so so so close to my working life by this moment!
    Thanks to put down in words my feelings, see them written hepls me a lot! you’ll never knew how!
    Well I better come back back to work….if I don’t want to hear those anoying noises at the end of the journey…


  8. Leigh(not_broken77) says:

    wow…..that really got to me for some reason…felt kinda eerie.
    the new Goo Goo Dolls album and your words are really helping me these days, they are really ‘talking’ to me in more ways then one.

    thank you


  9. Jacqueline says:

    They just get better and better each time:)


  10. JCV says:

    “Free your mind.” -Morpheus


  11. Ashley says:

    Wow..the emotion from this poem leaps right off the page. It’s absolutely beautiful. But also sad. I doubt I can put into words what I want to express, but I wanted to say a couple things. It’s clear that you made a “vow” to yourself to do some soul searching..and that is awesome 🙂 Nobody but you knows the point at which you are “finished”. But then again, are any of us ever really finished? Is that a fruitless search? Frustrating for sure. Only you know the way. I’m glad we all get to share in this process. Through yours we see our own.
    By the way, I loved a couple things about this in particular and one was the title. “A journey interrupted”…not “A journey over”. That is why the road is blocked by dirt that can be plowed and not concrete. Get the bulldozer out 😉 Finish the journey when you are ready and…be happy!


  12. Ashley says:

    “And with a deep regretful sigh I leave my dreamy shrine”
    That is another one of the things I loved. It’s a very beautiful sentiment.


  13. Jolanda says:

    Love it


  14. Cecelia says:

    This is your voice isn’t it? It’s so honest and real. Why you use those words to reflect your voice is unfathomable to me.

    It takes skill to tie a sturdy knot. A miracle is what it takes to be able to do it without hands (so to speak.)… If your voice has helped you tie millions of knots, then your voice is a blessed bond.
    Knots are what you need to climb. Learning to tie them takes patience.
    Knowing how to tie them well is a great skill, it can save a life.

    It must have taken much patience and practice and that is a climb in itself.

    Bless your hands and your voice and enjoy the climb now that you’re off the main road.

    It’s a beautiful day, because you’re here.


  15. Cecelia says:

    Please keep hollaring. 🙂


  16. Dawn says:

    I’ve read this three or four times over the last few days trying to formulate a response but I feel this one so deeply it’s hard to describe the complexity of the emotion. The one word that seems to come at me over and over is…freedom. Freedom from responsibility, freedom from our past screwups, freedom from reality…gliding weightlessly towards freedom.


  17. jon says:

    Wow … great poem and beautiful visuals.

    Here’s to spending more time in our dreamy shrines!



  18. psychicsarah says:

    “Dreaming is only going to get you part of the way; you have to work hard to make it come true.”” #quote from The Princess and The frog (disney)


  19. Heart-to-Heart says:

    Follow your heart to the light… a light that blinds any darkness in the way to your destination of ultimate bliss. A euphoria to experience that is truly unexplainable until felt by its touch…


  20. Sunshine says:

    This one I hear a combination of Michael Martin Murphy’s “Wildfire” combined with Electric Light Orchestra’s “Strange Magic”. Can you hear that combo working well? Again, extracting parts, messing with the tempo and reconfiguring them. And it needs something more intense for the words coming in but nothing comes to mind for that part yet.


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