Unmaskd at the Crossroads

Posted: September 23, 2010 in a lonely journey, what makes us tick
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[tweetmeme source= “unmaskd” only_single=false]Time flies and it always flies a bit too fast. It’s hard to believe, but it’s been over 6 months, since I first tweeted as Unmaskd. This journey has come to a crossroads, and today I’d like to shed some light on Unmaskd’s origins and the dilemma I’m facing.

Once upon a time… No, that sounds too much like a certain fairy tale. The reality was simple. Unmaskd account on Twitter was born in 10 min, from the idea to the the first cry i.e. tweet. There was no meticulous planning, no agenda, no deliberate considerations. Like many things, it came out of a moment of frustration. I don’t even remember what it was, but something made me go “Man, do I wish I could always say what’s on my mind!” You know what I mean, right? Expressing yourself without thinking twice, without trying to impress, without considering consequences. Expressing yourself openly with no regrets. And then it hit me: I actually can! Five minutes later the first Unmaskd tweet went out to the twitteverse.

Then there was my Twitter “bio”. Those of you who remember these days, asked me more than once why I changed it later. The thing is, my original Twitter bio (while true) was intentionally worded to draw attention. I needed audience. You don’t need Twitter to speak to yourself. Later it became more of an inconvenience and so I changed it. Speaking of bios, I also want to bring some clarity into my “celebrity” claim to end certain speculations once and for all. Let me be crystal clear: I am not a A-list celeb. Neither I am a lying through my teeth wannabe, as some people have boldly suggested. According to this research paper, I’m in “C” category. If you google my name you get about 90,000 hits. Hardly Paris Hilton. I know that some people are still following me, secretly hoping that I’m John Mayer or Jim Carrey or Joaquin Phoenix, but I am none of these guys. Really. Oh, and while we’re on the subject of gender I’m a guy (which all of my regular readers have already figured somehow). There’s a small chance you’ve seen my picture or read an interview with me, or are familiar with my works, but you certainly have never seen me mingling with the Oscar crowd. Identity issue covered. Check. Back to the Unmaskd journey.

At first it was just about blurting out whatever came to mind. Talking to strangers, joking, replying to fascinating ID tweets and so on. It was fun. For about a week or two. Than it became boring. I was about to let go the whole unmaskdness and then an interesting thing happened. Surprisingly to myself, I started talking about things I really cared about. As it turned out, it wasn’t just about speaking my mind. It was about speaking my mind on topics that truly meant something for me. And in my case those were subjects like self-discovery, self-motivation, inspiration, imagination, mind, fully realizing my potential, taking responsibility for my choices and actions. Notice the focus on “self”. As I’ve mentioned a few times, I don’t aspire to be the next Tony Robbins. I have enough of a hard time motivating myself. But apparently, sharing some of this soul searching, and frustrations with my own weakness, and some kick-my-own-lazy-ass moments was helpful for others. And so I kept unmasking, sharing more and more, and getting to know some of my readers better than I know some people I talk to every day.

Then there was poetry (or “rhymed musings” as I call it, since poetry is too eloquent of a word to describe the songs I come up with). I’ve never had such a broad audience for my poetry before, and hearing all the feedback was very rewarding. My readers and their words are the only reason these rhymed musings came into existence. I don’t think this would have ever happened had I tried going the traditional find-a-poetry-magazine route or dropped my verses at one of the online poetic forums (which I have to admit I’ve never been to and likely never will be).

Then there were Q&As ranging from deep to odd, posters, tumblings, and even a video. As you can see, the Unmaskd stint was going well. Yet being the guy I am, it wasn’t enough. It still isn’t. The way I way approach many things in life is “go big or go home”. Some would call it ambition, others would say it’s arrogance, but to me it’s a reflection of a simple fact that my clock is ticking. Over time, my Unmaskd identity has become too small. I still enjoy sharing my thoughts and discussing them with my readers (and there are a few dozen unwritten posts roaming my mind), but my life is already on several fast tracks. Adding another one is not really an option unless it replaces some other things I’m doing during 19 hours that I’m awake on an average day.

So here’s my dilemma: I either “go home” (i.e. stop my Unmaskd activities altogether) or go big. And I mean BIG. I’m not talking money (though it’d be nice). I’m not talking number or followers on Twitter (though it wouldn’t hurt). I’m talking about impact. People keep telling me that my thoughts, ideas and values, as well their conversations with other readers are helping them. If that’s the case, I don’t see why it should be limited to 1000 people on Twitter and a few hundred blog subscribers. How about a million or two? Yes, I’m serious. More importantly, it’s not just about my thoughts. It’s about growing that community we have created — quite unexpectedly — around this blog, and taking it to a completely different level. When I sent out “What should be the name of Unmaskd site” poll it wasn’t about dropping “wordpress” from my blog’s URL. It was about creating a place where people who want to grow, to be better at whatever they choose to focus on, to do what they believe they were meant to do, can connect. Where everyone can go unmaskd and perhaps, just like I did, get surprised by the results.

That would be a major commitment on my part and I don’t like leaving things half-done. I’m simply not good at going half-way. So that’s my dilemma. I don’t know yet which road I will ultimately take. But I’ll make the call pretty soon and will stick to it. At the very beginning of the Unmaskd journey I said my only promise was “no bullshit”. That’s why you’re reading this post. And that’s why you will know once I decide one way or another.

  1. Dawn says:

    You know I’ll support whatever decision you make and will help in any way I can if you decide to go the BIG route.


    • Ashley says:

      Indeed. Unmaskd, I hope you know that there is that group of us who will help you in any way should you decide to go BIG. Go get ’em!


  2. Jacqueline says:

    I don’t care who you are, seriously. But I can say that if you stopped writing, I’d be really disappointed. Go big.


  3. Felicia says:

    Well confirmed sir, I think based on your previous blogs that you already know that you want to go big. The question is will you do it. I hate regrets; the things undone, unseen and unsaid. The infamous road less traveled. I think if you have any feeling however small that you will regret not putting your plan in motion is a sign to push forward.

    Good luck with whatever decision you make.


  4. Majestic says:

    Go Big! Share your brilliance with all, and never allow your mind to be less than the true you who you really are, letting that shine to the world, and touch whoever is reading your blog and thoughts :))


  5. Mike says:

    Is it even a question? To be honest I think (and hope you think as well) you’re past the point of no return. It’s unquestionable that the points you make and the questions you ask make/allow one to think of their position in the world at a different perspective and that is a powerful thing. Behind every door is an opportunity, but the first step is opening that door…


  6. PersephoneInsde says:

    If you have been given a gift, it has been given to you to share. As long as your intent is with pure heart and mind (and I think we’ve seen enough to know it is) then you almost have an obligation to share it with as many people as you can. It would only be a disservice to continue to keep it under wraps. My only question is, you have given so much of yourself already. Will this be healthy for You, to go further?


    • q^2 says:

      Interesting question.
      I think people come to those things they need to read and experience because they seek it, need it, or it comes to them for a bigger reason unbeknownst to themselves or others until further down the road.
      How big you get depends on how much people need and want what you’ve got in some respects. You can’t make a horse drink… as the saying goes. I guess you’re goal is to make the body of water as big as possible, to reach as many potential thirsting mouths as possible.
      At what cost?

      Also, there seems to me to be a tendency for certain cultures to over-analyze. To ‘air out’ too much. To hash over and over and cease living and experiencing, to be fed answers that are wise and important, but are not achieved through a self-won perspective, and are thereby empty and fulfilling up to a theoretic point, still slightly unsatisfying. Real satisfaction? It comes from within…
      And that’s the point of life in some respects, no? To find the answers for yourself, to grow through your own experiences. Helping each other on the way is a noble ambition, what I sense this whole thing is about. But maybe we’re just not that evolved as a human race on planet Earth.

      But the best way to help others (I’ve been told and am realizing it more and more)… help yourself.

      Keep on bringing your big, bright, inspirational brain bites to the table, unmaskd. Afterall, this is your experience too 😉


  7. Diane_Can says:

    I certainly appreciate the community you have created, and you. Even though I have shared with you a little about my priorities and wonderings RE what is most essential in a life, I am all on board with you RE the value of each moment we live and seizing the day. Life IS finite. We don’t have all the time in the world, and our lives will be over before we know it. <—not to be morbid, but time really DOES fly….how we spend it is key, and our choices are very important. Plus, I believe, fully living is about being all we are capable of being…with the top priority being to expand in our ability to love one another. I am supported in your shares and certainly enjoy them. Also, I honestly (hee, hee) APPRECIATE NO B.S.. How absolutely refreshing. Do what works for you. We'll adjust, and thanks for the inspiring last few months. They've been great. : )


  8. Ella H. says:

    Either direction you choose, this time together has been interesting, provoking and hell n’ daresat fun. I enjoy reading your writing (which i still need to get fully caught up on). A few moments of mindful openness with a stranger on the internet is better than having a large social network where you have to edit yourself.


  9. Ashley says:

    Well I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t feeling a punch in the gut. Me and many others have been there since the first tweet. 6 months is longer than most people know others or are “friends” in the real world. We’ve grown together, we’ve bonded over many days and late nights. But ultimately, this is about you. We knew that from day 1 this was your journey. It shouldn’t be an obligation. If it feels that way, it’s going against the point of unmaskd. I’d never step in your way but know this, I’m definately cheering for you to GO BIG 🙂


  10. Anonymous says:

    I think you * know* what you’re gonna do! Do the right thing….


  11. psychicsarah says:

    Oh …that was me …*anonymous* on my I phone ho ho…


  12. teecello says:

    I have enjoyed your thoughts, pictures, and insights, though I rarely comment. I read your posts, think about how it relates to me, take what I need from it, and leave behind what I don’t–my focus on “self.” I don’t want you to “go home,” but I don’t quite understand the need to “Go Big.” I know I am going a bit against the grain from the other replies here, but bear with me on this…

    Most, not all, people seem to hold the “go big or go home” attitude. I don’t think that is all it’s cracked up to be. Why do people feel that if they aren’t reaching “a million or two” people–which by the way 99% of the population can’t do even if they tried–they should just not bother? I understand stopping if you no longer enjoy doing it, find it cumbersome, or have other priorities that take precedent, but I don’t understand the need to reach as many people as possible. What about taking great joy in the fact that perhaps you have touched the life of even one person–and you already know you have. Is it not enough to make one person smile, laugh, think, or do?

    This is all my long-winded way of saying, why not just continue as is? It is obvious you are very busy with that “L word,” but aren’t we all? A post on your thoughts, ideas, etc., doesn’t have to occur every week, or even every other week. We know you’re out there somewhere and will come “visit” when you have time. Just me two cents.

    The above notwithstanding, I support whatever decision you decide and wish you only peace, joy and happiness.


  13. alessandra says:

    You are a thought provoking writer. This society has gotten so dumbed down that it would be a shame to lose an intelligent, feel good site. Even though I do not comment very much on your site I read all of your postings.
    If the only choice is to leave or go big- please go big. I don’t care how many people are reading this blog as long as you keep writing it. If you do decide to stop writing it, thank you for your inspirational words. You have encouraged self reflection & that is quite powerful. If you decide to go big, good luck & stay true to yourself at all times.


  14. JCV says:

    Ok so here’s the thing, you can only “Go Big” if you promise to not be a “Sell Out”. By that I mean don’t change the way you inspire people. Bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better in some situations.


  15. areweoutoftime says:

    i agree with @teecello, why the need to go big? Having got to know you a little I know that ambition is certainly a big part of you, but why invest as you say yourself, a lot of time and effort, on *going big*. We talka bout dreams a lot here, has a huge unmaskd movement become a proper dream for you or is i tjust something that would be nice if it happened? The answer to that question might help you decide whether or not it is worth the effort invlved in *going big*

    As it happens I


  16. Renee777 says:

    As others have said, I will support whatever you decide to do. I think that there’s a season for everything and I believe you’ve outgrown unmaskd for it’s intended purposed! Capturing a BIG audience is good, if it does not intervene with your personal goals and dreams of happiness!

    To me the greatest happiness is to love and to be loved and when my relationship are defined and stable, then I can better focus on my aspirations!

    May you follow your heart and reach your dream that awaits you.


  17. Renee777 says:

    I suppose I priotize my life in the order of my happiness: Financial security, Love/relashionship, aspirations and dreams with my partner..

    Hope this helps,


  18. areweoutoftime says:

    I agree with @teecello, why the need to go big? Having got to know you a little I know that ambition is certainly a big part of you, but why invest as you say yourself, a lot of time and effort, on *going big*?

    We talk about dreams a lot here- has a huge Unmaskd movement become a proper dream for you or is it just something that would be nice if it happened? The answer to that question might help you decide whether or not it is worth the effort involved in *going big*

    As it happens I like that we are a small group, the internet is anonymous enough without being one of two million other followers. I also think that the work involved in managing a group of that size whilst still maintaining a community feel (responding to questions,having our #quickchats) might be substantially harder once you increase the numbers.

    Having said all that it does seem fairly clear that all or nothing is your game plan, if that’s the case, I wish you all the best in either the all, or the nothing, whichever it may be. xxx


  19. tooyoung2b.... says:

    I was one of your earliest Twitter followers, although I backed away for unrelated reasons. I was always the one to speak my mind, smack you around a bit (grin), so how can I resist now? ;O

    “Go Big” was your agenda from the beginning but there always seemed to be something else behind it, some interesting cultural questions about celebrity and twitter and influence and who knows what. So the evolution into “motivational speaker” was a bit of a surprise, at least to me. “Not that there is anything wrong with that.” 🙂

    I do think this desire to “Go Big” is probably something you want to explore within yourself, but you know that. Moreover I know nothing about motivational literature and have no idea whether there is anything distinctive in your writings, but you should make sure there is something unique and important you have to contribute that distinguishes you from the multitudes of other folks doing what you want to do.

    Because of who you chose to follow initially, most of your followers thought you were Mayer when they began following you and you got quite a bounce because of that. Some people still think you are Mayer regardless of what you say and are consciously or unconsciously still reading you through the lens of Mayer fanhood. Bottom line, you need to ask yourself whether people with no preconceptions (false or otherwise) as to your identity will have any interest in what you have to say.

    Like I say, I have no idea. But I wish you luck with whatever you choose to do. It has been an interesting journey.



    • psychicsarah says:


      Yes some people still think UNmaskd is J M…

      & others probs think he is someone else…or several too…

      That’s not the point.

      The point is whatever lense we are looking through here…there are still valid real connections going on beyond any illusory thoughts, dreams, wishes etc…

      Are you trying to undermine Unmaskd’s confidence in his skills of sharing N caring? N communicating? He didn’t say HE would be doing all the talking did he?

      The point is everyone has a unique voice

      (never mind – all the agony aunts and uncles out there N I don’t know of many *Uncles*!)…

      *Whatever* about the ID issue…

      I personally do not *think* unmaskd is JM N never have N never will…

      Maybe cos I *know* different…

      If unmaskd is JM he has seriously cool skills of bilocation…

      Plus he is V misleading if not deceptive in what he is doing here…

      …and we all *know* that ain’t the case


      Correct me if I am wrong but my feeling is that the *Go Big* is a bit of a test statement…

      (for some reason I initially wrote *Go bog*…back into the swamp?)

      Mayb unmaskd wants to stir things up? Cover his tracks? See what’s up? Test who is still on board (Including himself)?

      Don’t forget a huge process has been going on here…

      Yes it may be pretty much over…

      Equally it may just be beginning…

      IN every end there is a beginning…

      The reality is things run out of steam…

      The skill is being clever enough to spot when they have…this applies to relationships of all kinds obvs

      Guess here on unmaskd it is no different

      Wwe are probably at the stage here where some kind of bigger commitment is needed…

      We have gone through the meeting stage;

      the getting to know you stage;

      the romance stage (lol)

      …the stage of *engagement*…

      what’s left is the comittment the for better / for worse thing…

      and you know how scary THAT can be!

      Some things are just not meant to be for the long haul…

      Then again some things most definitely ARE

      Perhaps we are all at the delicate stage of deciding which is which …and it could most definitely go either way…

      The onus is on unmaskd to produce the ring …

      Poor guy…I really wouldn’t blame him if he ran for the hills!!!


      • tooyoung2b.... says:

        Thank you for your feedback and for proving my point, and I do not mean that in a negative way at all.

        I was trying to take an objective perspective and point out that he needs to address these things before he decides whether it is worth his time.

        For the most part he has a small audience of appreciative people who interact with him (and by the way, I am one of those appreciative people, hence my willingness to get shit from people here because I thought he needed to hear different sides to all this). Such a circumstance does not always provide the necessary perspective to make such a leap.

        You take care now. Good thoughts and wishes. I have really liked your posts.


    • psychicsarah says:

      Thanks for reply below…

      I do think it is usually *Quality not Quantity* which generates meaning…

      In a way…unmaskd has already *Gone Big* by *Going Deeeeeep*

      What began as an impulsive idea became a free flow chat which then transmogrified into something more profound.

      I wonder if this principle can be amplified and sustained in a bigger way. But I presume it can in principle…

      *Going Big* would hopefully create further valuable exchange and introduce more voices.

      Something has to grow organically or else stagnate its true…

      Yet I think the unmaskd thing is far from stagnation even in its current *format*…

      One thing which should be avoided I imagine is a *spreading oneself too thin*….but unmaskd seems to be pretty astute knowing when to engage and when to withdraw (hahaha the mind *Boggles*).

      Too much of a good thing can saturate its value & we wouldn’t want to be taking any of this for granted.

      Too much of a good thing can be well…too much!

      The trick is to keep people on their toes, string them along, engage them in conversation and then disappear into the mist

      Unmaskd seems to be doing all of these things rather well

      I imagine he is also capable of amplifying the impact….but agree he needs to be cute about it!


    • leigh aka not_broken77 says:

      well well well Stranger!
      i am not a Mayer fan and never thought Unmaskd was Mayer, I follow Unmasked coz I like him, I could see myself being friends outside of the computer with him.


  20. Brian says:

    Hey Unmaskd. I’m the same guy you lectured a while ago. This time I’ll be very polite. But you will probably delete my comment anyway, because you won’t like it. Here’s no bullshit truth for you: you’ve failed and you’re looking for an easy way out.
    Does this quote sound familiar: “if you’re good – if you’re that good – people will notice”. You just said you’ve been trying for 6 months. And who has notcied? You said it yourself, 1000 people on Twitter and a few hundred on your blog. Bet they all signed up on that day when that site said you were John Mayer. How many new followers or subscribers have you gained since then? Where are all these people talking about your wisdom and wit? I’ll tell you where they are. Nowhere. There’s probably 100 people who really like your posts. The rest are sticking around because they secretly hope you’re one of the A-list celebs, be it Mayer or whoeever else. Again, you said it yourself. You have 70 comments on your Oh No I’m NO Mayer!! post. But on this post where you say you may leave for good you got what, 20? Common sense anyone?
    With thsi post you pissed off everybody. People who you hoped you were Mayer. You said again you weren’t. A few people who actually like your writings. You told them you you did’t care about them. People who hoped you were a big shot. You told you weren’t. Everyone.
    I believe you. You’re a C list whatever it means. Your “works” must some unknown movies or commercials or self-help books. You’ve been trying for years and guess what you’re just that good. That’s why you a “celeb” no one knows. Most people read your stuff here because of your image, not because of your words. That’s why they don’t tweet about them. That’s why 6 months later you still have “only” 1000 followers. I’m sure this pisses you off, but you know why this is happening. You’re simply not that good. I’m sure it hurts since you are so damn ambitious. But you don’t have talent. No gift, masked man. No gift. Sorry.

    Now that you finished reading go ahead and remove my comment.


    • psychicsarah says:

      Every one has a *voice* Brian…


    • Heart-to-Heart says:

      To the Brians of the world. We all have the right to express our opinions with respect. But expressing those opinions disrespectfully by belittling a person? Not acceptable.


    • Sunshine says:

      Part of this blog is about self expression and sharing ourselves openly and honestly. We’re all in the same boat of life with the same basic wants and needs. We all want to be heard and matter and make a positive impact in our little circle or go even bigger and make an impact on the world. I wonder why you come back here, Brian? Perhaps reading the posts and doing some thinking/soul searching and investing some time with yourself and going into the fog would prove beneficial. You never know, you might change your mind.


      • Sunshine says:

        …and Brian, if you are referring to Accept/Refuse when you state:
        “A few people who actually like your writings. You told them you you did’t care about them.”–that’s out of context…it is those that have hate in their hearts that one has to not care about their opinions…it’s about staying in the positive and not letting hate from others knock you down when you’re living your life, free to be yourself.


    • tooyoung2b.... says:

      I am going for broke here. Again, while I can not judge your abilities as a motivational writer, I agree with Brian’s description of the last 6 months. These facts informed my reason for posting to you.

      I care about you, saw you as a part of my life for a few months, as a twitter buddy rather than as a guru, and would hate to see you take on something that clearly has opportunity costs attached and then fail.


      • Sunshine says:

        Perhaps Unmaskd knows how to go big and has not implemented the tools necessary to go big yet. What are the chances of stumbling upon a blog if you’re not looking for something specific–to go big, you need to promote it and I have faith that it will go big if the ambition is there, which I believe it is. Unmaskd never claimed to be an expert or a guru, but was just sharing his beliefs and what he has learned to be helpful to him in his life. I believe if he continues his blog, it will help guide me to success in achieving my goals faster because it’s somewhere I can come and be challenged and move to the next level, learning in the process. The interaction is a large part of the process. Someone can tell you, do A, B and C and you will get there, but it’s a journey that never ends and wouldn’t it be nice to stay in a community of like minded people and watch each other grow, while encouraging each other, discovering ourselves and others, sharing along the way while having a leader to prompt the discussion, provoke the thoughts, etc.? We can learn from each other’s experiences and when life may be tough for one, there’s people to say, “I understand and I’ll listen and help you get back on the right track” or “Hey, it’s okay to feel that way” or “Good for you, you did it!”


    • JD_278 says:

      Why do I get the distinct impression you are the same guy who sits home on the weekend watching football on TV, yelling at the players when they make a bad move, and talking shit to your friends about how they suck and how YOU would’ve/could’ve done this, that, etc.? Yeah, I think you are definitely that dude. Unless you are ready, willing, and prepared to get your ass out on the field in front of 90,000 plus fans of both home and opposing teams I think it takes much nerve to criticize the quarterback. Obviously you do fall in the observer versus player category since you’ve taken the time to continue to follow the career of a player you believes has nothing to contribute and/or add to the game. Aces to you for being dedicated to something/someone you are obviously so much more enlightened and/or better than they could EVER possibly be. You are the man. **WINK, WINK** and **TWO THUMBS UP** to you.

      As far as commenting goes I comment on what I want when I want. I see no need to repeatedly post the same sentiment over and over again. If I think I have something meaningful to add or feel strongly about something in particular then I express it. See above.

      Personally I don’t think Unmaskd will leave. I think he likes his regular followers as much as we like him. It’s a fun and interesting reprieve from reality for both sides. As far as going *BIG* I don’t know what to think. If he goes *BIG* it’s going to be the same questions and issues over and over again… once again. It will be like “Groundhog Day.” Maybe instead of JM he is BM…Bill Murray.

      I prefer small groups, but that’s just me. It’s not my decision, but I’ll continue to hang out regardless.


      • Diane_Can says:

        Sorry, but BM?! LOL!!! Well unmasked, adamantly says he will only present his honest heart here (“heart” is my word, but same diff) and no BS OR BM. Just sayin’. : )


      • JD_278 says:


        I think I should have began my post with “Dear Brian” instead of leaving it open as if I were addressing the masked man which I was in no way, shape, or form referring to. If anything I was attempting to somehow defend Unmaskd or at least question the motives/validity of someone who appears to take a strong interest in the ongoings of an individual they claim not to care for which to me is just a bit odd. I guess some of us have more spare time than others.

        My apologies if the “charming” tone of my post was misinterpreted. ; )


    • leigh aka not_broken77 says:

      hey Brian
      I am not a Mayer fan and I have never given a rat’s arse if Unmaskd was or wasn’t A LIST or whatever, i like him, regardless of his Celeb grading!
      and alot of us ‘followers’ have stuck around from the beginning coz we enjoy is company, so to speak and like Unmaskd once said to us, it is about QUALITY not QUANTITY.
      I am quality for sure LOL :p


  21. Amy says:

    Do what makes you happy, but bigger isn’t always better.


  22. Sunshine says:

    Unmaskd posts and tweets make me think, dig deeper, focus and question more. It refreshes my mind, resulting in new insight and motivation to pursue that which makes me tick while enjoying a better experience in living my life. There’s fun stuff, art and things that stimulate the mind. My creativity is flowing again in all areas (you should have tasted last night’s dinner—the family raved and I created it myself—and I’m a recipe girl so being creative with dinner was not something I’d dare do!). My mind is wonderfully freed up to express myself again—somehow I got caught up in the tasks of life and taking care of others that I forgot there was a “me” that was supposed to be living to my potential, fully embracing who I am and sharing my gifts (even if not fully discovered/knowing what to do with my them yet). Your blog has been an interactive open journal that grows with the input of each responders post and for me, part of the great experience has not just been in reading the posts and everyone’s responses, but also in doing my homework to stretch and grow (even when uncomfortable) with each post of new information.

    That brings me to the next point, I was thinking of an accompanying workbook or printable workbook pages that people could print and put in a binder for their optional homework (I’d be happy to help compile the pages)—what do you think? Would you allow those of us interested to be a part of Unmaskd, Inc. Many hands make light work—surely there would be responsibilities that you could delegate to others within the community. I see the huge potential in your blog and I would very much like to have a part of assisting you in making that happen. Of course, I’m still a full time employee and wife and mom, so I would have to put the work in at night (but very motivated to do so).

    I think the main reason to go big should be to help more people—it’s a big world out there and the economy isn’t the greatest…imagine if people are getting inspired by Unmaskd and it’s community and their lives are changing, they’re pursuing dreams and reconnecting or getting to their core because of it—the potential is unlimited! Keeping it small and cozy is nice too, because the blog is more personalized and the community feels connected. If you decide not to continue, I for one have been changed for the better because you shared and I thank you for helping me to make a better future for myself! You are making a positive impact (don’t let anyone tell you otherwise) and I’d love to see you keep on going with this in whatever way you decide.


  23. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by sarah delamere and ~Holly, Unmaskd. Unmaskd said: Unmaskd at the Crossroads http://bit.ly/unmcrossroads. Unmaskd origins, celebrity bio, brief history and a choice to make. […]


  24. Heart-to-Heart says:

    To me, this journey has all been about conversations about life. People openly speaking, openly learning and listening to each other. One helping the other from a common thread know as Unmaskd. A person. A person who gives us all something to think about. Why? Because when it all comes down to it, we all have the same fears and hopes. To have somewhere to converse comfortably, that is the most important above all.

    Something this good takes time to grow, word of mouth will spread, no time limit should be set when it comes to life discussions.

    If this were to disappear, in my humble opinion, would be a huge loss and greatly missed.

    Unmaskd, I do want you to know…bringing what you did to so many here has been a wonderful experience. Whether your decision is to continue and “go big” or not. Thank you for making us tick.


    • Sunshine says:

      Heart-to-Heart that last line…”Thank you for making us tick” sums it all up beautifully…he has truly given us something we may have lost or didn’t know how to find and the tools to help us unlock the secrets to be discovered within ourselves. I’m ticking, I’m ticking and I like the soothing sound of it’s rhythm, the excitement of it’s beat…I’m overjoyed that I can hear the ticking again!


    • Ashley says:

      I agree wholeheartedly. I didn’t exactly understand the need to “go big” because this whole thing has encouraged many things..even in a “small” way. But, I will clearly be supportive of whatever is chosen because I respect unmaskd and unmaskd’s needs and/or judgement. Let me just share what unmaskd has done for me since I can’t speak for anyone else. I came to twitter under a project that started on johnmayer.com. Yes, I’m one of “those” John Mayer fans following unmaskd. I came to twitter and started following many other fans. I’d had this twitter account for awhile but it never really “clicked”. I really never “tweeted” and mostly thought it was useless to be honest. But something great happened! John Mayer fans may have brought me to life on twitter, but unmaskd kept us alive. It even expanded things. It got us thinking, touched our hearts and tested our minds. This is something I personally am EXTREMELY greatful for. I have to admit, I was in a somewhat “comatose” state mentally before. Going throught the motions..day after day. This went on for about 5 years. As a teenager and early adult, I used to love to write. I’d spend weekends reading and writing. It kept me alive in times that were personally very tough for me. It was a way to let go of my emotions and feed my mind. I’m a very curious person..I have a need to know. This re-opened this amazing portal for me! I can’t even express my full gratitude. So say what you will, but this is truth speaking..this is my heart. And now, I’m not afraid to speak it and it feels so free. We have all had pre-conceived notions of who we thought unmaskd was or wasn’t..to say it never crossed our mind would be a lie. But the absolute truth is, it does NOT matter. At least not to me and many others I know on here. Our names do not identify us..they do not make us who we are. Whomever unmaskd is (whatever his “name” is), he’s a caring and interesting individual. So you can call this a failure, but I guess that’s how you want to look at it. You’ve all heard my shameless “success” story and those of others. And there are even others who probably won’t share but have FELT it. Over these 6 months, I’ve grown to care for unmaskd and the others in this community as friends. Maybe that’s naive, but it is what it is. As I would any friend, I’d protect, defend and remain loyal to them. That’s who I am, it’s who I’ve always been and who I’ll always be. I’d miss a friend if they went away, sure! But I’d also never hold them back. So as I’ve already expressed, I hope unmaskd chooses what is best for him at this point. Obviously, I hope he stays and continues to share with us and keep on his journey. I hope we continue to share with one another. But in no way will I be selfish if this isn’t what he wants or expected. I guess all has been said that needed to be. I’m greatful, appreciative and hopeful. XOXO


    • Diane_Can says:

      Well said, Heart to Heart.


  25. Karin says:

    I have to agree with Ashley that you need to do what is best for you but selfishly I really want to say: go big or stay small but just don’t go away. I read every post and every comment and I get so much from you and from everyone who comments.

    Ashley, your post made my day! Got tears in my eyes. See, unmaskd? To have that kind of impact? Applause!


  26. leigh aka not_broken77 says:

    well i say GO BIG!!!! coz it is too late for you to go home! your dedicated twitter followers, including myself would miss you and we enjoy having you around!
    I had a feeling you would ‘reveal’ some more of yourself soon 🙂
    hmmmmm now the “C Grade” thing has got my head in a spin……coz that can mean IF you are in movies or tv, that you coulda been more popular in the 80’s??? ahhhhhh, this is gonna drive me MORE bonkers! hahhaaaa, but I don’t care if you are A, C or Z grade, to me, you have quality that ALOT of “A grade” celebs never possess!
    Celeb or not, I like you mate, and I think you should stick around and GO BIG, but take us UNMASKD INCer’s with you for the bigger journey! xo


  27. psychicsarah says:

    …he (unmaskd) has been known to eat the odd tin!

    (of RED herrings)


  28. PersephoneInsde says:

    This feed is proof that this ‘little experiment’ has been/is a success. I may have come here out of curiosity, but I stayed because I saw something awe inspiring taking place, and the potential of something far greater. This has become a collection of thoughts, dreams, fears, love and inspiration. We need not think this is a journey we must travel on our own. Our collective gifts are ultimately what takes us higher.
    I once had a very beautiful soul tell me, “Remember we are all different masks on the same energy. The things you love about those who inspire you are really the things you love about your own potential.” No work is ever truly finished. Our souls may need to move on to another venture, but the source from which greatness is created, will always be infinite.


  29. 15sundevil77 says:

    I’m in the quantity over quality camp. As long as you (unmaskd) are gaining something from this experience – be it a creative outlet, a medium in which you feel comfortable to truly speak your mind, or whatever it may be to you – it’s irrelevant how “big” your audience gets. As long as you see this outlet as a positive in your world, keep rolling with it – whether you have an audience of one or one million.

    Best wishes


  30. Jolanda says:

    It must feel good to get this off your chest 😉 As always, I loved reading your post and it is nice to learning a little bit more about the person behind Unmaskd. I will be following all further developments and I think this is going to get more and more interesting 😉 Keep up the good work, you sometimes make my day or give me something to think about. Food for thought I do not often get, and I really like using my little grey cells. Can’t wait for the next thing you’ll throw at us.



  31. jon says:

    Getting here somewhat late … great perspectives, thanks for sharing. If you haven’t already made the decision, a couple of thoughts …

    First of all, you can “go home” temporarily if you want. If you decide you miss it too much (or that it was too good an opportunity to pass up), you can restart and most of your fans will find out about it fairly quickly. So there are more than two options …

    If you decide to go big, it feels to me like you have a decent chance to. I mean, who knows: there’s always a lot of luck involved. But you’re an excellent writer, with a keen visual sense, and have created a compelling and unusual persona. There are a lot of places to take that.

    > Oh, and while we’re on the subject of gender I’m a guy (which all of my regular readers have already figured somehow)

    What do you think led people to figure it out?



    • Sunshine says:

      Jon, to answer your question…”what do you think led people to figure it out?”…I think it was the reference in Unmaskd’s post titled “Ladies and Gentlemen, May I Have Your Attention?”–he refers to himself as “dude” and the writing in general is just more masculine.


  32. Magnolia Mom says:

    Could the “go big thing” have something to do with the sight capabilities and not marketing, desire to reach more people, etc?

    To me the compelling motivation for this sight is to share thoughts, ideas, self expression not because of the possibility that unmasked is a celebrity(or not) but because we all like to know what others are thinking. We like to share our thoughts if we feel strongly about something. This sight has become a community. I have so enjoyed reading comments and expressions of ideas from everyone. Unmask has a deep heart and keen mind that has pulled us together. I don’t want it to disappear. It takes me time before I will just jump right in, maybe because I tend to be shy with my inner thoughts. the idea of going bigger does not appeal to me but I could be just selfish. I like it the way it is.


  33. confused says:

    I don’t mean to be a doubter, but I just don’t think you have the tools/ability to go “BIG” as you have defined, or else, clearly, with the two million person following clearly listed in your goals, you would have already. If you’re a C list celebrity, you get C list attention/publicity if that in your ife. That’s not as big of an assistance as your definition of the status you are hoping for seems to demand. I don’t think you have the power to go big on your own. Who does unless you are a household name? Very few. Then again, there were misleading ideas presented by other factions that helped generate a little interest in whatever the purpose of this is. Otherwise, how many people would have read a complete stranger’s “poetry” if they hadn’t thought you were some sort of a “worthy” celebrity? That pursuit/sharing of that stuff, in this day and age, is considered incredibly self-indulgent, even when you’re someone more well known like Jewel was in the 90’s with her book of “poems”. No matter how many followers protest this statement, far fewer of them would have paid any attention if you hadn’t generated a buzz with the first incarnation of unmaskd, inclduing the whole “real celebrity tired of pretending” line. The mistaken identities tagged to you of bigger celebrities helped the cause momentarily, but I think now it’s more of a choice of do you continue to string people along to have “dicussions” that no doubt help them and you out in different ways, while maintaining the one upper hand you have – your secret identity they might or might not be impressed with, or do you reveal your true identity and take the risk that half or more of your folllowers will either drop off, or still follow you for the same reasons they found you in the first place: feeling special by proxy because they “know” of a person who is, no matter what grade, someone who is sort of “known”?


  34. idontwannaputmyname says:

    What a crock. A self admitted C-list celeb has to create a ficticious twitter account in order to “speak his mind”? What consequences could a no-name celeb endure…seriously. If you’re C-list, negative attention is still attention. Perhaps you should’ve spoken your mind and gotten yourself a little better known – since that seems to be your ultimate goal anyway. I call BS on this whole “unmaskd” creation in order to truly be yourself…I think it was a way to get the attention you so desperately want, but clearly lack.


  35. Sunshine says:

    Why are some people focusing on celebrity status here? Who cares! What difference does it make—celebrities are people, yes, just people whose status carries the good and the bad because of it just like anybody else living with their life circumstances in this world. Those making negative comments about Unmaskd, I have a question for you…do you have a blog? Please post a link and let’s see what worthwhile information you have to share. If it’s good, we will be interested in what you have to say too. If you can’t be a star, don’t be a cloud! Did you ever think what celebrity might mean? Maybe it is the ultimate success for a person to achieve a status that they are recognized by most and they become a household name which causes them to lose their privacy and freedom to live a normal life unrecognized in public. Maybe achieving a status to have the label “celebrity” associated with your name means it took a lot of hard work to get there and/or you are blessed with a gift of being really good at what you do and so you get some perks in your life that others can only dream about. The majority of people here value the posts and it does not make a difference if Unmaskd is a celebrity or not. Unmaskd is sharing interesting information with us about things he has learned along the way that we too might benefit. Be thankful. I for one like learning from successful people who have made some strides in life and if they want to share, yay for me and the learning opportunity. Quit focusing on the word “celebrity” and start living your life! I encourage you nay-saying celebrity focused people to read these posts and take time to think and work on finding greater fulfillment in your life than clouding up Unmaskd’s blog with negative comments. If you don’t value the information in Unmaskd’s blog or are so consumed with who he might be, don’t waste your time and go do what you value in your life. What is great about this blog is that you don’t have to show your face or status, but just openly share who you are inside because that is a person’s true identity anyway. Kapish? Okay then, let’s move on.


  36. Felicia says:

    Sunshine, amen to that post.


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