Once Upon a Time, Yoda and Unmaskd Made Fortune Cookies

Posted: October 9, 2010 in mind

[tweetmeme source= “unmaskd” only_single=false] When authors run out of ideas they publish reprints. In my case, the recent lack of new content is caused by the lack of time. Luckily for me, internet offers wide variety of options to reuse existing content to create something new. Sort of. Worldle.net is one of these services and here’s its take on the key words I’ve been using on on this blog.

While the picture is hardly surprising, it includes some random word sequences which are rather curious. It sounds a bit like fortune cookies made by Yoda:

  • Life happen always simple
  • Without mind became thoughts
  • Misunderstood people use others


  1. PersephoneInsde says:

    Oh wise of these words, speaks of he (or him or them.)


  2. Daine_Can says:

    You are so fun-eeee. First you found Animoto and now this. This is COOL. You have brightened my day. Be well.


  3. Daine_Can says:

    P.S.: I like “focus really small intense”. : )


  4. Renee777 says:

    haha! That’s sooo fun and interesting!! It’s like a puzzle within a puzzle.. But one I can solve with my own creativeness. LOL. Here’s one’s that stood out to me and my interpretation of them. 🙂

    “Just Remember Frustration Future” ..To me it’s an encouragement.
    Frustration=a Future. TRUE 🙂

    “Sharing Another Going Simple” … I like to share my thoughts and be simple

    “Expectations Choices Whatever Believe”.. There are expectations and choices but just believe..

    “Speaking Pondering Rhymed Poetry”.. LOL. That pretty much describes ME. 😉

    Audience Become Bring Call”.. Wow! That’s a great one! :))

    Thanks for sharing this!!! It was fun. XO


    • Sunshine says:

      Good ones Renee777 and I like that you open up to share yourself and what they mean to you.

      “Word Connect, unleash your mind with the game for artistic, curious minds.” I’d buy it.

      Here’s the random combinations I see:
      -changed new journey consequences start well
      -different impact never still
      -yet unmaskd fear expressing openly already gone
      -attention everyone big moments soon
      -creating happened i.e. fast mind
      -take months speaking later point pondering rhymed poetry
      -come stop one time make life happen
      -words may never need name weakness
      -really focus make something important
      -one important something
      -life things came unmaskd
      -whole words may refuse weakness
      -really small intense musings last
      -expectations choices blog whatever believe
      -like blog know many true people
      -better since know misunderstood people made others think
      -good actions creating way people know
      -hard better good actions
      -thoughts want readers
      -done factor

      This is good old fashioned fun–I want to play some more but goodnight!


  5. Psychicsarah says:



  6. Sunshine says:

    Very cool key word concept (you’re quick!)–you’ve become a resource for interesting material–you’re right up there with google for me (it’s rare I sit down to search for artsy and stimulating fun stuff because I’m usually listening to things to stimulate my mind while I’m typing away on mindless work–and I don’t spend much time on the computer outside of that unless I stay up late, so it’s much appreciated what you offer. You know how I enjoy seeing or hearing a combination of words that makes me pause and say, “wow”! This wordle.net(not worldle–you must have been thinking about going big) is word combining at it’s finest! I bet the kids will like it too–you know how random, artistic and free kids’ minds are. With all the great information on the internet, I do still love the old fashioned books with paper pages though–curling up with a good health book is just not the same on a screen.

    My organic farmers are back from a long summer break tomorrow so I’m pumped. Why do I get so excited about fruits and vegetables–loved that Food Art picture–I guess you can make art with just about anything! Okay, I’m a food geek…now you all know. I even dated a guy for a year whose last name had the word food in it–and he said I had the mind of a 400 lb. woman the way I talk about food! I’ve discovered documentaries and informative DVD’s and have watched Food, Inc., Eating, Eat to Live, The Future of Food, Food Matters, Fast Food Nation, The Botany of Desire, Healing Cancer from Inside Out, Gerson Miracle, No Impact Man, Wal-Mart The High Cost of Low Price, et. al…how’s that for fun–maybe info geek would cover it too! Yep, I certainly know what I’m passionate about. What are all of you passionate about?

    I wonder if any of us after showing ourselves inside would recognize the other passing on a sidewalk at the Farmer’s Market or in an art gallery or at a concert or out taking a walk photographing…

    Happy weekend everybody!


  7. psychicsarah says:

    From top to bottom!

    *Accept changed new journey / consequences start twitter impact / different never may fail / sharing moments / soon going simple / first thing call unmaskd / expressing openly gone times / decision expectations blog many true people / fast mind readers just remember*

    and back up again?

    *Future frustration / every dilemma think others use people / true many blog like poetry / pondering speaking take last musings / intense small / really focus make something important / one stop post accept *

    Mm…profound !


    • Sunshine says:

      @psychicsarah I like your concept of order and beginning and ending with the same word. Did you see “mind reader” in there or perhaps being psychicsarah you didn’t have to see it since you knew it was already there. 😉


  8. Ashley says:

    I found it interesting that this was surrounding the name Unmaskd: “Fear expressing openly”. Indeed you are! We all are. 🙂 This is my favorite, “big moments around soon”. You have to search the fine print sideways to find that one! 😉


  9. psychicsarah says:


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