Lost & Found

Posted: January 22, 2011 in mind, what makes us tick

[tweetmeme source= “unmaskd” only_single=false]Wouldn’t it be cool if lost & found service worked not only for umbrellas and shirts? Sometimes we lose things that are way more important…

– …It seems that I have lost my confidence.
– Let me see sir. We have a special bin for those. Anything distinctive about yours?
– Don’t know. I’m not sure. Not sure about anything actually… It’s nothing special. Just your average everyday confidence.
– Slightly used, but in good condition? This one?
– Yes!
– Here you go, sir.
– I think I lost my conscience. Can’t find it anywhere.
– Sorry, sir, but allow me to disagree.
– How come?
– If you’re looking for your conscience, you haven’t really lost it.

– Hey! I lost my patience! I mean I REALLY need it! As in NOW! RIGHT NOW!
– No worries, sir, here it is. Please… allow me… Ouch!
– Thank you. You’ve been so helpful. Why are you so pale?
– It’s ok sir… It’s ok… The important thing is you have your patience back.
– You know… last night… I’m not sure how to say it… I lost my… Well… my… my virginity. I mean I think I lost it… Do you have it by any chance?…
– Sorry, mam. Never seen one of these turned in. But it’s ok. You’ll get used to it.
– My mind! It’s lost! I lost it! I’m doomed! I’m doomed!!
– Let me check, sir. We had several turned in last night. It’s the season, you know. Overall in a decent shape, higher than average IQ, with a tendency to be pessimistic?
– Yes! Yes! Yes!
– I lost sleep…
– Could it be this one, mam?
– Oh, thank you!
– My pleasure. It looks like it’s wrapped up in some groundless doubts, so let me unwrap it for you.
– Yo, dude! I lost my cool. It’s gone. Just gone. Can you help me, bro?
– Certainly, Mr. Dude. Certainly. Here it is. We knew you’d stop by.
– I lost my appetite. Has anyone–
– Please take it! it’s been smelling like pizza for two days here.
– I lost my soul.
– Unfortunately, sir, no one brings here items that were sold to them voluntarily.
– I lost my youth. Been searching for it for a while. Can you check if–
– I’m sorry, sir. I’m certain we don’t have it. People never turn these in. Finders – keepers.
– Last month I lost my heart.
– You should be more careful wearing it on your sleeve. But let me check…
– I lost hope.
– No you didn’t, sir.
– Huh? I’m telling you I lost hope. Isn’t it your job to help me find it?
– No sir. No one can help you find hope.
– Why?
– Because it’s impossible to lose it. You live – you hope.

  1. Danielle says:

    Yeah I’m not sure if those things really are replaceable even if it seems like a nice idea sometimes cause those things make us who we are even if we want to be somebody else! Fortunately I think that if those things do become sort of lost and found they are even better than they were before if a person wants that for themselves…maybe the getting lost is a necessary part to the discovery of finding what’s important again…


  2. Anonymous says:

    Haha…loss of sleep *lost in some groundless doubts*…

    All brilliant…and VERY powerful!

    OUCH to the loss of Soul … Heart … and Youth!

    Glad there wasn’t a *loss of life* moment in the mix…then again if there were I guess you wouldn’t be calling by lost property!

    As for loss of Soul…I believe there IS a special *lost n found* for that…its retrievable through an imperceptibly slow & arduous process requiring oodles of patience and hope!


  3. Anonymous says:

    …& I think the guy in charge always has an open door…plus he doesnt charge a fortune

    (re getting your soul back)


  4. psychicsarah says:

    …oh & I think the guy in charge of the soul retrieval always has an open door and doesn’t charge a fortune! (lol)


  5. Anonymous says:

    I believe losing hope is what depression’s derived from. And with depression, you just go through the motions because it’s your responsibility to live. It’s a sin to kill yourself. I mean, I feel like hope is something you won’t fully lose til you’re older though and seen all (you think) there is to see about life. Like late 30s or early 40s maybe.


  6. Sunshine says:

    Excuse me sir…have you seen an unmaskd man around here somewhere? I want to thank him for making me smile with his deep grasping creative style of sharing more thoughts to ponder. Oh, I almost lost my own coat while I was searching this lost and found. I better put it on, I have to go out and face the cold today. Do you have any unclaimed coats that will be donated? May I take them with me so when I find a need as I’m walking I can put them to immediate use?


  7. Jess says:

    haha! loved this piece and I am now going to ask that you kindly exit my head! I was literally tossing this scenario around in there earlier today! (well, a scenario similar, arguably less comical!..)

    Fortunately I found my lost motivation and energy at the bar tonight, must have been left there from last time! Those two rascals get away from me far too easily!


  8. Jess says:

    … oh and dear god, I must start bottling my hope now if it’s likely to run out soon.. I cringe at hearing that 30’s – early 40’s being labelled old! 🙂 My dear younger friends, you’ll get there soon enough and disagree with your current younger sentiments! Trust me! Might bottle me some hope, just in case though!


  9. psychicsarah says:

    If anything hope increases as we go through life!

    Something has to keep our spirits up after all… or perhaps its *joy* rather than hope that does the trick…


  10. Anonymous says:

    Hope is the light. Like a light switch, it can easily be turned on and off. “Don’t leave the light on baby. I’ll see you sometime…maybe”.. “Ain’t no use in turning on your light baby”… “Keep me where the light is” etc. Easily, people can flip the switch off and fall into the darkness and get lost from the inside out. Dark is akin to coldness. Coldness of the world/dark times. Coldness/darkness is what makes people sick (mentally, emotionally,physically, socially and spiritually).
    But with light, there is love that goes along with it. Love for their living. When people are sick (maybe with leukemia or a sickness dealing due to old age), love helps them get better. So sending love/light energy is what keeps us afloat in life. Always. No matter where you are in this world, seen or unseen, alone or with friends. It’s what you feel inside your heart. You can generate your own love! Think how warm people always live the longest lives. See?


  11. JD_278 says:

    I’m just glad you didn’t lose your sense of humor. 🙂 Once they’re lost they are very hard to get back. Sorta like realizing you left expensive sunglasses in the bathroom of a restaurant or store 10 minutes earlier.


  12. Shan says:

    I swear the last 8 months or so I’ve lost my faith. I wish there was a place to find it besides church and the Bible. I have heard that enough!! But just a signal to the lost & found for these things would be sweet!


    • psychicsarah says:

      There IS….within yourself….God is within U…U can find him on the beach; at the arcade; in the cinema….basically he tags along with U every step of the way until U realise it I guess!


    • Sunshine says:

      Hi Shan,
      I wish I knew your circumstances that started 8 months ago that led you to a point of possibly losing your faith. I have found in my life that no matter what direction I go, I finally end up back with what I know is true–outside of that, I’ve made choices out of my own stubborness or selfishness that made my life worse even if I thought I knew what was best. I could have avoided heartache and regret in life but unfortunately I learned my lessons the hard way. Losing faith seems to grow your faith because you live your life without it and you have something to contrast it against. Eventually life doesn’t feel right anymore no matter what you do, it is unfulfilling and then you realize that your faith is the missing piece and you are refreshed, renewed and stronger because you found your faith you had misplaced and you’re sure of it when you reclaim it in the lost and found. Staying in faith is the only place where I have total peace inside. Hang in there and may your journey never veer too far off the track –the further you veer, the harder the way back and the more unnecessary heartache. (The two links are songs I used to listen to in the 80’s and found on the internet recently. The second link has a you tube video I found that kind of depicts veering off the track. I wouldn’t recommend all of their music–but the two links I posted are great songs, one is called “The Struggle” and the other is called “Broken Promises”).


  13. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Sara Donaldson and Lydia V. Mattos , Unmaskd. Unmaskd said: If you're not subscribed to the blog, here is the post: http://bit.ly/lost-n-found […]


  14. Nayara says:

    You know what? You blog is kinda of a lost and found palce…we came here looking for something, walking away…and then, we find a good text, interesting thoughts that lead us to another free thoughts…and we think about so many things…we broke the horrible habit that is not to think deeply. In some time of our lives we decide (ok, we don’t decide, we only get used because it’s easier and more comfort….at the beginning) to be superficial, to love a little, to think a little, to feel a little…to see a little. That’s when life gets black or white….and lost the fantastic experience of the others colors.


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