When Enough Is Enough

Posted: January 23, 2011 in Uncategorized

[tweetmeme source= “unmaskd” only_single=false]Our life is full of annoying things. Sometimes we choose to run away from them. Sometimes we choose to fight them. Sometime we think it’s the best to ignore them. And sometime we can ignore them for a bit too long. Which is why I’m writing this post. I’ve been ignoring one thing for a while, and has become too annoying. If you don’t care about the whole John Mayer thing that has been surrounding this blog/twitter/tumbler (as I hope most of you do) there are better ways for you to spend 5 minutes than reading it. However if you come here hoping that you’re speaking with that John guy, please read on.

I’m not going to repeat what I said in this post when I found myself surrounded by screaming fans of a guy I hardly knew before that craziness had begun. So if you want some history just read it. But I will repeat loud and clear: I AM NOT JOHN MAYER. You’d think this would be enough, but this is what I thought when I published that long post last year. That however proved to be insufficient. Over the last 6 months or so, some seriously obsessed people have been busy doing some very annoying things. They’ve been busy creating fake twitter accounts and filling my feed with some nonsense, ranging from sexual demands or hysterical accusations. They’ve been busy coming here and leaving some ridiculous comments. They’ve been busy telling others, rather confused people, that I am John who just doesn’t want his identity revealed. Overall they’ve been busy doing pointless, meaningless and pretty dumb things. Because as I’ve already said a couple of times, I’m not him.

I am someone else, with my own life and my set of problems to deal with. And I don’t want to spend another minute of my life dealing with this crazy shit. Am I making myself clear? I’ve been ignoring this, I’ve been blocking the most outrageously ridiculous twitter accounts, I’ve been trying to hint. But I’m not going to do this anymore. This is plain insulting. If you’ve been following me thinking/suspecting/hoping that I’m John, do yourself a favor and direct your time and energy somewhere else. Like living your life and letting others live theirs.

  1. candymom+ says:

    I am So Sorry, that Some, just Don’t “Get It!” I Seriously, am Not Obsessed with Your Name, but, with Your Sharing Your Life Journey/Thoughts/Experiences and Revelations on Life! I LOVE the JOURNEY of LIFE! (Am Very Grateful, YOU are Who You Are!) Love+Peace Always + Candymom


  2. Felicia says:

    Oh my goodness, I thought this silliness died a long time ago. People are so sad to have a connection with John that is really sad.


  3. Jolanda says:

    If this doesn’t get your point across, nothing will 🙂


  4. Diane_Can says:

    Wow, this was interesting. You poor person, but it just makes me think what, ahem (clears throat), that other person may go through. I won’t deny I started following you, long ago, for some reason associated with Mr. Mayer, but that has, long since, fallen by the wayside.


  5. Emma says:

    Wow! I feel your frustration! I don’t know if you believe in creating your own reality, but I find another a way to take away frustration, and the “why is this happening” questioning is to think about the lessons you need to learn from this… Looking at it from a different perspective, questioning why this is in your life, etc. Anyway – not sure if that’s your cup of tea, but I love your posts and I want you to continue with them. I hope your post helps get rid of the crazy shit and leaves only the good shit! 😀


  6. Anonymous says:

    Wow. A sudden change of tone from you from these past days. I’m guessing you’re a young person because you clearly aren’t good at keeping a respectable tone throughout your pieces. You came off as proficient at first, but now, how you handled that tells me you’re clearly emotionally manic. Judging by that, I question if I even want to continue to have belief in what you write since you put that side of you out there. I don’t think I want to listen to an inconsiderate “professional child”. I wonder if anyone can think of anyone else to fit that description? Someone (other than you that is well known) who likes to mess with others’ minds as if it’s a hobby. Hmmm… 😉


    • JD_278 says:

      NEWSFLASH – It isn’t a change of tone. There have been several entries displaying different attitudes ranging from serious, humorous, insightful, discouraged, hopeful, and irritated. I’m assuming you’ve only read a handful of posts the same way you are assuming you know what you are talking about. Plus what does one post expressing aggravation have to do with anything else you’ve read that somehow resonated or made an impression on you?

      If you are only interested in thoughts written in a one-track, monotone voice or “tone”, then I suggest you find a blog by Ben Stein, Bueller.

      And before you try to be cute and submit some holier-than-thou, response…please don’t. Obviously us unmedicated, emotional manic-types don’t do well with individuals mounted on a high horse. The voices in our head may take over. **TWITCH, TWITCH.**


      • Anonymous says:

        Why defend someone without a face? Why assume that I think I’m holier? Why try to prevent me from giving my opinion on a blog that clearly wants comments given? Hmm?


    • psychicsarah says:

      Get a life…

      I think ANYONE would be frustrated with the amount of delusions, projections, bitchiness, madness and crap that unmaskd has had to deal with.

      This guy is a gentleman and he has excecised considerable patience. Everyone has a limit to what they will tolerate and I am glad that now some clear boundaries have been set.

      All those who continue to project their nonsense/obsessions whatever are really wasting Soooo much energy…

      Life is too short for all this right?

      Look at the plank in your own eye before you lay into someone who has clealy already put up with wayyyy more than he had to….well beyond the call of *duty*

      Yes the account could simply be deleted …but that would mean that those who contribute positively and honestly would lose something that is and could continue to be quite special…



    • psychicsarah says:

      Get a life…

      I think ANYONE would be frustrated with the amount of delusions, projections, bitchiness, madness and crap that unmaskd has had to deal with.

      This guy is a gentleman and he has excecised considerable patience. Everyone has a limit to what they will tolerate and I am glad that now some clear boundaries have been set.

      All those who continue to project their nonsense/obsessions whatever are really wasting Soooo much energy…

      Life is too short for all this right?

      Look at the plank in your own eye before you lay into someone who has clealy already put up with wayyyy more than he had to….well beyond the call of *duty*

      Yes the account could simply be deleted …but that would mean that those who contribute positively and honestly would lose something that is and could continue to be quite special…



  7. Anonymous says:

    Some one else who is excessively needy for attention and acceptance from others. Needs outward reinforcement from the world. You backed into a corner now that you can’t get out of? Your servant playing a little bit of your master now?


  8. Momma Magnolia says:

    Ok This is getting out of hand. I doubt that unmasked is trying to mess with anybody’s head. That obsurd comment makes me laugh!

    Unmasked: The fact that you question some one’s interest in your post solely b/c “they” may think you are JM and continue to think that you are JM does your post a disservice. Why can’t we like you for your expression of thought and continued amazement of life, for you poetry, picture and random amuzings? Regardless of who you are??? If I were you and I was JM I would hide behind a mask also. Poor guy was blessed with an incredible talent and cursed with a load of “hangers on”. Anonymity is a good thing, something craved by you umasked. Obviously you don’t feel comfortable revealing you idenity for whatever reasons. So what?


  9. Anonymous says:

    Maskd people never intend on unveiling themselves when things go too far and so assumptions are free game. I’m not sold. If you can’t handle the complications and misunderstandings, you know what to do. Yes, the truth is uglier than lies. 🙂 Problem? 🙂


  10. PersephoneInsde says:

    When are we going to stop pretending we are robots and we feel nothing but bliss all the time? We are all human beings with real emotions. And they’re not always so perfectly neat. The appeal of this blog was to share part of a human experience without attaching judgment. Some found this concept very appealing. So much so that it opened doors to emotions and ideas that may have been less than poetic or even politically correct. The idea still was to share openly without judgment being passed and create from where creation begins. However when the door is opened up to new and foreign concepts, Everything has the opportunity to come out. Ultimately though, this blog has taken so many individuals to such great heights of inspiration and personal depth. I’ve watched it happen and so have many that don’t even chose to put in their two cents every post. Even though I’m sure it’s frustrating as hell to continue to rehash this John Mayer clarification, I can’t help but think there has been more good to come from it when looking at the big picture. In the end many open minded creative, intelligent and artist souls were brought together and shared a part of themselves they needed to discover or release for some time. This journey has not always been a perfect pretty little picture. But it has been a real life journey, with real emotions to follow. So can we stop pretending we all have the perfectly packaged answered to life and start giving each other and ourselves a break to…Just Be.


  11. Anonymous says:


    I love the way you speak. Maybe a snowball effect will happen?


  12. JD_278 says:


    Since there was no option to reply I will answer like this and in order:

    Q. Why defend someone without a face?

    A. Because that’s what I do. I’m not a defense attorney and I’m not a superhero, but I don’t like when others are rude and condescending especially when its unprovoked unless you are one of the individuals he was referring to in the post. If that’s the case then I truly hope you aren’t calling anyone manic. This has nothing to do with Unmaskd specifically because I would defend anyone I liked or felt was being treated/judged unfairly. This situation applied. And he does have a face. It just can’t be picked out of a crowd or identified in a line-up by anyone here.

    Q. Why assume that I think I’m holier?

    A. Accusing someone of being emotionally manic and an inconsiderate professional child just reeked of someone exhibiting feelings of superiority. My apologies.

    Q. Why try to prevent me from giving my opinion on a blog that clearly wants comments given?

    A. No one is trying to prevent you from giving your opinion. I’m just questioning why you are expressing your opinion in such a patronizing manner. Every few months its as if an alert dings in the Outlook Calendar of the International Shit Starters Association as a reminder to their members to check the Unmaskd blog.

    If you haven’t followed then I will explain:

    Every few months or so it seems as if someone comes along who believes they have some inside knowledge, some clue, some insight that everyone else who has followed along since the beginning, or at least a good while, has been too dense to see. It’s very insulting. Point blank he’s not going to be caught or discovered and no one knows who he is. He has all the time in the world to think, write, and word his postings exactly the way he wants because he can. He works on his own schedule and answers to no one and personally I think that pisses people off who feel they are entitled to more and take a “Who the hell do you think you are?” approach to Unmaskd. My stance, hence the need to defend, is “Who the hell do you think YOU are?” when things get off-track. Is it my place to do this? No. Do I sometimes jump in when its not my place? Yes. Do I care? No.

    Hopefully this has answered everything you inquired about in your earlier posts. Any other questions?


    • Ashley says:

      @JD_278 You make me *smile* 🙂 (The ISSA indeed!)
      I have nothing of importance to add here really. Just let the man be. Let the people who want to follow and participate be. I agree also with the above comment that much good has been started here. Please, let’s just reflect on and appreciate that! 🙂


    • psychicsarah says:

      I do!


  13. Anonymous says:

    Why take everything so personally and not know that those questions were really rhetorical? I’m not writing a blog on top of another blog here.


    • JD_278 says:

      A rhetorical question is “What is the meaning of life?”, not “Why assume that I think I’m holier?” You may not be writing a blog on top of another blog, but you did post a comment that baited the waters for replies and/or discussion and you got just that.

      As far as taking everything personally…that’s what us unmedicated-types do.


      • Anonymous says:

        Who are you to tell me what a rhetorical question is? Did you come up with rhetoric questions and the definition or did someELSE tell you about it? I generally leave comments with my thoughts and feelings in mind, disregarding other’s unless I am confronted. Why don’t you do the same? No, I’m honestly asking why.


  14. Anonymous says:

    I’m sure this little snowball was part of his the Unmaskd plan.


  15. Felicia says:

    Jenn, love the post. As we all have different sides, I am sure that Unmaskd unless a robot also has different sides. Crazy people demanding that he respond to them because of some false hope that they are getting contact from John Mayer has to be frustrating. The fact of the matter is and I know this will ruffle some people’s feathers is that John has way too big of an ego to do anything behind a mask. He would use his Tumblr account or whatever the next big thing in blogging becomes to write his thoughts. I swear JM going on a digital cleanse had pushed already unstable people off the damn ledge.


  16. Sunshine says:

    Unmaskd, Sorry you have to put up with all that unwanted annoying stuff coming in. Let’s all brainstorm how to solve the problem (if nothing changes, nothing changes). I don’t know what is technologically possible, but there’s got to be some way around it. Possible solutions for Unmaskd to go incognito to some but not all:
    – DM all of the people you want to correspond with on twitter of a new name and do not link it to the website or tumblr account, then have everyone you DM’d get a new code name to correspond (I have no idea if users are allowed to set up a second twitter account).
    – Move the website (or leave the existing one up and make an entirely different one that does not link to the old one), use a new logo and change the name completely (i.e., retire the name unmaskd and come up with something else then use the new twitter ID’s to inform people of the new name).
    – Set up a login procedure where guests have to have a user name and password and hopefully that would enable you to monitor traffic.
    – Maybe there is a way to apply The 80/20 Rule to this situation
    I’m sure there are more workable ideas out there to resolve the issue–anyone have some ideas for resolution? It shouldn’t have to get so complicated, but to protect a good thing sometimes you have to fight for it, put restrictions on it and/or come up with creative solutions.


  17. Of course you are not John Mayer says:

    I never saw the John Mayer connection. You write as though English is your second language. If I had to guess, I would guess that you are of Asian decent, due to your broken English. I never bought into the hype over you, but that’s just me.

    One last note – If you think that you didn’t have something to do with the hype, you are completely ignorant. You did this to yourself. Have fun.


  18. Anonymous says:

    NONE of you even know what you’re fighting for or against. Here or in life, so your argument is invalid. You actually care about someone you don’t even know. Their opinions and thoughts don’t even matter in your day to day lives, unless YOU let them matter. It’s not like this incident will keep him from writing so why bother resenting the situation and other’s comments in the first place?


  19. Anonymous says:

    Just a reminder, passive aggression and aggressive aggression is still aggression and aggression gets you nowhere when you’re trying to reach that dream cloud. It’s too soft and vulnerable.


  20. psychicsarah says:

    Oh really!!!!

    I think ANYONE would be frustrated with the amount of delusions, projections, bitchiness, madness and crap that unmaskd has had to deal with.

    This guy is a gentleman and he has excercised considerable patience. Everyone has a limit to what they will tolerate and I am glad that now some clear boundaries have been set.

    Will they remain in place? Probably not….but unmaskd has made himself very clear what his limits are.

    All those who continue to project their nonsense/obsessions whatever are really wasting Soooo much energy…

    Life is too short for all this right?

    Anonymous…probably better to look at the plank in your own eye before you lay into/criticise someone who has clealy already put up with wayyyy more than he had to; well beyond the call of *duty*

    Yes the account could simply be deleted …but that would mean that those who contribute positively and honestly would lose something that is and could continue to be quite special…

    It is much better to concentrate on what is real in our lives and live every second as if it counts. For of course we won’t get anywhere near achieving our dreams when we dissipate such good energy on nonsense and project such expectation onto someone’s ID….

    Probably best to concentrate on our own ID and place in the world than give someone clearly patient, wise and caring too much psyshic over load to deal with.

    Okay the unmaskd situation is set up and attracts all sorts of responses clearly….but the bottom line seems to be the resentment of someone deliberately witholding their ID…They freely share of themselves yet withhold their ID and we don’t like it…why? Or even worse we act like we know who it actually is…why bother?

    Much better to take a neutral stance and enjoy the fun….than get caught up in a maze of mayhem, intrigue and distorted imagination…

    Its great to keep things simple and clear…

    But just imagine if we knew for sure who unmaskd was?

    Wouldn’t that spoil the interchange and the fun side of this?



  21. psychicsarah says:

    (sorry about the typos there…HATE typos!)


  22. JD_278 says:

    My goodness, Anonymous, you seem irritated. Maybe even aggravated or violated that someone repeatedly questioned your intentions. And you voiced it in a post? Huh.

    Wow. A sudden change of tone from you these past two days. I’m guessing you’re a young person because you clearly aren’t good at keeping a respectable tone throughout your pieces. You came off as proficient at first, but now, how you handled this tells me you’re clearly emotionally manic. Judging by that, I question if I even want to continue to debate since you put that side of yourself out there. I don’t think I want to listen to an inconsiderate “professional child”. I wonder if anyone can think of anyone else to fit that description? Hmmm…

    And to answer your NON-rhetorical question: No, I didn’t define the word “rhetorical.” However since we are listing words I didn’t define here are two more: hypocritical and ironic. I left that task to you.


  23. Anonymous says:

    Sunshine: I’m sure that your empathetic comment directed at unmaskd gained his attention, but I don’t believe the self serve approach is what this blog is about. Sure there might be a few deluded JM fans following unmaskd in the hope of gaining his attention, or communicating with him directly, but to exile these lost souls from spiritual sustenance is selfish and far from empathetic. Besides without the JM family unmaskd would be even further from his two million unveiling.


    • Sunshine says:

      Anonymous: The only point I was trying to express was instead of the same problem occurring over and over, maybe we could all brainstorm for a collective workable solution so I tossed out some ideas asking if anyone else had thoughts on how to reach resolution to the situation. Peace.


  24. psychicsarah says:

    ‘Besides without the JM family unmaskd would be even further from his two million unveiling’

    >>>& maybe that would be a GOOD thing!


  25. psychicsarah says:

    …Err sorry that probably sounded a bit harsh…

    I just meant it would be better if there weren’t so many involved who think this blog is something to do with JM..

    It definitely its NOT!

    Or … perhaps it would be better if there were MORE people that were nothing to do with JM…AS WELL AS all the lovely people who are here and are part of the JM family….

    Oh idk what I exactly meant…but I hope you catch my drift!


  26. Anonymous says:

    No apology necessary 🙂 I totally agree with you, it’s just that I’m just protective over the JM family because I love them. Anyway, lets hope that everyone follows unmaskd’s wishes and drops the JM thing so we can ALL be valued members of the unmaskd family.


  27. psychicsarah says:

    …I also meant it would be a good thing to be further away from the unveiling lol…cos that must NEVER happen hahaha!


  28. Does it really matter says:

    Who or what is this “JM family”?

    Do any of you know Mayer personally? NO. So why are you all acting like a bunch of secretaries?

    What’s clear is that the people, and their initial intentions, behind this Unmaskd account came to a halt when this “JM family” got too out of hand.

    Why do so many of you take offense to other peoples comments?

    Why do some of you desire to be the first to respond to every single Unmaskd post?
    – The equivalent of sitting in the front row of class, yes? Only the teacher is a group of known and unknown celebrities. And as if by doing so you’ll become perfect in their eyes?

    Are we all to be the kids in the front row? Playing the part of “teachers pet”?

    Does the so-called teacher really love the kids in the back any less? Are we really playing the part of students to some unknowns?

    ..or perhaps the devil put on the mask of GOD and asked you all to climb on in the clown mobile and without even thinking twice you just jumped right in. It’s ok though. We’re only going for a little joy ride, right?

    Was it not stated that all comments were welcome? ALL COMMENTS.
    – It was never said that all comments are welcome “except for the ones that the JM family dislikes”.

    Why do some of you post numerous times under a single post? As if YOUR thoughts are the one that matter?

    Here’s some food for thought: John Mayer is a raging douche bag. A child who doesn’t know how to grow up. He has set out to publicy embarrass and humiliate every single girlfriend he has ever had, via comments such as, but certainly not limited to “Sexual Napalm”. He has made racist comments about women by reference of the ‘N’ word, in his attempt to be what he calls a “shock jock”. Is he really a racist? Who knows really. Certainly none of you do, that’s for sure. He has disrespected and insulted his friends, girlfriends, loved ones, and peers. As if that’s not enough, what should really make your skin crawl is the fact that when he decided to give another one of his “famoulsy outrageous apologies”, he did it on STAGE, in front of thousands of strangers, while some black musicians played a little “it’s ok we still like this white boy” jingle in the background.

    Let me guess, the music was suppose to make the apology more sincere, right? Maybe next time Mayer can get James Cameron to add some special effects as well? Perhaps some 3-D? Wouldn’t that be neat?

    Let me also guess that because the musicians were black that meant ALL blacks were to immediately say “Hey, maybe he’s not so bad. Maybe he didn’t really mean it. Maybe I can forgive him. After all he does have black friends up their playing music for him while he apologizes. This really is the most sincere ‘i’m sorry’ I’ve ever heard. Silly me for doubting him.”

    Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? WAIT! THERE’S MORE!

    ..at the end of his little circus act he actually had the audacity to say “my name is John Mayer (and when I’m done strapping a few big fancy words around my c–k and twirling it around my existential full of s–t a–) I’m gonna figure that out.”

    Ok. I admit to adding that middle part in myself, but does anyone understand what that means? The guy has absolutely no clue who he is. NONE. Other than his own admittance of being a “shock jock”.
    – Meaning that he does in fact like the feel of big fancy words twirling around his existential a–.

    He has disrespected and insulted many people, including fans, and constantly passes out tinker-bell apologies hoping he can continue to receive a “get out of jail free pass”.

    ..but I guess if that were really true, then he’d be able to call it a “Douchebag Pass”. Right? Isn’t that how it works? Trade off a ‘N-Pass’ for a ‘D-Pass’?

    Now I ask, does any of that really sound like the kind of guy that other men should be looking up to or taking advice from, let alone the kind of guy young girls and women should be admiring in such an unhealthy manner? If you need to think about it then I pity you. The answer is obviously NO. The guy comes across as a certifiable mental case.

    Most of you ladies, and men too, have more decency and positive things going on in your lives than he ever will. He’s just a dude who got lucky. When it comes to music and his guitar skills that’s where he shines. If only he’d shut up long enough for us all to enjoy it.

    Bringing me back to this so called “JM family”. Some of you act as though this whole thing is about just THAT, and that all others are not welcome. I’ve seen some of you snap at perfectly respectable comments and opinions simply because you do not like what they have to say. Look above and check it out for yourselves. I’ve seen many of you so adamantly yell from the roof tops that this is NOT JOHN MAYER. Yet you insist that this experiment should remain strictly a “JM fam” place.

    Do you see how your words and actions contradict your arguments?

    Because if this is really NOT Mayer, then why insist such a thing? Why would a “JM fam” member become so defensive, wanting to dismiss others, while making it all about a “JM fam” thing?

    Why does it seem like some of you are telling other individuals and other Mayer fans they are not welcome? IF Unmaskd is indeed NOT JM?

    Who told any of you that you have that right?

    Do you understand what I’m getting at here? If you really believed this person (actually people) to NOT be John Mayer then why protest people who are not in this so called “JM fam”?

    I have friends who are married and have children who are fans of Mayers music, but are not of some “club”. You’re saying they can’t be a part of this as well? Because the sad truth is those friends of mine WERE following this whole Unmaskd experience, which I turned them on to in the first place, without any opinion or concern of ID. That was UNTIL all of you “JM fam club members” came out snapping at perfectly respectable comments, simply because.

    I’m not saying all of you, but the ones who have know so. You should understand that there are grown ups here that are, or were, following this Unmaskd thing, leaving real grown up answers, NOT the answers of googly-eyed girls in love. Sadly, they have been totally turned off by the actions and comments of little girls and their admiration for someone they “claim” is NOT even here in the first place.

    Again, everything you say is outrageously contradicting.

    Why don’t you all stop talking about and concerning yourselves over who it IS and who it’s NOT and just grow up. As I said, the people and their intentions behind the Unmaskd accounts came to a screeching halt when all of you started with this “JM fam” stuff. Or didn’t you notice?

    So try to stop the bickering. If you really believe it’s not Mayer then ENOUGH with the “JM family” talk. Save for his JM.com community. That really is the appropriate place for it. Not to mention, the more you talk about it the more you’re going to bring in whatever it is that’s unwanted. From all directions.

    Hope that makes sense for some of you.

    I follow and I read Unmaskd, but this is the first and LAST time I will ever post on this or any one of the other Unmaskd accounts. Grown ups didn’t come here to watch little girls argue. Further, I don’t care who Unmaskd is, neither should any of you. Though I will say this. Unmaskd is not alone. There are a couple of men and a couple of females here to be exact!

    Some of whom it seems you like and some of whom it seems you don’t. Some of whom you bad mouth in certain places, while HERE you praise.

    ..a neat little experiment indeed, for “IF and WHEN a book is written…”

    Just to be clear, I am not trying to be rude, mean, aggressive, passive aggressive, or any other key words that obviously set some of you off. I’m simply making it known that all the continuous talk of this “JM fam” is to blame. As well as some of the Unmaskd comments themselves.

    Take equal responsibilty and call it a push.


    “Let’s consider the issue closed.”

    a fan of Unmaskd’s words. (Not the ID.)


    • psychicsarah says:

      Nice dissertation…by the suspiciously maskd person who wishes to be read and then ignored and not responded to!

      You are accusing the JM family of being a bunch of secretaries; and then you proceed to launch an even more sophisticated tirade and psychoanalytical critique of this poor guy??

      I am most certainly NOT a member of the JM family…never even played a CD of his, let alone been to a gig…BUT I am beginning to feel more than sorry for the guy seeing the level of psychic energy and attack directed in his direction. No wonder he is under pressure at points if he is in any way sensitive…which I presume he is to be able to write and play etc!

      I agree re the JM family thing on unmaskd…It has indeed muddied the waters here and has indeed chased unmaskd off into the shadows intermittently.

      But hopefully this open discussion will put the balance right once and FOR ALL…

      Regarding the 2 men / 2 women thing operating this account….U are saying unmaskd is schizo with multiple personalities or that there are actually 4 people running this account?!


      If that is really true it is looking very much like some kind of research and *experiment*….which I don’t believe it is really…

      Who knows maybe unmaskd is even a cry for help on all sides…If that is the case then it is surely best to keep it conducive and positive for all…and if the JM family can separate their motivations and reposnses from JM for more than 5 minutes that would indeed be VERY healthy for them and for unmaskd!!!

      (and finally regarding multiple posts…mine have been entirely accidental due to a sluggish computer & pushing the comment box twice…again by accident…just wish there was a delete/edit button; but for some reason unmaskd chose for there not to be…!



    • Felicia says:

      I wasn’t going to comment further until I saw this. When some folks refer to JM fam, tehy are Jenn said talking about the group of folks that I met through the John Mayer forum. It was that common interest that brought hus together but we found that we enjoyed talking and laughing about things outside of John Mayer. So I know I still say JM fam because I am refering to those people who know who they are that I have met in person. We live primarily in different states and still keep in contact through social media. So I get you don’t like John Mayer. That is your right but what this blog originally was about was that a group of people who are John Mayer fanactics have gone too far with this Unmaskd is John Mayer and basically in my opinion are cyber stalkers. I know I would be pissed if someone insisted I was say Rhianna and kept feeling my twitter timeline with foolishness and borderline threats. The intent of many us who follow Unmaskd is and was that it was interesting. So as with anything the crazy people are not going to go away and thankfully our outnumbered by people that want to exchange and respectfully debate ideas.


    • psychicsarah says:

      Err…how did you manage to edit this? Please advise as I wouldn’t mind editing some of mine! … TY


  29. Momma Magnolia says:

    I love this place. I wish I had enough time to read the last dissertation but I don’t. I will make time at some point. I just love the free expression of thought. Most make me laugh. From my experience most people who write have a style that is recognizable after a while. The identity thing is a non issue as far as I am concerned.


  30. Neutral Observer says:

    I must agree with the last poster, Momma Magnolia. I’ve been following for the entertainment value and thought both sides (I believe there are two sides) had valid points with some shared more poignantly than others. Everyone has a right to an opinion and if one decides to share then they should be open to hearing one (or some) back without becoming volatile. Debate is not warfare. As a sidenote I was taught when one loses their composure (or resorts to name calling) they have surrendered to their opponent. Just a thought to ponder. There are a lot of intelligent people who post and I only hope they lend their gifts, wit, analytical skills, and time to a more worthwhile cause. No offense to Unmaskd because I do enjoy this blog and his thoughts as well as everyone else who responds.


    • psychicsarah says:

      ‘There are a lot of intelligent people who post and I only hope they lend their gifts, wit, analytical skills, and time to a more worthwhile cause.’

      Err this IS a worthwhile cause!!!

      I think despite all the nonsense it probably has or ultimately will help the people involved.

      There is no need for it all to unravel or degenerate into a heap!!!

      If we can all keep it on the light side and enjoy the banter and the sharing …well then it can een grow and develop further…

      But for this to happen…people really DO have to ditch the belief they are interacting with JM…!!!

      They are NOT…They are interacting with an unmaskd soul who wants to share and grow and develop and who is probably stressed to the hilt by some aspects of this process!

      Enough already…

      again *peace*


  31. psychicsarah says:

    …or should I say ‘interacting with *unmaskd soul(S)*’ …?!

    Mm…the plot thickens…like congealed soup!


  32. JD_278 says:

    You know, I was going to be done with this blog, but some things need to be said and clarified.

    Those bashing the “JM Fam” need to back off and I will make it very clear why. First I will say I may be classified as part of a JM Fam because I have met 10-12 girls over the last year (both online and personally) and we have become quite good friends and, yes, the reason why we all became friendly was a common interest as fans, NOT fanatics, of Mayer’s music and tour last year. Does this make me biased? Not at all because whether or not I loathed the man I be damned if I’m going to continue to have mostly innocent fans be grouped into one crazy pile. This is total bullshit. Are there some certifiable nutcase individuals that seriously need Jesus and professional help? Hell yes. I will be the first to say it, but that is a minority and by no means the majority. I think most of the little groups that identify themselves as a “JM Fam” are 100% normal individuals who found each other and clicked on several levels, not just one level who has the initials JM. Basically the point I’m making is these groups or “families” don’t hold meetings, they don’t have secret handshakes, they don’t sacrifice farm animals or virgins or farm animals that are virgins, they don’t chant or perform cantatas written in his honor, and they don’t specifically set out to seek and destroy Unmaskd, so get a fucking grip. Is this shit out of hand? Definitely, but don’t bash groups of innocent people. The key word(s) is crazy, inconsiderate, disturbed “FAN(S)”, not “FAM(S).” Also there are others who are absolutely convinced they know who Unmaskd is, and it ain’t JM, so those people in particular shouldn’t be throwing stones when they live in the same glass, mentally unhinged, house as those “special” JM fans. Plus when in the fuck did the Unmaskd blog become World War II Germany with talk of eliminating certain groups of people? What the hell is that? Are you suggesting a cyber Holocaust? Yeah, you are.

    I believe in respecting people’s views, but don’t post something snarky and then when you get a reply or response start bitching about “I’m just sharing my opinion…”. Um, yeah, obviously…and I was sharing mine in return, so what’s the problem? Don’t be like those assholes that protest soldiers funerals because God is supposedly punishing the US for condoning homosexuality and when confronted start claiming they have the right to freedom of speech under the First Amendment. Seriously, if you say something smartass or your version of “clever”, then don’t be offended when you get the same in return. This isn’t supposed to be a hateful place, so please don’t go out of your way to make it that way.

    And for the love of God, I don’t know who wrote that last thesis, but I hope you feel better. You are not helping your crusade against the crazy JM fans or JM Fams with a post like that. This is not a smartass crack, but seriously while there were some valid points a lot of it was borderline scary. The same way it is not healthy for people who don’t know the man personally to constantly speculate and obsess it is equally unhealthy to give someone you don’t know personally that much thought or harbor such angry feelings toward. I mean, damn, I dont particularly care for Kate Gosselin or Spencer Pratt, but sweet Jesus that was some straight Mark David Chapman-type shit. Made me double-check the locks on my doors and windows last night becasue I already knew about the crazy JM proponents, but I didn’t realize the JM adversaries were so zealous about their cause as well. Makes me even more nervous about public safety. Seriously, I know you aren’t checking this blog anymore, but while I “get” and appreciate what your initial intention was I think it went way off course. Please consider if what you wrote was really any better or meaningful than those you were berating or, dare I say, teach.

    I really hope this place can continue to be the cool place and break from reality that a lot of us have come to appreciate and enjoy.


  33. Phil says:

    What the hell is going on here? Jeez Louise.

    Unmaskd, I am sorry that you continue to be relentlessly pursued by those that think that you are John Mayer. To be honest, I did hear a rumor long ago that you were JM dressed in Twitter camo, and I started to follow you out of curiosity. It became clear, before and after you stated it time and again, that you’re not John Mayer. You have some fantastic thought-provoking posts, though, and I really like to read the community’s replies. But in all fairness, without revealing your identity and only stating your celeb status, it’s my opinion that people are going to continue to speculate on your identity. It’s human nature to do so. However, I don’t think you deserve to be ransacked with questions, treated with disrespect, or threatened, as I’ve seen happen to you. I’m very sorry that’s happening to you. Please don’t feel that I’m blaming or that I don’t empathize with you. I can understand your frustration, but please understand that for me, part of getting to know someone is understanding them and trusting them, and for me, understanding someone is knowing who they are. It’s normal for me to always have that question in the back of my mind when I read or respond to your posts. That’s just me, though.

    I think we all can be a little better than fighting with each other and name calling. What’s with that? I think it’s completely missing the point of this blog, and it does no service to anyone when you really think about it.

    As an aside: to personally answer the question of “who/what is a JM fam?”, I just want to say that they are the funniest, smartest, coolest, most badass folks I have had the pleasure in knowing. Your family is made of those souls that love, support, and protect you. There’s nothing fake there.

    Believe that.


  34. Dawn says:

    So I just caught up on the drama and all I can say is WOW ! There isn’t much left to add that everyone else hasn’t already said. Hopefully the crazies will back of Unmaskd now and drop the JM speculation.


  35. Felicia says:

    Sorry for all the typos, that’s what I get for commenting from work:)


  36. nahum says:

    hey everybody arguing over here…listen up..you will ALL owe me money when umasked reveals himself to be bugs bunny……5 bucks each!


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