Rules, Facts and Confessions

Posted: January 26, 2011 in Uncategorized

[tweetmeme source= “unmaskd” only_single=false]Some things can be funny and sad at the same time. It all depends on the perspective. Take for example, the reaction to my previous post. People fighting, comment after a comment, over a person, who I said, had nothing to do with me? Funny. People wasting their time on this? Sad. People claiming they know for sure that I am a group of men and women, experimenting on innocent readers? Funny. People wasting their time to debate these claims? Sad. The list goes on.

But there’s one aspect of that reaction that is not funny no matter how you look at it. It’s the tone of the discussion. Long time ago I said that I was not going to moderate comments and that all opinions were welcome. I also said that I had only two simple rules for comments: (1) Show respect to others and (2) Don’t be a troll.

Clearly, both rules were ignored by some readers. The last thing I need here is judgemental remarks that trigger angry responses. There are plenty of places like this online. This is not one of them. I’m not asking anyone to be nice, but let’s try not to be jerks, all right? Hope this is not too much to ask.

Now, I’d like to clarify a few points that have been coming up recently:

  • I’m not experimenting on anyone, other than myself. I have very little respect or people who screw with others’ minds and while I’m certainly capable of doing that, this is not what I’m here for.
  • I’m not asking any of my readers for anything, first of all for their trust. As I said long time ago, trusting a stranger who tells you “trust me” (especially online) is a very bad idea. Yes, like any blogger I’m in a way asking for your attention, but it’s completely your choice whether to give it to me. So please, don’t tell me that you can’t completely trust me. I don’t even know what this means in this context.
  • I’m not interested in disclosing my ID, at least not in the foreseeable future. The current arrangement works fine for me. Unmaskd has become a channel for me to be completely honest in expressing myself, without caring for any potential consequences. For some good reasons I cannot afford this — at least not to such degree — in other parts of my life. Even more importantly, this channel allows me to connect with interesting people and discuss with them things I care about. Anyone is free to discuss my ID here or anywhere else, but I’m simply not interested in these discussions, beyond occasional jokes.
  • I’m not here to keep anyone happy. So when people suggest me to do this or that in order to maintain some level of everyone’s happiness they are missing the point. I won’t allow turning my blog into a sewer, but that’s about it.
  • Last but not least, I chose to write my previous post not because of some conspiracy theories. I honestly couldn’t care less. If some people have nothing better to do than spend their time sending some nonsensical messages to someone they don’t know just because they suspect he is someone else they don’t know either… well, I can only feel sorry for them. What made me so irritated was that some of these people apparently went too far and started telling others lies about my identity and my intentions. I had to clarify a thing or two.

With that let’s move on. There are more important things to focus on in my life, and — as I’m completely sure — in yours.

P.S. All right, all right, I admit it. I’m a 54 years old Chinese woman, living in Hong Kong and suffering from a multiple personality disorder. That’s why some people think there are four of us. In reality I just got tired of talking to myself and my chow chow, so I started this blog.

  1. Felicia says:

    I am beginning to think that we all have muliple personalties and we are just barely able to keep them straight. people who want to focus on conspracy theory and by the way that just sounds silly do not want to face the realities in their lives. I say either enjoy this bloggers works for what they are or see if you can track down the Tour Loko bus


  2. Dawn says:

    Great! Another possibly ID to add to the list. It’s getting longer and longer. Geez. 🙂


  3. Sunshine says:

    P.S. You made me laugh! Ciao.


  4. Psychicsarah says:

    hahaha nice! Would you like fried rice with that?


  5. Anonymous says:

    OK. JM 😉


  6. Danielle says:

    I didn’t understand any of the first part…but I liked the last part a whole lot! Nobody really knows anybody here so why is it even an issue?


  7. Danielle says:

    The rules were good also! 🙂


  8. Anonymous says:

    It’s an issue because ever since April he’s “happened” to have these exact parallel life experiences as another person in that same time frame and he for some reason has to rope in people who don’t matter into his life too. But when whatever ticks drives him mad, he will know he’s going about it the wrong way. I love myself 🙂


  9. Ashley says:

    Cute dog 😉 LOL!


  10. Danielle says:

    I still don’t understand…


    • Anonymous says:

      Only the 2 people in question would really understand but what all this has been is his own life personal experiences since April that he is sharing with everyone for whatever reason. Like that one post he said he replied to that someone had told him to take control of his own life and that he wasn’t Batman or Superman? He’s clearly chose to dismiss that for whatever reason.


  11. Anonymous says:

    Ok. I’m being honest here. I don’t know what trolling really is, the definition. I think I accidentally did that there. Sorry.


  12. Anonymous says:

    Yes, this is all very cryptic and yes it seems some situations of these posts seem impossible but remember, all this business is done through the internet. Possibly by someone else in instances. There’s ways around things.
    I feel like everyone should go and love themselves as much as I love myself right now 🙂


  13. Danielle says:

    I’ve only been following since July. Who are these people? I’m still sorta lost…


  14. Danielle says:

    I tried to go back and read the previous posts…I wouldn’t even know where to begin…But the trolling that sounds pretty simple! Don’t be a troll! I like that a lot!


  15. Anonymous says:

    Time is ticking and your dream is floating away. You’re getting OLD. Ya hear? OOOLLDDDDD


  16. Jolanda says:

    I love the P.S. 🙂 and now let’s move on..


  17. Anonymous says:

    You’re playing with fire. Done. No more lines to read between now.


  18. Heart-to-Heart says:

    What I find quite disappointing is the accusations swinging/flying around at those who have not made one comment here or anywhere other than the name used in this Unmaskd platform. Reading the blog and remaining quiet is not a crime. What should have happened to begin with is speaking privately without involving so many people here.

    I really believed and hoped someone who I had held a high respect for is now making it worst by not speaking to they person they should of in the first place. There is always positive solutions to any problem as this is, but only if the person takes the time to care enough to take the step it takes to communicate. Otherwise ill feelings build and things could be said that are regretted later with no mend.

    The door is always open, but will the person walk through it as the person they have wanted the other to believe they are all long? Time will tell…


  19. Barely Anonymous says:

    Long time no read! I think it’s been well over a year since we interacted and I forgot about you until now (no offense). Someone who follows me on Tumblr was on about you last night and I thought, “Oh yeah, I remember unmaskd, wonder how that person is doing”, so I thought I’d check in.

    Now I see what they were on about so I wanted to leave what I hope you’ll rightfully take as a friendly and sincere comment and also say that it seems you sound a lot like me when you put your foot down only with less profanity 🙂

    It’s been so long, I honestly don’t expect you to remember me. The last time we “spoke”, it was on Twitter and it was on the matter of all this right here. People engaging you and others around you in the wrong way for the wrong reasons and my commentary on that back then.

    At the time, you told me that you thought I underestimated people in regards to the claims I made about why so many were so invested in you and why that wasn’t a good thing for anyone involved. This moment in time is why. It’s what I didn’t want to see happen, yet I knew was going to because of that element. It was inevitable.

    Certain fixations are just bound to breed negativity and this whole John thing is a social petri dish. I’m sorry you reached a point of frustration with it. I was hoping you’d never have to see it for yourself. I haven’t been around, so I don’t know how bad it’s gotten or for how long it’s been building, though I can gather from some of the comments posted recently that it probably hasn’t been pretty.

    I’m sorry to see that and even though I’ll be heading out again, I do hope you speaking up about whatever ridiculousness has been going on helps bring the environment back around to the positive for you and for all of the people who are trying to enjoy you without all the drama.


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  21. Sunshine says:

    I think I’m going to print a hard copy of Unmaskd’s posts, pictures and captions, you know, just in case…I’d hate for a good thing to be gone. Psychicsarah, what do you sense the future holds on this? It’s like the demise of Agustus Gloop…the suspense is terrible. What is happening to your beautiful chocolate factory?


  22. Anonymous says:

    Psychicsarah on another computer lol…

    I’m sure its fine if everyone can chill ….


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