A Simple Truth

Posted: May 2, 2011 in motivation, what makes us tick

This has occurred to me just recently even though the theme of failing and getting up has been a big part of my life for many years. It is so simple that it surely would sound like a “Well, duh!” statement for most people. But to me it has a much deeper meaning. It feels like I’ve found the right words to express what I’ve been trying to grasp for a while:

You don’t know how weak you are until you fall. You don’t know how strong you are until you get up.
  1. psychicsarah says:

    Its all in the getting up #nofail


  2. Danielle says:

    Words to be encouraged by! The point is to keep getting up and learning about yourself from the fall! 🙂


  3. zuie says:

    I love this quote. It speaks to me on so many levels. I wish I could elaborate more, but I will say this: it’s very easy to fall and stay down, and after falling, getting up seems next to impossible. Rebuilding the strength to stand is exhausting. It’s overwhelming and one might feel discouraged many times, but once you get back on your feet, I don’t think there’s anything that can knock you back down. You go from being the house made of straw to the house made of bricks.

    (shoot, about to watch a movie with my family- will finish this thought in a little bit)

    Zuie 🙂


  4. Mary says:

    Being able to realize and even admit a weakness says something very strong about one’s character. And, there are some ways to ‘fall’ and feel vulnerable that are at the same time empowering and uplifting! Like falling in love or skydiving or practicing a challenging balancing pose in yoga or in martial arts. Falling is an important part of learning how to balance strong. “Osu!”


  5. dawnshiver says:

    Baby’s fall a lot before they walk but as soon as they find their balance and let go, there’s no stopping them. We all need to have that kind of determination in our lives and not let a few setbacks shut down our potential for greatness.


    • Anonymous says:

      I learned to walk on my own. I fell a couple of times but I taught myself. Didn’t need much guidance, and since then, nothing has stopped me.


  6. zuie says:

    Guess all I wanted to add was that the only thing worse than falling is staying down. If and when we fall, we must never stop attempting to stand. For it is only once we stand that we can walk, run, and soar to unimaginable heights.

    And maybe this quote…

    “It is by daring to fail that you’re able to achieve.” -Ralph Marston

    (Personally, I’m still struggling to stand. But no longer am I down on the ground. I’d like to think of this in-between as crawling. And I know I’m going to make it up on to my feet, stronger than ever, soon.)


  7. Nancy Rikard says:

    I love this posting. No truer words are spoken. It speaks volumes.


  8. Ashley says:

    I agree with Mary above when she says that realizing a weakness and then admitting it speaks volumes about a person’s character–and STRENGTH. Every person has weaknesses and failures. Please point me in the direction of the perfect person who does not! 🙂 That person just simply does not exist. It is good to be hard on yourself to a certain extent, it keeps you accountable and striving for more. But you have to be careful not to overdo it. So back to point A, the fact that you’re even realizing and trying to overcome these things says so much about who you are inside. You have a lot of strength inside you along with that goodness. Keep your chin up, no matter what, at all times. It doesn’t matter how slow we go, so long as we do not stop. Some days are going to be slower than others, it’s inevitable. We can’t always go, go, go and we can’t always do, do, do. Like Zuie said, some days we crawl. Just never stop..never lay down. We can’t always be on top of the world, but that’s okay! It allows us to have a different view and perspective. 😉 Keep on keepin’ on…XOXO


    • Ashley says:

      Just adding that of COURSE we should all be striving for all we can be at all times, every day. But what I meant was, that is going to change sometimes. The levels are going to vary. Don’t beat yourself up over not being at the top of the chart every second of every day! That is only a waste of your time and energy. But as soon as you regain strength and control again, you get back on your feet. That’s the most important thing. You take one step at a time–you walk. Nobody learned to run before they learned to walk. 🙂


  9. jolanda71 says:

    Simple but true 🙂


  10. Sunshine says:

    For me knowing how weak or strong I am comes from asking the question “why”. Why am I weak/strong in this particular area or at this particular time – what are the factors influencing my weakness/strength. What emotion is associated with my weakness/strength and what can I do different to achieve the desired outcome?

    I guess in knowing “why”, I can define myself to better understand who I am which in turn helps explain why I do what I do. As I’ve posted before, I thrive on resolution and for me, knowing the “why” gives me resolution. It may take a long time for me to act on the resolution to decide to change the undesired outcome, but at least I have peace in my head because I know the “why” and I’m a step closer to where I want to be.

    Could it be that weakness = pain and strength = pleasure (and our long term result is what we are given by efforts or lack of them)? Why is it that people usually want to physically feel bad when feeling emotionally bad? Associate the emotion attached to the “why” and you then know why you do or don’t do what you do. I think knowing the “why” is the catalyst to get over the hump.

    I also think that depending on how far you fall determines how much harder it is to get up but the harder it is to get up, the better the lesson learned and the greater the strength built and the more permanent the change (of course change only occurs when we’re ready, no sooner).

    In building muscle, it is in the resistance and pushing the muscle slightly beyond it’s current capacity that strength and growth occur but you have to remember to rest in between or you could hurt yourself. I wonder if this also holds true in living our lives to build emotional strength.

    In my 30’s I found my happy place in life and I like happy. I’ve let go of the tears of my youthful foolish mistakes and my bumps, bruises and scars from falling have healed. My skin has toughened up over the years and I’ve let go of the parts of my past that don’t define who I am inside (and never really did). I am old enough to be able to say the cliche, “youth is wasted on the young”. My old life seems so far away but I have a well stocked file cabinet of lessons learned in my head. At one point in your life you will reflect and ask the question “was it worth it?” and I think 99% of the people will have the same answer. So much time is wasted on the little things that didn’t matter, being so confused when life really isn’t rocket science. A life well lived is in the simple, pure joys shared with others and knowing you made a difference in a person’s life whether someone close to you or someone you hardly know but whose heart you can feel reaching out for help. Knowing your heart and being true to it is the greatest gift you can give yourself. Everyone has beauty in their heart and all it needs is unconditional love so it can trust in order to shine like gold.


  11. Anonymous says:

    “Cancel all operations
    Tell your friends to move out to the sticks
    Listen lady, leave the boy home
    Cancel all operations
    Tell your friends there’s more to you than this”

    Maybe really falling is the only way you, as a person, CAN push yourself to get up. Catch my drift?


  12. Anonymous says:

    Erase and start over?


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