Two Souls

Posted: July 28, 2011 in rhymed musings

I have two battling souls inside,
Two ever fighting minds,
And every time these two collide
One wins and one abides.

One soul can do what many can’t,
It has a gift of gold.
It knows for certain: it was meant
For greatness to unfold.

My second soul is like a sloth:
Pathetic, dirty, dull.
It’s lazy, but it loves to loath
Its neighbour in my skull.

And every day and every night
My souls want it all,
While clashing in a nasty fight
For ultimate control.

The gifted one has brought to life
Some very worthy things,
Yet weakened by a fierce strife
Has never spread its wings.

And probably it never will
Zoom up into the skies
The sloth is ready for a kill
It’s slow, but rather wise.

I am the one who wins the fight
The winner takes it all.
And in a swamp or in a flight
At last I will be whole.

  1. Aura says:

    It’s beautiful or at least to me it is, cos real, I can get the concept… but the problem is that sometimes there is the possibility that the wrong soul in you win over the gold one, and u may regret it for the rest of your life so there is the fear of. Reminds me a lot the concept of dualism by Saint Augustine about the presences of two souls inside us, one good, one bad. Though the end, not expected, as some sort of buddhism in find the equilibrium between the two and win, that reminds even Hegel synthesis just in the self. Right, I stfu. Good poem… love it. bye.


  2. Anna says:

    What a wonderful gift you have for words. Glad you were able to get this out on paper and so poetically. I really find it helps so much, when I am able to put my feelings down on paper…instead of keeping them inside. It clarifies things some. I guess that’s why I like to journal. I feel this must be painful for you. I, too, have opposing goals: to live a spontaneous, unstructured life and to achieve my dreams. These goals do collide…but I have learned there is a third entity. One that I internalized growing up. It has high expectations of me and it tries to whip me into shape when i don’t live up to them. It’s my critic, and it gives me very little peace. This dude or dudette just won’t let up. It’s so silly because my critic thinks if it hounds me enough I’ll get a move on. Not. A. Chance.!!! So lately, I’ve been thinking about the notion of “structure”….that I need to build more structure into my life. The question is, how do i do that? How do I reprogram myself so I achieve more? Perhaps it’s one new habit at a time, with a little help and support from my friends.,,or a coach or something. The other work will be to continually tell my critic to F off.

    I love your whole poem, but the last verse is the best, because in the last verse YOU win. Your “self” wins. Good on you! : )

    Great graphics BTW.


  3. Anna says:

    Darn, I meant “TWO opposing goals”.


  4. Sarah delamere says:

    Great expression of the battle within… But really? U don’t have 2 souls… U have 2 opposing tendencies. The soul is YOU … Fully whole… Fully integrated … YOU in your purest form. All the rest is *head noise* ! The Greeks called the Pineal Gland the seat of the soul… So KEY is tuning into what this little inbuilt programme is saying… The JOY of pursuing what your heart and soul desires is the point @ which these 2 opposing forces within come together… 🙂


  5. The creative side of me is always at war with the practical, logical side. Half of me wants to be pounding out words on my laptop while the other needs to be working, cleaning house, etc. For me it’s more responsibility vs. want. Unfortunately the practical, responsible side of me usually wins which means my creative needs generally go unappeased.


  6. Anonymous says:

    I never though of sloth as “wise”, but in your situation, if I understand you correctly, this may be so. Nice poem. I enjoy your writing.


  7. Ashley says:

    I think many people struggle with this same battle inside themselves. However, sometimes, it takes a while to realize just how many people share this battle with us. Once we realize we aren’t alone, it makes things seem much more manageable and hopeful. I’d like to commend you for not only sharing this, but for doing so eloquently. Vulnerably.
    Now the question is, which side wins?–

    “I am the one who wins the fight
    The winner takes it all.
    And in a swamp or in a flight
    At last I will be whole.”

    I’m not 100% sure what you mean here, but I will give it a go. I think you’re saying that in the end, “you” win. Your true self wins. You do so by being accepting–and by doing that–neither the sloth nor the gifted soul wins. You are able to feel whole within yourself, no matter what. Even if your gifts never soar beyond the worthy things you’ve already accomplished.
    I don’t know if that’s what you mean. Regardless, being “whole”…what a beautiful place to be. 🙂


  8. dorthyinwonder says:

    I agree with Ashley.Rather…I agree with just about everything Ashley said. I do think many people have this sense of duality or multiplicity in them, although mine is more than just a duality of good and bad (I’m not sure if the poem suggests this limitation or not). Mine seems to be more of a multiplicity of opposing tastes, opinions, beliefs, religions, existence, dreams…I hesitate to state, as you do, that these are two opposing souls within me as they do not feel like separate souls. They simply feel at ends with each other, making me question myself more (something I’m convinced I do more than anyone around me). Regardless, the feeling is similar, if not the same. You’re at odds with yourself and instead of picking the obvious beneficial aspects of yourself, you either switch between the two or you find a blend of both that works for you. I tend to alternate between various “souls” (as you put it), and a part of me would wager that there’s more than just two in any given person. I think a lot of people are taught to ignore the others early on, though.

    I also was not sure about the last stanza (I’ll be lazy here and state that it was quoted by Ashley). To me, it says, “Regardless of which side wins, it’s still me. My lows and my highs are still my own.” although I can certainly read it a few other ways. The content is good, but it’s a shift that I’m not sure is intentional. I think the shift from the opposing sides to the speaker feels a bit forced? I’m not sure forced is quite the word I’m looking for, but it’s a shift just for the one stanza. It’s really the only shift in the poem, so it almost feels anticlimactic, as it’s the end of the poem. The stanza is great, but it almost feels like it belongs in another poem.

    I’m saying this…and watch you be some amazing world-renown writer. That or I’ll get flamed for saying that.


  9. Anonymous says:

    Okay, now that you have given a connection to the word “flight” I’d like to take another stab at this:

    The “flight” poem seems like it’s about an independent journey. Though things on earth are calling to you, a “higher calling” of sorts is also calling to you, as well…so you must follow that path…wherever it may take you.
    Being “whole’ is about coming into your own, so that no matter where you are or what you are doing YOU wiill be FULLY present…integrated, whole. (Know thyself)


  10. Anonymous says:

    …On second glance, is your “Night Flight” poem about being true to oneself? I know when I follow my call it can be a very lonely journey, for sure.


  11. Diane says:

    Unmaskd, you often say, “What makes you tick?”, “Find yourself”. This, to me, is a poetic exploration of doing just that. There’s inner exploration and outer. We are ran by what we don’t expose to the light and look at…and, of course, you only are a mirror, so thanks. : )


  12. Tbh ? I think U already did *find* yourself…. anyone ready willing and able to be this clear & honest *warts and all* is authentic.

    Perhaps we make the mistake of assuming our soul should be very well behaved and *perfect*? It is really not so….

    Our Soul is our pure essence…. doesnt necessarily mean we are *pure* through and through.

    To be aware of these forces within vying for control is more than half the battle. Guess we have to give both a nod and realise that everything is equal under the heavens

    We are *we* regardless of whether we sometimes act the *sloth*…. in the scheme of things it does not really matter.

    You are YOU… your *Soul* is what is visible through your eyes…. so even if you keep wearing that damned mask (which for freedom of expression you have to do)… YOU are revealed …

    Our souls is our *energy essence* …it can be *felt*…. it is really nothing to do with our thoughts or our actions…


    @psychicsarah #theonewiththedogs lol… ❤


  13. Anonymous says:

    I like how this poem flows as rocky as the situation itself. It’s not comfortable at all to leave from.

    What I don’t like about it is that same problem. When’s the resolution going to start? What marks it off? Because judging by the poem and how it ends, it’s the sloth that’s winning the war. Maybe the flight soul is not even worth giving power to – it has no leverage. Like you’re ok with being unsure and doing nothing about it. No further harm done (yet), but also no further growth either. The sloth sounds full of himself because it’s not willing to budge for anything.

    If one is not willing to grow, then what is life for?


  14. Anonymous says:

    The day one chooses not to be the victim, is the day one truly is free


  15. Diane says:

    Can’t get into my Twitter account right now (blocked myself : ( ) …so here… : )


  16. This anecdote applies to your “that one thing” post on Tumblr as well. Sometime last winter I was conversing with our Executive Director about school and it turned into more of a philosophical exchange about our finding our greatest strengths. He described how the innate abilities of his two daughters are polar opposite. One went to engineering school although struggled with reading and the other went to the University of Iowa for the Writers Workshop and probably avoided calculus at all costs. Both are successful in their own right but like you said the key was finding that one thing that you are really good at. Now, if we happen to excel at both ends of the word/numbers spectrum this might create greater tension between these two souls as you have addressed so gracefully here. If this resonates, embrace your two souls and accept that maybe there isn’t just one thing.


  17. Sunshine says:

    Recently I rediscovered some excellent information on audio cassettes from the 1960’s or 70’s and I do not know who the author is or the name of the album it was recorded from. It may be a gentleman by the name of John Treadwell since of the 12 recordings, in this one I’m going to refer to here, the speaker refers to “I” paired up with the law of mental magnetism and in doing an Internet search, it seems he could be the one who compiled and speaks in the tapes, but I cannot be certain. Below is some pertinent information I have condensed and practically transcribed verbatim from a recording on mental magnetism. You may find this to clearly explain the opposition of your rhymed musing here. While below are several statements, that couldn’t possibly give the full message as the audio recordings transition from one point to the next, I hope it will give full clarification in deeper understanding of human nature and the essence of your “Two Souls”.

    The Law of Mental Magnetism – You attract in life exactly and infallibly what you most want through what you are and do.

    Where you are today is exactly where you want to be whether you admit it or not. Your life is a mirror of your total wants reflecting your deepest needs at perhaps the expense of your frivolous fancies. People’s wants are always positive. The law works with ruthless certainty…for every positive want you have, you also have an opposite negative want which you will not admit and in many cases do not even know exists. People are running away from success in droves. What people really want are the results of success (money, prestige, material things), but don’t want the work, responsibility and day to day concerns of success. Most people want a planned quiet existence that changes little from day to day. People may want the limelight, but they also want obscurity. They want recognition and also want not to be noticed. Which do you want most? Answer that honestly and you can forecast what you will attract in the larger quantities. You hear about the self-made success but not the self-made failure yet the very same principles are at work. People fail on purpose. That, whether they admit it or not is what they most want and then they express it through what they are and do. People want happiness. Abraham Lincoln stated, “people are just about as happy as they make up their minds to be.” How many people say they want to be happy while bemoaning the fact that they are unhappy filling their minds with negativity. The possibility of a good and happy life abounds, yet people swarm to the trough of discontent and unhappiness because of an ugly craving lurking undiscovered within that makes them want this existence most. The diabolical certainty of the law of mental magnetism at work in one’s life can be a wretched curse or glorious blessing in the quest for a happy life. People are a strange mixture of wants and needs. Even though people may not know it, for every positive want, there is a counteractive negative want. It may be the universal law of cause and effect at work which states, for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. This is expressed in the ancient Chinese philosophy of yin and yang. The great tragedy of life is that most people don’t really know or will not admit what it is they want. A famed philosopher said, “the greater part of all the mischief in the world arises from the fact that men do not sufficiently understand their own aims”. Until one understands completely, the intensity and effect of negative wants, going through life is just like trying to drive a car with the brakes set. You wouldn’t think of driving your car that way and you wouldn’t intentionally live your life that way. Take the time to decide what it is you want, set your goals, work out your plans, then consider this law of mental magnetism. Analyze your negative wants that are pulling you away from fulfillment and you can break the chains of uncertainty, conflicting wants and frustration. You can stop going through life with the brakes on. Within you are the natural positive forces that will leap into command when you put aside the negative bonds. Then you can be free. You can see your goals, your dreams, your hopes spring into reality.

    Good stuff, huh!


  18. dancergypsy says:

    Wow. Sunshine, thank you so much for posting The Law of Mental Magnetism. I was needing this right now. I’ve recently declared my wants in life, but have wondered why for the life of me I still have moments were struggle. This brought a new clarity I needed to understand. It makes clear sense for me now where I was making a mistake.


    • Sunshine says:

      dancergypsy, I’m happy to hear it was helpful. Who knew we have negative wants? It gives a whole new perspective, doesn’t it? As time permits, I will try to post more of the info from these old audios condensed and transcribed since they pertain to nearly every post on this site. Better yet, without making extra work for myself, perhaps we can figure out a way I can get the audio info. to you if you’d like…I find the information to be a real treasure.


  19. dancergypsy says:

    It’s true! It has definitely opened my eyes to a new awareness. I’m so grateful. It has given me something new to work on personally. Any of the information would be beneficial, I’m sure not for just me, but anyone who chances a glance! 😉


  20. dancergypsy says:

    Sunshine, I’ve been contemplating what you shared recently. I can’t help but have a slight problem about it’s validity in a particular way. It is stated that “wants are always positive”. However, how can wants always be positive when apparently we are capable of negative wants? Is this bringing to light a trick of the mind? Is this referring to times when we want something, convincing ourselves it is positive, when later we see it is not? For example: If a person wishes to eat healthy and suddenly craves a butter pastry, gives in to that desire, and later realizes the want went directly against the higher desire…
    It is very hard for me to look at my wants and notice any negative wants. There have been moments where I wanted something 100% positive in every way and discovered the path I took there was not correct. This doesn’t seem to me a negative want. It seems more like a trial and error process of learning through life.
    When I think of negative wants I think of a sabotaging nature. If an individual is sincerely in tune with such things positive and his/her pure heart is easier to recognize the “wants” that go against yourself so as to protect the values a pure heart represents.
    I still think this is an interesting theory but there are ways I find it seemingly inaccurate.

    “People’s wants are always positive. The law works with ruthless certainty…for every positive want you have, you also have an opposite negative want which you will not admit and in many cases do not even know exists.”


    • Sunshine says:

      Dancergypsy, I like that you think so thoroughly. Maybe the speaker is talking about not the action itself, but the thought part of the want, stating that we want good, positive things, but if we closely examine our thoughts, that “in-between, so discreet, often quick thought” often reveals the negative want or opposite, which flashes in the brain so quickly we often miss it. That’s my guess.


  21. dancergypsy says:

    It’s pleasant knowing you are not exhausted by my thoughts. I suspect you are near a similar conclusion as me… I have witnessed for myself these kinds of thoughts.

    For a humorous example: I enjoy solving mysteries of various assortments. My mind works that way easily. After solving a mystery I thought, “I could be a good criminal investigator…or a very good criminal!” Of course, I said that to myself jokingly. 🙂


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