RIP Steve Jobs

Posted: October 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

There are very few people in every generation who have the level of talent, will and desire to change the world for the better that Steve Jobs had. He changed lives in ways that go way beyond technology. The biggest tribute to his influence is not the amount of iPods sold or the size of the iPhone market or even the price of Apple’s stock. It’s the amount of people whose lives he touched and made better — often without them realizing this.

The technologies he created or helped create, the devices he made popular, the ideas he made widespread — they have been touching our lives in ways that go way beyond holding a phone or using a Mac. He showed how much a single man can do in his life. He showed that nothing is impossible. He showed that if you can dream something up you can make it real, no matter how crazy it may sound.

He died a legend, because he lived a legend.

  1. I love this quote. What a very sad day, yet, it would appear the man really lived. I once heard or read, somewhere, that all of the letting-goes, losses and disappointments in our lives are just mini-deaths preparing us for physically letting go of this body and this life. By the law of averages, then, the more we aim high and confront all kinds of situations which may momentarily feel like deaths, in order to really live, the more we will be accepting of our own deaths. Makes sense to me.
    I wish the above was a poster. Hint, hint.


  2. What I admire of him still, right now, is his strength. This man, a legend I concur with you, worked hard till few weeks ago fighting to live his dreams even if his body not used to support more his soul. It’s a sad moment for many. RIP Steve Jobs.


  3. RIP Steve Jobs…

    A genius who showed how productive life on the edge can be…
    A courageous revolutionary.
    Money does not buy you protection against life’s realities.
    Knowing this Steve used every last drop of his time and energy to make a difference.
    A truly inspirational man who impacted immeasurably on our daily lives…
    Apple never falls far from the tree… of life
    RIP 🙂


  4. So true man, he was an inspirer of spirits across the globe. You’ve got an awesome blog here, just wanted to let you know.


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