Biting the Bullet and Facing the Music

Posted: December 8, 2011 in a lonely journey, what makes us tick

Life is full of tough choices. Some are tough to make. Others are tough to live with. But the hardest ones are those that we avoid making — sometimes for years. You keep dancing around a choice like this, pretending it’s not there, but deep in your heart you are fully aware of its existence. And one day you realize that unless your stop the lulling music and face that hard, bloody painful choice, you’ll spend the rest of your life wondering what would’ve been like to make it. You know that once you make this choice, there will be no way back. You’ll be walking down the path leading you to the truth — and that truth may turn out to be truly ugly. But not facing it means living your life a coward. And such a life isn’t worth much, no matter how shiny it may look to others.

I’ve been dancing around a choice like this for my entire adult life. Now my time is running out. It’s always been, but now it has gotten to the point where not making the choice means giving up. So I’m making it. There’s no way back. There’s just a path to walk. And at the end of it lies the truth. Whether ugly or beautiful, it is there and I’ll see it pretty soon.

I’m going to be busier than I’ve ever been, so I’ll be out for a while. So I wanted to stop by and tell everyone who cares that I haven’t forgotten about any of you. I appreciate all the messages you’ve sent to me while I was out and all the kind words you’ve said. This means a lot to me. And I’m stopping by to say “later”, not to bid farewell. I don’t know when is “later” is going to be, but I plan to be back.

I can only smile at all the fresh rumors and speculations related to my identity. People claiming to know who I am, don’t understand the irony of their claims. I, myself, don’t know who I am. But I’m about to find out. It’s so much easier to live believing you’re a genius who failed to realize his potential, than knowing that you are simply a mediocrity with groundless aspirations. But I’d rather die knowing that I gave it all and failed, than spend my life living a sweet comforting lie.

  1. Taking the easy road sometimes turns out to be the worst decision we ever made. Life isn’t meant to be easy. Easy does not accomplish much in life. Personally, I get a great deal more satisfaction in succeeding in a difficult task than a I an easy one. I truly hope that whatever this decision is you have made turns out to be the best thing for you. Even if it doesn’t work out at least you will know you tried. Good luck in whatever your current endeavor may be.

    As for the identity issues, I am beginning to think that you are destined to keep fending those off for the long-term. Some people will eventually figure out that your name isn’t important and they will get bored and go away. Hopefully some of them will actually be smart enough to stick around though and maybe get to know you without worrying about a name.


    • Unmaskd says:

      Thank you. Yes, I know that ID questions won’t go away. After all, calling yourself @unmaskd doesn’t help with answering “who are you?” questions. And that’s fine.


  2. Choose Life… The open road of endless possibilities…

    BUT… The Road Less Travelled doesn’t have to be a lonely journey…unless you make it so.

    Sometimes we just need the space to breathe it is true…

    BUT be mindful…

    …Time will open up the right space, the right places, the right people, the right opportunities…

    Time will tell a story…the end of which you already *know* so well

    So…. no more talk of mediocrity & failure…

    Embrace what IS…for it is that which will open up your future, your success, your genius…your expression of YOU in the here & now…

    Embrace what IS & the rest will follow



    • Unmaskd says:

      >> Embrace what IS & the rest will follow
      That’s the plan 🙂 Except it’s embracing and working like crazy.


      • Mm… working like *crazy* is good… but the Zen like qualities of real *focus* should enable you to get more done as well as have a life

        …*balance* holds the key to the maintenance of productivity, creativity & results

        …but obvs @ this point AND to take it all to another level you have to get past the tipping point of *off balance* to break through the inertia ….

        … SO… Go go go… 🙂


      • ….Mayb the *Zen* stuff is a *Zone* you will hit a little further down the road …though equally it may be just around the corner.

        In the blink of an eye an *Epiphany* or *DING* moment can change everything

        #keeprightontrucking 😉


  3. Anonymous says:

    Ironic. If the sign on the left is the path of life, what does that make the sign on the right?


  4. Niva says:

    You’re definitely one of my favourite writers.
    We will miss you while you’re ‘away’. Wish you all the best with whatever it is you’re going to do.


  5. Jess says:

    Have a rocking great time dude, we’ll catch you on the flip side.

    You’re gonna ace this. Keep the faith (in yourself and the universe!)

    Good things 🙂


  6. Chrystal says:

    Facing the music… thats what I do every day 🙂 And I’m happy although it’s not making me rich. Good luck on your new way!


  7. Anonymous says:

    When I was in middle school, we learned an abstract composition to perform. It was written by a student or professor from a local university. Very atonal. All I remember from it was the chorus which repeated over and over “The living is in the reaching”. At the time, I just sang the words. I really didn’t comprehend what I was reading about. I DO now. Keep reaching. Keep stretching…or die.


    • Anonymous says:

      I notice the lyrics did not say, “The living is in the achieving”…nope, they said, “The living is in the reaching”. It’s the process that makes us feel alive. “Wins” are great when they occur. However, even if we face a truth, in the end, which is hard to take at least we are alive and not numb.


  8. Anonymous says:

    ^^^Ooops I meant “singing” about.


  9. Anonymous says:

    Hi Unmaskd,

    I’m so happy for you for embracing “Life”.. But from reading all your msgs and seeing your potential, seems like you’re about to discover that your full potential is way higher than you dare to believe or know as of yet!

    Although I believe you’re already more than 1/2 way there because you embraced what is and the rest I’m sure is going to be a very fun ride and beautiful journey for you.. 🙂

    I’m very excited for you and whatever you’re doing. I have a very good feeling about it..



  10. ralphbormet says:

    Whoever you are, good luck. I don’t mind not knowing what your name is, or where you live, or how old your are, etc., but I would definitely like to know what your decision is about. I, too, am a procrastinator and often have to pump up my self-image when dealing with what often seems like a hostile word. You may not really want advice, but I will give you one (though I do not always take it, myself): When you need to decide, decide. If your decision will not result in death or harm to anyone or the loss of a huge amount of money, just do what you think is best. If you are wrong, you can always apologize.


  11. Don’t give up!!! Life is a bless! Live is an art… I’ll wait your return!


  12. Cate Forkner says:

    I just spend a good deal of my day reading and reflecting on the things you’ve said. I shared them with a good friend of mine, and now we’re thinking about it, and there’s no going back.

    Whoever you are, and whatever your choice is, I wish you the best.


  13. A says:

    You were in my dream this morning. Well, your username, ‘Unmaskd’ on chat. And you wrote me paragraphs, while I slipped into a dark van with 12 others, members of Ocean’s 11…
    You confirmed all the hunches I had and all I could ask was, When?

    The mystery figure in my dreams is starting to talk back…
    Maybe that’s what it means to be Unmaskd


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