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Nothing worthy can be achieved overnight. There’s a long road to walk. And to walk that road you need fuel. Something to keep you brain and soul committed. A good option is obsession — it’ll get you far. Unfortunately you can be obsessed over anything only for so long. At some point obsession wears off. That’s how our brains are wired — we seek novelty. On the other hand, pure cold logic won’t get you far either. It lacks fire. It lacks passion. It’s simply too cold too keep you going for too long.

The trick is in the alternation. Set your eyes on the goal. Be sure it’s the right one. Make sure you have passion — better yet feel that you’re obsessed. Then go. But once you feel that your passion is no longer as strong as it used to be, let your cold logic kick in. Forget emotions. Just go. Just keep going, step after step, mile after mile, even if you’re completely numb. And then, as you get closer and closer to your goal, your passion will come back. Your cold calculated monotonous movement toward the goal will get you to the results that will refuel your obsession — and it will come back ten time stronger.

Alternation. Has it ever worked for you?


A Tale of One Bet

Posted: January 26, 2012 in a lonely journey

This is probably going to be the most cryptic of my posts so far, and coming from someone who calls himself Unmaskd, that’s saying a lot. But I want to capture and share the feelings of this moment, and for better or for worse, this blog has become my best outlet for this part of my consciousness.

Exactly 365 days from now a bet will come to fruition. It’s a strange bet, made over twenty years ago between two best friends. One friend has likely forgotten it by now. The second friend has never let it go, for it has been very dear to his heart. Despite that, throughout the years he has barely acted on winning it. Instead, he’s been alternating between powerful efforts with impressive results, half-ass attempts and long stretches of well-camouflaged procrastination.

Getting closer and closer to the date that he’d set himself back in his childhood, he realized that unless he does something drastic about it, he going to fall flat on his not so childish face. And so, in the last attempt to win that bet, he made another one — this time with himself. That other bet was simple, pretty much black and white, with no room left for self-deception.

And then strange things started happening. Things that typically happen in lousy written Hallmark channel made-for-TV movies. All of a sudden, his past started coming alive, mixing with his present and shaping his future. People he had not seen in years started popping up unexpectedly in his life, reminding him about his old successes and stirring memories of his decades old aspirations. His friends started reminding him about his ambitions — without having a slightest idea what he had been driving himself through. And goals he almost had given up on started to look real.

And on top everything else, the idea of his own mortality — something he had been always well aware of — suddenly sunk in, bringing in sadness, but also filling every moment of his life with meaning and clarity. Life remained the same on the surface, and yet had changed completely.

And all the masks he had been wearing started merging into one…