The Demon of Procrastination

Posted: May 4, 2012 in Unmaskd Tales
The Demon of Procrastination
“How do you fight your demons, sage?” asked a man with a tired face, as he stopped by the house of the world famous sage Puram Bam.
Puram Bam, busy at writing something that looked like a letter, looked up.
“What makes you think I have demons to fight?” he asked.
His visitor had a strange face, a face that seemed young–yet beaten by life, fresh–yet old. It was the face of a young man who woke up one morning to discover in the mirror that he had suddenly aged overnight.
“Everyone has demons,” he said, his voice full of conviction. “If you don’t have demons to fight you are dead.”
“Or free,” said Puram Bam.
“It’s the same thing,” said the man.
“For many,” answered Puram Bam. “But not for everyone. Which one of your demons did you want to talk about?”
“The one that sucks the life out of me,” replied the man, his voice hard. “He’s been haunting me ever since I was a child.”
“Demons rarely haunt us uninvited,” said Puram Bam, moving his unfinished letter aside. “Tell me more.”
“He attacks suddenly,” said the man, his face going dark. “I can never see him coming. One minute I’m busy doing something — and the next moment he’s there and my will is gone. No one can see demons, and yet I can almost sense the presence of this one. I can feel him sneaking into my room. I’ve never caught a glimpse of him, but somehow I know what he looks like. He is a large gray limp mass that moves silently and swiftly. Gray and cold. Very cold. And when his coldness touches my forehead, I am no longer me. No one can notice a difference, for I still act the same way I always do.
“In fact, when he takes over me I get very busy. I read wonderful books, I make plans, I do things I’ve been postponing for ages, I write letters to people I have not spoken to for years, I feed my dog, I sharpen my sword. But when I do this I know that my sword is already sharp, my dog is not hungry and the people I write to would scratch their heads trying to recall my name. But I still do it. When this demon takes over me I do anything — anything except that thing I was about to do when he sneaked into my room. And I don’t know how to fight him. I don’t know how to fight the Demon of Procrastination!”
“You can’t fight a demon,” said Puram Bam, “unless you call him by his proper name. And the name you’ve just said is not the true name of this demon.”
“What is it then?” asked the man, his face brightened by sudden hope. “Tell me! Please!”
“You have to guess it yourself, if you want to have a chance against him.”
“Guess it? How? Everyone knows him by this name!”
“What do you feel when he takes over you?”
“I feel as if I’m slowly drowning in a cold swamp and have no power to struggle. All my senses work as usual, my hands are are strong as ever, but my mind goes numb. It feels like it’s being wrapped in some thick soft fabric, layer after layer, thicker and thicker. And it’s so comforting, so lulling, so calm. It feels like there is no way out, that I will drown completely, my mind wrapped in that fabric and my will gone, but somehow this doesn’t frighten me. The the worst thing is, I don’t even want to get out. When this demon takes over me, I don’t want anything.”
“But you do come back, eventually.”
“Yes. I get out of that swamp every time, but it’s becoming harder and harder. It used to take minutes. Now it takes hours. But I do come back.”
“And the first thing you do is finish whatever you were doing when the demon came?”
“Yes. Always. All of a sudden everything seems so easy. Somehow just being back makes me powerful. And that’s what I just can’t understand. People say that this demon takes us away from things we don’t want to do. That he snatches us at the moment of weakness. But I don’t believe them. Yes, he comes to me when I have to do something I don’t like. But he also comes to me when I do something I love! And I find myself just as drowning in that swamp. I don’t believe people when they say that he is not that bad, that he helps us escape. They say that he helps us escape our fears. Fear of failure, fear of success… But why in the world would I want to escape from something that makes me feel alive?”
“You are asking wrong questions,” said Puram Bam. “Ask the right one.”
“I don’t know what you mean.”
“You do. People avoid asking a right question, when they don’t want to face the answer. But you–you want it. Tell me, do you enjoy doing things you do once he takes over?”
“Enjoy? I hate doing them! And I hate myself for being so weak, for not being able to stop. But you see… it’s not actually me who’s doing all these things. It’s almost like someone else is moving my hands, opening my mouth to speak, making my eyes to read. It’s the demon.”
“Our demons are not as powerful as we think. They cannot move our hands. Only we can.”
“But this is what it feels like. And if it’s not me moving my hand then who?”
“I knew a man once,” said Puram Bam, “who used to ask this question. He doesn’t ask it anymore. It’s another wrong question to ask. Do you know what you are escaping from?”
The man shrugged.
“You can’t escape fear, without taking it with you.”
“Doing something unpleasant? Or . . . pleasant. Pleasant, but difficult.”
“Do you still think about that difficulty, while drowning in that swamp,?”
“No! I know it’s somewhere out there, but I don’t think about it. I don’t think about anything. I simply don’t think.”
“And when you don’t think you don’t exist,” said Puram Bam. “You may think you’re escaping a difficulty. But you’re escaping life itself.”
“Life…” the men repeated after Puram Ban. “Where does one escape life?”
“Now you’ve asked the right question,” sad Puram Bam. “And this means you are ready to face the answer.”
“In death,” said the man slowly.”This demon… he is the Demon of Death himself.”
“He has many names,” said Puram Bam. “But you’ve just named the only one that matters. He comes to you when you secretly wish that you’d rather not exist than face life with its choices and their consequences. He offers you sweet escape of his swamp, where your mind will slowly drown while your body is busy doing meaningless things. But what’s a body without mind? When your mind doesn’t think, you’re dead.”
“But why…” said the man, “why do I come back then? Every time. Why?”
“You know this answer too, “said Puram Bam, smiling.
The man smiled back.
“Because I want to live,” he said, his face younger and filled with wonder.
“Yes,” said Puram Bam. “And once you fully realize what this means you won’t need to fight demons anymore. You simply won’t be inviting them.”
  1. dancergypsy says:

    I love this story so much it made me cry. 🙂


  2. Aura Conte says:

    There are few points in this tale really interesting:
    The whole fight but you can’t till you not understand the demon reality.
    The full concept of gray and procrastination feeling inside, totally accurate.
    But above all the metaphor of demon and connection with death, the hiatus given by procrastination is a death to not invite.
    I liked it… a lot.


  3. 3lln says:

    Very insightful. A lovely read


  4. Anonymous says:

    This conversation between the man and the sage was like a winding, a whirling, a twisting of a tongue-like path of transformation leading to an up-turn in the landscaping, like a little hill or a mound of fertile earth with a beautiful flower growing out its top. 🙂

    Abbott Lyman once said, “Life is a march from innocence, through temptation, to virtue or vice.”
    “Back to the future.” 🙂


  5. Wow…impressive stuff… A strange kind of possession this *demon* #thevoidofavoidance #chooselife 🙂


  6. “Yes. I get out of that swamp every time, but it’s becoming harder and harder. It used to take minutes. Now it takes hours. But I do come back.” >>> Interesting the more *conscious* you become… the deeper the backflip from your unconscious shadow… which is resisting your major shifts. The lighter & brighter you become… the more the self-saboteur resists. Deal with this archetype and The World will truly be YOURS! #worlddomination …Life in its fullest expression awaits! #chooselife 🙂


  7. …Ultimately though… the more conscious U B come … the less likely the demon will intrude.

    Passion is potent enough 2 lift us up,out,& away from its shadow #asyourightlyconclude 🙂


  8. Sali says:

    *my mind goes numb. It feels like it’s being wrapped in some thick soft fabric, layer after layer, thicker and thicker. It feels like there is no way out, that I will drown completely, my mind wrapped in that fabric and my will gone****only one who has experienced clinical depression can identify with this statement ~~interesting interpretation …the brain being wrapped in layer after layer of thick fabric***


  9. Great story, thanks for sharing that


  10. dancergypsy says:

    >>“You do. People avoid asking a right question, when they don’t want to face the answer. But you–you want it. Tell me, do you enjoy doing things you do once he takes over?”
    “Enjoy? I hate doing them! And I hate myself for being so weak, for not being able to stop. But you see… it’s not actually me who’s doing all these things. It’s almost like someone else is moving my hands, opening my mouth to speak, making my eyes to read. It’s the demon.”
    “Our demons are not as powerful as we think. They cannot move our hands. Only we can.”
    “But this is what it feels like. And if it’s not me moving my hand then who?”<<

    Have you ever been amazed by those tiny blades of grass that somehow manage to sprout effortlessly through sidewalks? You'd think a slab of concrete would be strong enough to stop something from growing through. The same can go for weeds in a perfectly planted garden. The gardener goes about managing the garden constantly keeping the weeds out so proper plants can flourish and not get choked out. It can be rather tiresome when the only vision you have is sincerely a beautiful garden and you work hard at keep it that way. If your heart is true, alongside the work, where do all those weeds come from?

    This story is excellent. I like the part, "People avoid asking a right question, when they don't want to face the answer." We spend so much time pulling weeds in our lives yet we avoid asking a right question: Where did that weed come from? Did you plant it? It may not always be the case in your garden or in personal life.

    As adults we often go about looking at our life with all the choices we make, values we believe, personality traits we accept, but fail to ask: is this really me? Is it, "not actually me who’s doing all these things. It’s almost like someone else is moving my hands, opening my mouth to speak, making my eyes to read. It’s the demon."? If so, who is that demon really? It's not you, obviously. You are better than that, your desires are positive.

    What if you came to question your family history and started looking at your childhood and realized it is your grandmother, mother, father, uncle, or some other personal guardian who influenced you? I'm not calling them demons. I'm pointing out the question. According to certain study some bad habits stem from generations of seed planting. We don't like to admit the things we don't like about ourselves being resemblances of someone else. This is very important to notice, however, if one truly wishes to have a clean garden. The battle doesn't have to be so frustrating, "Our demons are not as powerful as we think," especially when they aren't really yours. Now, you can accidentally feed them and they start acting like they are your and they own you, but it's not true.

    Instead of pulling the tops of demon weeds, get down to the root! Go back through history and find exactly where that seed was planted. Watch and see if it was you who planted it. It could be or not. There are cases where as children we LEARN to be a certain way good or bad, because that's exactly how our guardians were, or certain leaders, teachers, older friend, sibling, etc. These influences plant the seeds, and they grow.

    The relief comes in pulling up the root. You can't get rid of weeds when you don't fully understand the entire body of its breeding. You can curse yourself for that demon's existence in your life, try slaying it, admit it's there, but if you never acknowledge its origins it will keep coming back just like that unbelievable blade of grass. You can assess, forgive whoever for giving you that seed, stop blaming yourself for being a terrible gardener (unless you deliberately find a place in your history where you are indeed the culprit, in which case, it's time to forgive yourself, and move on) and dig up entirely. Doing this for myself has offered me an enormous amount of relief. I carried guilt in certain areas for things that were given to me against my choice. It wasn't until I recognized they were inherited that I removed my guilt, snuffed out their right to my life. Knowing the truth will set you free. It can only happen though if you ask a right question.

    In any case, hate is a terribly strong word. Probably about as strong as a blade of grass, which is pretty darn strong when you really think about all the places grass can grow, without much care.
    When we look at those demons and the mistakes they provide it's easy to hate, yet it is extremely dangerous to express hate towards oneself for the produce. It's is the breeding ground for demons.
    "I hate doing them! And I hate myself for being so weak, for not being able to stop. But you see… it’s not actually me who’s doing all these things."
    Claiming hate towards oneself for assuming you are something you are not goes against the most important truth of who you are when you know it is not you. When attention is given to a demon or weed be careful here. Instead, say something like, "I despise you demon for what you brought to my life! I detest you for being so weak! But I love myself enough to know you are not me and you cannot live within me. This is who I am and you must go! I love myself enough to protect against you."
    Love towards yourself is vital. We may excuse love when we perceive ourselves as the culprit. Looking at the true heart of who you are has the answer. Love has no fear. Where fear is there are lies; that is the soil for demons. Hate could be a source of fear when it is cast upon yourself unjustly, allowing demons to survive.


    • Sunshine says:

      Hi dancergypsy,

      I had to put in my two cents here about the tiny blades of grass and weeds. First, I would think rather than grass breaking through the concrete, perhaps the wind/bird or the like carried the seeds that landed and grew…now I’m going to be more observant about that and examine more closely the grass on sidewalks because you’ve got me curious about that. Next, about weeds…check out many are highly nutritious and after discovering the website, for the first time I looked in my yard with a fresh pair of eyes only to discover that it’s not just grass growing–there is such an amazing variety…anyway, some weeds have roots as long as 21feet. In nature, if a poisonous plant grows, right next to it is the antidote. I think that is so fascinating and even fits in with the positive/negative aspect of things. Perhaps a company that sells weed killer convinced people that weeds are bad and don’t look pretty, knowing weeds have nutritive and often medicinal properties and maybe that same company is also heavily involved in gov’t and a certain prominent philanthropist is also for promoting the genetic modification of seeds. Why mess with nature…it is perfect until man gets a hold of it. Planting is done in a monoculture fashion, however, the healthier, natural way garden is by using principles of permaculture, such as the way the Indians planted beans next to corn for the two to work harmoniously together. Sometimes we learn something to be the way to do something and look at where our world is going…so unnatural, plastic, polluted, commercialized, etc. I like to learn about the original ways of doing things in the old days. The fermentation of food, for example, has been utilized in every culture for at least the past 2,000 years. I am curious about the study you mention about bad habits of generations of seed planting. Heirloom seeds are great…reseeding is important for the preservation of nature in it’s unadulterated form. I could go on for a very long time about food because I’m passionate about health and healing and the impact food makes.

      Why even fight demons? I think the only way to have peace is to focus on what you do want rather than what you don’t want. Let go of the past…we are not the same person we were a year ago, ten years ago…we grow and evolve into the person we were created to be to live our purpose, discovering our gift(s) along the way. Focus on moving toward the unborn tomorrows we have to become who we are. Healing comes from within by focusing on the positive and letting go of the negative. In a lifetime, bad things affect you either directly or indirectly. i’ve had my share. i could choose to be angry, sad, regretful, etc., but even while in a bad situation, there are opportunities to be helpful to others through your attitude, setting an example, leading others out of darkness even if your in the same room, be the one to shine some light of hope. for them. live life from a place of strength. We’re really not as weak as we think we are, we merely have to focus, focus, focus on our strength, not our weakness. Life is so good when not lived blindly like the way of the world, but rather carving out your own path and inspiring others from setting the standard and example. Examine your thoughts, words and the words of others and in your environment and you’re sure to discover negativity where you didn’t even realize it was there…let it go, focusing, thinking and speaking positively and the negative falls by the wayside. Remember positivity stems from some form of faith, hope or love…negativity from some form of fear, doubt or hate…let it go and move into the present moment. The more positive you become, people will try to break you and bring you down. When someone is angry, the person is expressing that they want you to feel as miserable as they do. Sister Elizabeth Kenny’s mother told her as a young child that the one who angers you conquers you and it made a profound impact in her life. If you have one person who is angry and it is a problem, if you get mad also, then you have two problems. Do you know what the secret to happiness is? To be of use to someone, somewhere. There are many opportunities to offer love, kindness and compassion to the hurting, broken, addicted, sad, ill, needy, people in this world so simply finding ways to be of service to others will help you focus on what you can do instead of what you can’t and getting the focus off of oneself when you do this, makes you see that your issues and problems aren’t quite the demons you thought they were and you feel good about yourself and what you have to offer in the process. (Some of this info. stems from the tapes even though I don’t know the name of the speaker or title of the tapes).


  11. dancergypsy says:

    Hi Sunshine 🙂

    My use of “seed” in the manner above was as set forth as a metaphor. Interestingly enough, I anticipated someone would bring this information to attention. I am aware of several aspects of botany and a wide variety of notable benefits, mysteries, and healing properties. Assuredly many plants are useful though considered weeds, such as dandelion. I grew up eating pokeweed, which is poisonous if not harvested properly. It just so happens my origins are closely related to the more natural way of living, gardening, etc. you wrote of and fermented beverages wiped out many of my ancestors in the mid 1600’s because they were never exposed to such things.

    In light of your question about generational seeds…that was a metaphor. While it is not unusual for some families to save seeds year after year, generation after generation, I was pointing out a different kind of seed planting. It is a necessary acknowledgement for purging and strengthening noble character. Unfortunately there are instances where people find themselves as adults facing things inherited, good and bad. This could even be something as simple as traditions. People regularly behave/believe the way they do– not because they deliberately decide– because its easy not to think and just follow whatever is acceptable in view of society or simply family.

    Why even fight demons? Sunshine, I don’t wish to seem condescending but those “hurting, broken, addicted, sad, ill, needy, people in this world” are the ones facing personal demons or weeds growing inside them from seeds planted long ago. They either fight them or their demons win and destroy their lives. Maybe you do not have any demons, or more gently said, “ugly aspects within you”. You may think it quite simple just to move on, let it go, decide to focus on the good, but if it were such an easy solution the world wouldn’t carry such darkness, weakness. Personally, I see nothing wrong with fighting to protect. That is my emphasis. Fighting does not always require fear. You can indeed fight for and with love. I consider anger a very powerful tool. I am not afraid to be angry in the correct way. Healthy anger is often sadness set on fire, signifying an injustice of sorts needing to be addressed with action. What makes you angry is an entirely different subject for critique.

    And the only people who will be truly helped are the ones who want to be helped. Those people work towards that on their own. Your secret to happiness is not what makes me happy. My happiness has everything to do with what I do for myself. It’s another way of living.

    Continue doing what fulfills your happiness on the path you choose, explore your curiosity for healing and healthy food–whatever makes you shine like the sun. 😉


  12. dancergypsy says:

    P.S. To make it clear, I could have noted certain seeds as noxious weeds. Noxious weeds are often poisonous, generally not native, overtake much that is beneficial, and were introduced to territories through ignorance. That is the primary difference. The identification of a weed can easily be any plant that is not wanted in a certain area, robbing the soil of nourishment other profitable plants could be obtaining.


  13. Sunshine says:

    Hi dancergypsy,
    Your whole post was a great response. Rather than take away from your beautiful metaphorical and insightful expression, my purpose was to add more of what happens in nature, not take away. I’ve got “ugly aspects within” just like the next person…I don’t think any of us can escape that, but we can continue to try to see the bright side of things. As for deep rooted, generational stuff, like a plant growing upward toward the light–that is all I want–to thrive where I’m planted. I want to grow to fully realize the seed that I am and be who I am, not concerning myself with others or the past, but live in the present, letting go of what does not allow me to be me. My reference of the secret to happiness was from the tapes and I suppose I didn’t clearly state what I meant…when one is in a difficult situation, it is better to be a light to others than wallow in the muck (not that that clarifies it any better). There are a lot of hurting people out there, that’s all. And trying to live in such a way that you are a positive influence is better than being a negative influence. If we took a cross section of all of your “average” families that seemed like the typical family, in examining them, even if they look together on the outside, most family trees have some sort of brokenness, dysfunction, etc. It’s all so complex really. I’d go as far as saying the person one marries hardly in the long run has much to do with love as it does being able to continue in the role one played as they grew up on an emotional level mixed in with marriage eventually having a combined outcome of how you and your spouse’s parents related to one another with remnants of their positive and negative attributes rooted inside of oneself along with your own “youness” as well–that’s the way I see it anyway. And it’s so deeply hidden, it is not recognized easily because it comes disguised in different forms. that’s why it’s important to really know who you are and what you want, trying to know who you’ll be in the future as you grow. Whoever said “love is blind” was correct (metaphorically, of course) because we know that someone who loses their vision has keener hearing and senses. Anyway, I have to close for now and will post later when I can…now that I’ve completely gotten away from part of the topic. Lately I’m really getting a better understanding of “what you resist persists” and how to resist without resisting by changing my thought process to focus on the positive. Happy New Year!


  14. dancergypsy says:

    Sunshine, how lovely to read your response. I see more clearly your intent. I understand your effort to suggest a focus on the positive. While I understand, for myself, I make effort to see the entire picture of my inner being. I will try to illustrate with words a verbal painting.

    When each person is born, they are born perfectly, from my belief. In my opinion, I believe everyone is perfect. However, within each of us there are landscapes. Imagine if your mind were a plot of soil reaching far beyond the horizon. The possibilities are endless yet while you are developing you are given thoughts, knowledge, and taught to believe certain concepts, which are the plants. These plants grow deeply within you. Depending on what you are exposed to determines many of the seeds planted within you, sometimes by happenstance. Rather than visualizing yourself as a single plant, visualize yourself as the soil. After all, when we die we naturally return to dirt. Everything you are is a landscape possessing an assortment of plants. You have the capacity to give life-bearing things to the world, or poisonous ones.

    You are honest in saying we all have ugly aspects we cannot escape. This is the nature of humanity. With this in mind, I will suggest that poisonous plants are lies. They are actually quite often innocent for being planted where they are, at least while we are innocent of their true nature. Some lies start out constructed for our supposed benefit, to protect us from what we don’t want to see, or admit. This is where you and I may differ, and that is alright.

    However much I wish to convince myself that others or the past are irrelevant to the present, I cannot accept this as truth for my life in every case. Parts of the past die, indeed. Certain plants pass away, both life-bearing and poisonous. Even still, there are other plants that thrive secretly. This is the cunning characteristic of certain plants. They pretend to be in the past while enduring within you presently. If a plant is truly dead in the past it will have no negative influence on you presently. My point is, if you cannot look on the past with complete peace, there may be something back there you are carrying with you now. In other words, a neglected plant. If it creates a negative sensation when you think about it then it is still alive to you in some way you are afraid to know. This is where focusing on only the positive things can be harmful. Only with courage can you accept negative things can be dealt with and put in their proper place, or completely uprooted and left in the past where you have nothing to give it any longer. In a way you do this by letting go of what does not allow you to be you, but never by ignoring those things.

    A test for discovering what kind of plants are growing in your landscape is found precisely during difficult situations without noticing, where you find yourself in the muck with poisonous plants or strong among life-bearing ones. That alone determines who you have chosen to become, by the efforts of your gardening. If one choose to avoid the poisonous plants growing inside then he/she should not be surprised of the dark results possible. No where in any garden has real wisdom flourished by avoiding any truth, good or bad.

    Another difference between me and you, quite possibly, is that truth is neither negative nor positive to me. It is simply the truth. At first, one may be afraid of what is perceive to be negative, avoiding it all costs. It is through the resistance of acknowledging the truth of its existence that it continues to exist in the way you perceive it to be, negative or positive, but not always as it truly exists. Granted, as humans there are truths we gravitate towards with partiality, due to an attachment to pleasure. If a person can obtain a grounded understanding the negative and positive things faced will have no ill influence causing no emotional extreme highs or lows, only a steady balance.

    Your theory on marriage is interesting. I have heard this idea before, but I rather dislike it. I don’t say that in effort to always disagree. How my parents relate to one another will never mirror itself in my future because I am neither of them, but you are right in that it is important to know who you are and what you want. All my emotional needs, I meet myself. The only thing I wish for in the future, is to give to someone in a way I cannot give to anyone else, at present. My love is not blind. A blind person cannot know the vividness of colors in wild perplexities, the shape of certain expressions, or see into the distance, regardless of how keen the sense of smell or hearing. Hardly so, I will see everything-good/bad- and it will have everything to do with love. Most people are too blind to know what love really is. As it stands, I do not need for a person in my life. I only want someone to love but not because I am in need for it, and I am content if it forever remains only me. I think society has tainted love and marriage.

    I shall end here, before I write a book. I’d be please to read anything else you wish to share. Happy New Year!

    “Be at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and every year a better man.”
    -Benjamin Franklin


  15. Sunshine says:

    Hi again.

    dancergypsy et. al,
    I came across a book recently that I gathered some wonderful concepts from that I think you too would appreciate. I loved much of the book and extracted that which resonated with me, as I do with all information, having more of an integrated perception in life. The book is, “The Four Agreements”. It gives such a fresh view of living freely within a relationship, family, society, world and what being who you are truly means. You can google and find out what the four agreements are, but you will appreciate a better understanding of each if you read the book or listen to the audio to fully grasp what Don Miguel Ruiz means in his writing. Get past the beginning for the really good stuff.

    On similar note, I recently came across another concept that brings great clarity to our lives as individuals and a society as a whole. I don’t know who is responsible for the concept as I heard it in two different contexts recently by two different sources and then discovered in searching the internet, that someone wrote a book on it too, but I haven’t explored the book yet as sharing this is hot off the press of my thoughts. Are you ready for this amazing, key to who we are, big picture, thought-provoking, brilliant concept? Are you sure? It caused me to take a good look at all areas of myself, how I live my life, the patterns, the similarities and I connected the dots I hadn’t seen before. I’m sure anyone who fully realizes this concept will arrive at a deeper level of understanding. Here it is: “How you do anything is how you do everything”. It is amazing how much each different part of our lives really is one big expression of who we are inside. It’s all interconnected. Lately I’m grasping a beautiful, simplistic, natural understanding of life and how it manifests itself in the truth of being who we are. I find it has helped me move forward and get unstuck. Combined with The Four Agreements’ concepts, it’s some kickass stuff that’ll propel you to where you want to go because you see so clearly–it’s as if you can understand your past, present and future self and those around you and what to expect in your life or to make the necessary changes. Just by observing our lives and other’s lives, this concept makes us all so exposed and vulnerable to one another, yet combined with The Four Agreements, it gives a freeing safety to be who we are. It’s so liberating, isn’t it? Free at last, free at last, free at last!


  16. dancergypsy says:

    It’s wonderful you found that book, Sunshine. I mentioned the very same book back in April of last year under the post “Is Lying Bad?”. I have studied Ruiz for a few years now. I think he has many good things to share. I take a lot from him and add it to my own personal philosophy. Great stuff! 😉


    • Sunshine says:

      I went back to rediscover your quote by D M Ruiz. I guess it wasn’t my time to find his book back in April and it came at the right time recently for me. In case I missed others you mentioned, what other books stand out in the files of your brain that have been useful in your journey?


      • dancergypsy says:

        Sunshine, I completely understand. I’m choosing not to share any more books I have read, at this time. It may not be time for you to discover them all simply in a list (which would be lengthy). If I should feel compelled to share again in the future I will. It’s nice of you to ask. If you read EVERYTHING Ruiz has written, you’ll have plenty to digest for a while.


  17. Sunshine says:

    Good point dancergypsy. I’m on a journey of my own and will find my way. Good posts and insight from you, others, and unmaskd. It’s been good. Bye. 🙂


  18. Sid says:

    Thank you! life is better..


  19. Anonymous says:

    Sweet story!


  20. Anonymous says:

    Sweet story!
    Thank you!
    Once it rang melodiously in to my ears.
    I kept hearing the echo!!!


  21. dancergypsy says:

    “How do you fight your demons, sage?”

    I was asking this question a lot recently. Then I was reminded of what an old teacher taught me,
    “The situation dictates the tactics.”

    While we all long for the day when we no longer fight, it’s good to know, not every fighting style is suitable for every fight. 😉


  22. Another Procrastinator says:

    Hey, I am numb right now, please forgive me to ask this very obvious silly question.
    Just confirming, did the story mean that, if you really want to live, you won’t procrastinate anything and rather work harder, because, eventually, you just want to live?


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