Counting the Moments

Posted: September 29, 2012 in September 28, what makes us tick

When people talk about traditions they typically mean rituals established by someone many generations ago. While I respect (most) traditions of this sort, to me another kind of traditions is way more important — traditions, established by me and by those I care about. Which is why I’m writing my September 28th post, even though I’m not back yet from my self-imposed hiatus. When you do something for three years in a row, it’s a tradition.

As usual on this date, I’ve spent some time thinking — maybe a bit harder than usual — about my favorite L-word. And as usual I realized something. Don’t expect a revelation. What you are about to read is as trivial as it gets when it comes to statements about life. What makes it special for me is that now I understand it deeper than I ever have. A warning: don’t read this if you’re easily depressed. I mean it. Just stop reading right here.

Do you ever get this feeling of moments being wasted as your life passes by? It passes right in front of your eyes, in all its glory and complexity — and you can’t help, but feel that these seconds are being thrown away. You can feel your body getting older with every passing moment, you can sense opportunities being ignored, risks not taken, life not lived. There are life experts around you telling you that life is too precious to be wasted, encouraging you to live it, screaming at you about planning it, establishing bold goals, going after them with everything you’ve got, taking charge, blah, blah, blah. But what do they know? They are people just like you, and their clock is ticking just as steadily. All you know is that you have a limited number of moments in this world and you’re just not using them right. And it sucks big time.

So you just think about something else. You choose not to think about that unstoppable timer. You pretend to forget. In fact, you do forget — until next time. But there always is that next time. And you know what it is? Slavery. We’re being held hostage to our fears. Fear of not using our time wisely. Fear of wasting our life. Fear of leaving this world eventually. And this is so wrong.

It’s wrong because it actually doesn’t matter how many moments we get. Well, it sort of does, but not in the way we usually think about it. These moments are not infinite anyway. Yes, I will run out of them at some point. But precisely because of this it is so dumb to waste any one of them worrying about running out of them eventually. It may happen in 40 years or in 5 hours. Who knows. And who cares? What matters is not how many moments I have left in the bank. What matters is how I spend them. Every single one of them. As it turns out, life is not about how many. It’s about how. Instead of counting the moments I should be living them.

Just like any statement about life these are just words. But once it sinks in, all of a sudden you realize that these words bring you closer to something all us want and only few truly achieve — freedom.

  1. dancergypsy says:

    I want to wish you a happy 28th day of September, for whatever reason it is a celebration! You are here again! My hat is off to you.

    I am happy you have come to see these things. I have noticed these things too, about life. I didn’t find what you shared depressing at all. It is the truth.

    Interestingly enough, I was reading today about the Industrial Revolution and how the clock became an important device to drive workers harder. It has shaped so much of how people think of living. Sadly. Before then, clocks were a luxury. I don’t like clocks so much, but I do love- loving life and living it with wild hope.

    True life to you!


  2. dancergypsy says:

    P.S. I thought I would share this, in addition. After I read your post I kept hearing William Wallace from Braveheart saying “freeeedooom!” 🙂 I get really passionate about that subject. Here’s a clip. I thought what he says about running to be quite valid, in relation to freedom.


    Is there any chance you’re seven feet tall, Unmaskd?


  3. Wow that’s some fuzzy Crystal Ball you have there ~ I think it needs polisihing (looks more like an over grown tennis fur ball…not much use for clear SEERING ) …

    Mm.. You know time NEVER runs out …right?

    You are an INFINITE being (NOT Limited or restircted by time unless you make that judgement yourselef)

    Even when / if you pass on (at this rate you may even ascend lol) there is more on the other side. PLUS, you can apparently come back again should you really want to…

    SO to feel pressured by time, as you seem to have realised there, is pointless.

    ALSO bending time is a very useful skill… I am sure there is a bit of a wizard about you too… 😉

    As you rightly conclude… it is all in the NOW.

    The NOW is all we ever have. The *time* construct is just that… a construct. IMPOSED upon us for all sorts of political, commercial and natural reasons… valid reasons of course to the logial mind. But in the context of ETERNITY ~ time is a complete nonsense

    Happy 28th!!! 🙂


  4. Me says:

    Liked the vid Sarah.
    Ah the realization that fear is holding us “hostage” if we let it. So well said. I never thought of it in those terms. I can see so many areas where I hold fear. Mostly fear of not being loved or accepted, but I have other fears as well. It’s amazing to uncover the nooks and crannies where fear can lurk and run our show, if we let it.
    Happy third birthday Unmaskd! Good to know u r alive and kicking! : )


  5. Me says:

    I guess I should have said happy second birthday, and third re-birthday. Love your yearly revelations. They’re good ones. Just re-read last years. It was a doozy. Right on the money, honey. Onward!


  6. Jess says:

    Amen Brother.


  7. Anonymous says:

    Hi Unmaskd, it’s been a really long time since you posted.. I really miss your posts.. I really hope you post something soon to let us know how you’re doing??


  8. Anonymous says:

    Hi Unmaskd, it’s been awhile.. I sent you a msg on your youtube.. Please read it and reply.. Love to hear from you soon!!


    • Anonymous 2 says:

      I guess he’s busy living the lie….


      • dancergypsy says:

        Anonymous 2,
        I think you used the wrong L-word. I haven’t noticed any recent updates on Unmaskd’s agenda lately. Have you? I’m guessing he’s busy living LIFE. I draw this conclusion based on the numerous posts he has left behind with many words to demonstrate that honest desire. He most likely doesn’t have time to invest in ridiculous assumptions. If anything, I believe he will prove your guess wrong, even if we never know or see with our own eyes. After all, he doesn’t have to prove anything to us- only himself.


  9. Whoknows says:

    9.28.13: will there be a 4th year to a tradition or has this become an unblogged blog?


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