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Two Souls

Posted: July 28, 2011 in rhymed musings

I have two battling souls inside,
Two ever fighting minds,
And every time these two collide
One wins and one abides.

One soul can do what many can’t,
It has a gift of gold.
It knows for certain: it was meant
For greatness to unfold.

My second soul is like a sloth:
Pathetic, dirty, dull.
It’s lazy, but it loves to loath
Its neighbour in my skull.

And every day and every night
My souls want it all,
While clashing in a nasty fight
For ultimate control.

The gifted one has brought to life
Some very worthy things,
Yet weakened by a fierce strife
Has never spread its wings.

And probably it never will
Zoom up into the skies
The sloth is ready for a kill
It’s slow, but rather wise.

I am the one who wins the fight
The winner takes it all.
And in a swamp or in a flight
At last I will be whole.



Posted: July 8, 2011 in rhymed musings, what makes us tick

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                      – Inspired by all the Goodbye-Harry-and-You-Know-Who buzz 

The world is too big and life is too short,
You are no Harry and no Voldemort.
Not even a sidekick — bystander at best,
Watching the heroes to go on a quest.

Exit the theater, close the book,
Hear one more sound, take one more look.
It felt so real, but magic is gone
You are not Chosen, you are just one.

One of the many, who fell under a spell,
Those who have dreams, but no story to tell.
Running away from a life so mundane
That in the mornings it drives you insane.

A lie. An escape. But here’s a twist:
Some years ago it didn’t exist.
Heroes and villains, wizards and wands —
Someone like you made them real at once.

Take a deep breath. Close your eyes.
Feel all the doubts melting like ice.
Life may be short, but it can be a ride.
There is magic. Right there. Inside.

A Journey Interrupted

Posted: September 14, 2010 in rhymed musings

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Sometimes I feel an urge to look,
To peer deep inside
To ponder over vows I took
To dive into my mind.

I want to travel deepest thoughts,
To face my deepest fears,
And to untie a million knots
I’ve tied over the years.

I hold my breath, I concentrate
I see the lighted way
I glide into a weightless state
That takes me far away.

And as I’m just about to fly
I hear some loud voice
It must be it! I’ll reach the sky!
I will– wait… what’s that noise?

And slowly slowly one by one
The words are coming in
“You idiot! You think you’re done?
Come back! Where have you been?”

And with a deep regretful sigh
I leave my dreamy shrine
That stupid voice is always right
And after all it’s mine.

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When sea is rough,
When life is tough
And treats you like a dog,
Sometimes you’ve got
To show some gut
And head into the fog.

Its milky softness is a trick,
Its calmness is a lie,
Whatever makes you walk and tick
Will meet its probing eye.

And once you pierce the creamy veil
You’ll find yourself inside
An endless, soft and murky jail
That leaves no place to hide.

This cloudy land is yours to roam,
Yet there is no way,
No path that safely leads you home,
Which seems so far away.

But as you peer into this mist
That wants you to abide,
The stubborn pulse inside your wrist
Will shout, “Look inside!”

And there, inside, you’ll find the light
To rip the fog apart,
And realize: The hardest fight
Is always in your heart.

The Dream

Posted: July 18, 2010 in rhymed musings
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To everyone who knows what I mean.
Don’t give it up.


When I was a kid I had a dream
Though I didn’t call it that way
At times it would glimmer, at times it would gleam
But it was with me every day.

Then childhood was over, you know how it feels,
And the rest of the life began.
And somebody told me that dreams don’t pay bills
And I traded my dream for a plan.

My life is so decent,
I’m smiling because I can
But some weird emptiness grows inside
That wasn’t part of the plan.

My days were full of people and words,
And sleep often seemed like a prize.
The facets of shining in distance awards
Kept whispering, “Reach for the skies!”

The ride wasn’t always as smooth as a glide
Though life often felt like a waltz,
I found my place and I found my stride,
And I traded my plan for goals.

My life is so decent,
I’m smiling because I can
But emptiness grows inside me slowly
That wasn’t part of the plan.

Sometimes at night when time is so slow
There’s this moment when
I’m asking myself if the dream I let go
Was part of somebody’s plan?

As moments keep calmly marching away
There’s one thing I know
There will be a day I will find my way
To the dream I had years ago.

Night Flight

Posted: April 23, 2010 in rhymed musings

It’s that hour again
It’s that hour of night
When I start my descending and lonely flight.

It will take me to places I’d rather not see
From the stench of a swamp to the roaring sea
From the sunbathing peaks
To the darkness of fog
Through the air that reeks
Of a lotus and smog.

I will fly over gardens that grow in the mud
Over ruins that boast a lustrous facade
Over shattered idols that lay in the grass
Over towering statues of stone and glass.

Red carnivorous flowers, blooming below
Will be whispering my name on a rocky plateau
Their call will be strong, their smell will be sweet
Their red hungry petals will wait to deceit.
I will see three tornadoes that tear apart
A metropolis shaped like a monstrous heart
And the air will hurt and the air will cry
And the flowers in the distance will whisper “Don’t fly…”
But the castle that shines like a flame in the dark
And the star that will flash in the sky like a spark
Will be there for me, I will hear their call
I’ll be flying again and escaping free fall.

Flying over that land is my gift and my pain
Hungry flowers and stars struggle there for reign
Clock will strike and its sound will count to twelve
As I fly through the land that is known as Myself.