Unmaskd FAQ

Q: What’s the point of Unmaskd’s blog/Twitter?
A: To talk openly about things that make us tick.

Q: Why are you doing this?
A: Because it helps me and others to discover who we really are. At least, that the case with me. Plus, I simply like connecting with the people who share my interests.

Q: Why do you often call this an experiment?
A: Because I don’t know where it will take me and I have a couple of theories I’m testing on the way.

Q: Why do you call yourself Unmaskd if no one knows who you are? You are as masked as it gets.
A: The name refers to my thoughts, not my face or ID. As Unmaskd, I’m 100% honest on every single topic I discuss. What you see through these posts and tweets is 100% me.

Q: Are you John Mayer?
A: Read this post.

Q: Are you Ashton Kutcher, Kelsey Grammer, Edward Norton, Demi Moore, Jim Carrey or {insert any name here}?
A: Read this post.

Q: Are you an attention seeking nobody?
A: No one is a nobody unless he chooses to be one. Still, read this post.

Q: Ok, who the hell are you then?
A: Are you sure you’ve read this post? I’m a human being, let’s leave it at that.

Q: What is the best way to stay in touch with you?
A: Follow Unmaskd on Twitter  and Tumblr and sign up for the blog updates (you can do on the blog’s front page). Better yet, join the discussion on the blog — leave a comment, reply to someone else’s thoughts.

Q: Do you prefer Twitter or WordPress?
A: It’s like comparing apples to watermelons. I use Twitter for instant real-time connection with many people. I use my blog for longer discussions that require more than 140 chars and can be preserved for more people to read and participate. The blog is also a really good place for people to connect directly with each other.

Q: How often do you show up on Twitter?
A: It varies. Could be anywhere between twice a day and once a week.

Q: Do you answer all questions and comments?
A: No, but I do read them all.

Q: I asked you five times about your favorite way to make sushi but you still haven’t replied! What’s up with that?
A: I don’t reply to some questions simply because I’m not interested in discussing them.

Q: Can I interview you for my magazine/website?
A: Sure. As long as you’re fine with interviewing Unmaskd.

Q: How long are you going to keep doing this?
A: As long as it makes sense and can be meaningfully balanced with my other priorities.

Q: Who is Unmaskd?
A: Who is John Galt?

  1. adam says:

    I really loved “Night Flight.” Your imagery was chilling and your words seemed carefully chosen. Is there any specific thing that inspired that or was it just the product of sitting down and wanting to write?


    • unmaskd says:

      Adam, thank you. Yes, there was a very specific thing that inspired it — a long Twitter conversation with some of my early readers. In fact, this is how this blog got started. I never planned for it to become more than an extension of Twitter chats, a place where I can publish texts can’t be squeezed into tweets. That chat also showed me that this unmaskd thing may give me more than I ever expected.


  2. nusi says:

    Where are you from? what local time is it there?


  3. @brokeassgirl says:

    on your twitter profile at first you did have listed “a real celebrity tired of pretending” and now it’s not there anymore. that might be why people are wondering if you were making that part up to attract followers at the beginning. because, obviously that part attracted the lion’s share of followers at first. so no matter who you “are” i think clearing that part up (whether you were telling the truth about celeb status from the get-go) might just put people’s minds at ease that you’re not lying about anything, which would be completely against the aim of this, which is to be authentic. i don’t think it would hurt anyone or give anything away just to confirm “yes i’m famous” do you? if you aren’t, well, i guess you can either not address the question or fess up – although that might mean a lot of followers would drop off, no longer trying to figure out the puzzle they thought this was?


  4. psychicsarah says:

    It doesn’t matter if Unmaskd is *famous* or not…

    Liking the fact that he/she/it (as in *Beagle*) is fast becoming *infamous*…

    It was actually the striking Unmaskd *Logo* (Avatar) & layout of the page that caught my eye (can’t explain why)…

    *Celeb* status has nothing to do with the Unmaskd experiment…except perhaps as a metaphorical *antidote* to the same.

    Unmaskd allows us all to share, care and work-things-through in what feels like a friendly conducive environment…

    This may not have been the intention. But it is fast becoming the result…


  5. Murr22 says:

    Reading you blog has helped me a lot.
    I could care less if you’re some celebrity or some no life person. You’re blog & twitter has inspired me greatly.
    Please keep up the work !



  6. Heart-to-Heart says:

    It should not really matter who the person is, if they are the color pink, overweight, and such…what matters is what is in their heart. if we could just speak to one another by words only. What a beautiful world this would be…


  7. @brokeassgirl says:

    i’m not saying i would care whether he is famous or not, or who he is, but i disagree that it doesn’t matter if he really is “a celebrity, tired of pretending” as he promised he once was, ONLY because if that was a lie starting out of the gate, what other lies are there? this is supposed to be about authenticity, about peeling away masks and misconceptions. about HONESTY. and i’m just asking if everything about unmaskd so far has truly been authentic so that we can truly then have an open, honest, trusting platform. that’s all. not too much to ask from a complete stranger, you know?


    • Amy says:

      In reply to @brokeassgirl
      I’m sure most people can put this in perspective. Lies, trusting, promises…these are words/emotions that we concern ourselves with in our personal life, not from a blogger. If you have been following unmaskd from the beginning you would know that there has been sincere dialog and authenticity for this forum. Let’s face it, we are all strangers…it’s up to each individual to decipher how emotionally involved we want to become.


      • Phil says:

        Amy and @brokeassgirl,
        Hi there. I can see both sides. Yep, this is a blog. Things like trust and emotions should have no place on a screen or paper, yet I think that they absolutely do. In fact, I think that writing is one of the purest expressions of self that’s around. All of the things that drive us, fueled by high octane emotions, are jam packed into journals, blogs, poems, letters, songs, etc. When I write of hopes, fears, disappointments, dreams, how could I be honest if I remain detached from it? I could never seperate well. When I purposely do, my writing is sterile, cold and I’m probably writing a lab report for school.

        I have had a lot of questions regarding trust also. You want to put a name to the face to the words to the heart. If you take a look around here, I think you may agree that the heart and words are here, not just with the blogger but with us that reply and follow along. This is a great place for me to learn to throw it all out there in measured steps, take risks, and learn from others’ words.

        Just my two cents 🙂


      • Felicia says:

        Amy, very well said. Agree 100%.


    • curiousgeorge says:

      Is anyone ever really always HONEST?


  8. Krista says:

    I truly wonder why it matters whether this person is a “celebrity” or not? Isn’t the point of this “experiement” to grow and learn about each other and more importantly yourself? Take a moment and think does it truely matter if this is John Mayer, Ashton Kutcher or even Jesus? If the words they are sharing with you and the rest of us resonate somewhere in the core of you then it is or could be your truth. My suggestion, whether you take it or not, and it’s okay if you don’t, use this as a tool to become connected to yourself or the world around you! Enjoy your moment of connection.. It happens so rarely in the world today!


    • xxx says:

      Agree, if you trust yourself to be able to handle what comes along in life you tick…


    • @brokeassgirl says:

      all of the replies in defense of “it doesn’t matter is he or isn’t he famous – i love him anyway” are beside the point. truly. i’m not on a witchhunt to find out who he is. i am on a simple mission to find out one truth. that’s all.

      i don’t CARE about the specific answer, what his “real” name is as long as the answer of whether he told the truth about his profile/identity from the beginning is TRUTHFUL. that we can COUNT on him because he is TRUSTWORTHY.

      removing that tidbit from his profile seems awfully telling and it really made me suspicious for the first time. I hope I’m wrong.

      was he lying when he said he was “famous” to get people interested at first?

      it DOES matter. Lying always matters. It always exposes far deeper issues in a person and a situation, especially in a person who is very hesitant so far to give very much away. how can you establish trust and authenticity when you begin with untruth?

      In this case, if it was a lie, it was obviously done for the sole purpose of trying to get a built in audience right away, that would hopefully build to the 2 million followers he decided he wants. no one gets two million followers with only random cryptic questions every once in a while peppered by a few bones thrown at us of chosen book titles and such, while refusing to answer even the simplest questions about preferences of ice cream and such. this is all far too obtuse as of now. how can any of us say we’re having much more than a q&a session with an anonymous person? we’re all giving away a lot more of ourselves than he is giving us. maybe there is a good reason.

      all i’m asking is that. is there a good reason for being so dodgy? is it because you are famous and don’t want to be prejudged based on your identity in the world?

      or are you simply trying to create the mystique of being famous so that people will pretend to be interested in everything but your identity?

      you’re not giving us all that much to go on here as far as communication. some big ideas and then poof. gone again.

      to engage people in coversation under false pretenses (i am famous – but i want to show you who i really am right here) is exactly like all those other fake twitter accounts out there. Doesn’t it matter that those people are lying too? Of course it does.

      because i don’t usually banter with people who use tricks to try to get attention upfront. if he was telling the truth about being “famous” in whatever sense that means these days, he should just confirm it already. if he isn’t, it would be the honest, authentic, and noble thing to admit it now and let the cips fall where they may.

      not his identity, i’m not asking for anything but confirming that YES, he was telling the truth, so that we can all know that we can trust the guy with our own authenticity we easily offer up in our anwers and conversation with him.

      you can’t claim something with all these other rules of not answering other questions for fear of “giving yourself away” and then suddenly remove the thing you confirmed from the table at first. was it never a fact? is he worried now that if he’s honest with people about that huge untruth that the whole project/experiement will be ruined? that most of the people will no longer seek to have discussions with him? he may share wisdom, but so far he’s also been hard to nail down enough that it’s not like any of us could truly call him a friend of any sort.

      he’s an anonymous person who once said he was famous and got some 600 or so followers based on that admission, maybe a few random people who came across his page and then got more followers when people thought he was john mayer and then other famous people which was probably not within his control or by his design.

      his whole raison d’etre on twitter is to ask us questions that are no doubt thought provoking, but answers only very very few questions about things he likes in books, music, etc. if he is famous, i’m really not sure what he does at this point, but i know a bit about what he doesn’t do. he has shared a casual poem or two, admitted he really wants to write, that he has a very time consuming life thing that forces him away from communicating, and that he can’t sing.

      but honestly we don’t know him at all. he has given so little of his authentic self so far, that it would be hard to give him the benefit of the doubt if the celebrity part was all a rouse to rope people in.

      this is all on his terms. he starts a discussion and ends it when he chooses. and that’s totally up to him. many people do that.

      but i honestly hope he was telling the truth from the beginning, and even more fervently wish he would confirm or deny it to assure us of his character and sincerity, because it would make me sad for him and all of you if he wasn’t being real, and this was a thought out plan with deception at first, that turned into something more meaningful. the ends never justify the means. and i’m not trying to be negative. just trying to clear up one very important fact so that we can all move on from it and try to push everyone to be more free with their discussions and admissions from here on out. conversations shouldn’t have blinders and sensors everywhere you go. eventually it will be refreshing to just share thoughts without being afraid of saying too much or the wrong thing.

      if he wants to be unmaskd, which mean AUTHENTIC and NO LONGER LIVING WITH THE LIE/DECEPTION of a mask he wears, he’s gotta be honest first and foremost.

      you don’t have to tell everyone everything, but if you want a mutual exchange, you do have a duty to share more of yourself than cursory facts you would give out in a GQ profile.

      some of this is my opinion.

      but the absolute necessity of telling the truth is NOT. it should be something we all expect. because if lying is no big deal to you, what on earth is authentic or meaningful at all? nothing.


      • psychicsarah says:

        Errrrr I *know* who unmaskd is (his words) and no he wasn’t lying from the off…

        Soooo….breathe easy & enjoy the ride!


      • Felicia says:

        So he or she confirms he/she is a celebrity for real. How and it what way could he or she prove this without saying who he or she is.

        Don’t you think that those of us that have been from the beginning have thought “what if this is your regular guy/girl next door?” and after questioning this, decided to continue following anyway.

        So he posts “hey guys trust me I am a celebrity just I am not John Mayer, Jim Carrey or Ashton Kutcher. Then what? This to me would still not give you the reassurance that you requesting because honestly, the only way to prove his or she is a celebrity is to reveal who he or she is.

        Once that happens, there would be no purpose for his or her blogs because then people would respond based on what they feel about that celebrity. We are human and the way we feel about someone or what we think we know about a person might very well change the responses to his blog. i don’t even look at other people’s responses for fear it might change my raw true first reaction to his blog or twitter questions.

        So he or she will read your post and decide whether to respond but I don’t think you and others who feel the same will be able to get the reassurance you seek.


  9. rock_angel77(Leigh) says:

    after reading FAQ i have come to believe that you are ME, just a smarter version! LOL loveeeee the sarcasm and wit! XD
    p.s and i cannot believe someone bugged u about sushi???!!!! LMFAO maybe u dont even like sushi let alone make it? ahahaaaaaa


  10. Jenny Jean says:

    Dear Unmaskd,
    I’m happy to see where your blogging and web thought life has taken a lot of conversations on this site. I have yet to get in on a twitter convo, but I’m sure I’ll catch one eventually.
    I especially want to thank you on your thoughts concerning dream appreciation and understanding. I’ve been slowly developing a little project of my own and I really hope to see my dream come alive at the end of the road 🙂 It’s a slow process, but understanding my dream is first and foremost. Anywho, I just wanted to say thanks.
    You’re a good human being.



  11. amy says:

    I think we have all found this on our own, and I know in my cause I have learn so much and have been truly inspired, I don’t care if unmasked is a 87 year old war criminal. If you don’t like what you read leave, go hate some where else.


    • @brokeassgirl says:

      p.s. – i’m certainly no hater. i like the chats. i like unmaskd. i WANT to believe that unmaskd is honest and his intentions have been clear and forthright from the beginning, not an untruth to serve a purpose of drawing interest for a planned project. i really hope he is telling the truth. but he has said he reads all comments, and doesn’t reply to ones that would tell too much, or ones he doesn’t want to comment on. this will be telling too if he doesn’t comment on it because of its serious nature.

      in my own dedication to being honest, i simply have to ask him to assure us that this is a real situation, based from the beginning on real facts. otherwise, the foundation is false, and all else is be shaky from there.

      consequently, if all of you people who scream from the rooftops that his identity matters not at all, that you really do love him as is with very little in the way of knowing much about him, it should affect you in the least if he’s not famous, right? except the whole lying part, which some of you seem to be willing to overlook.

      i say out with it already. put us at ease, either way! i want to believe in you unmaskd. i really do.


      • xxx says:

        I understand your frustration but I don’t share it.

        You see, I neither love Unmaskd, respond on twitter, think we are friends or expect to know him/her/the company.

        I find the posts interesting, and hence respond to them, or to other peoples posts. For all I know, Unmaskd, will use this blog in order to create something, hence I have chosen to not use my twitter name here.

        In other words, when I enjoy a book I know a lot of it is has not been experienced by the author, on the other hand, I also know that an author have to feel a “connection” with what they are writing about…So for my part, that is how I look at Unmaskd.


  12. Brian says:

    Unmaskd (if this is how you want to be called) isn’t this cute how you pretend to believe that people really care about your words and not your name? You seem to be smart so you must know that most people are interested in you because you’re an unknown. The moment you take your un-mask off half of your followers will disappear regadless of who you are. You could be a Z-list celeb, or someone whose name they will actually recognize or just a smart college kid, but it doesn’t matter. Once people know who you are they will lose interest in what you have to say. They want entertainment and that’s why they are here. A mystery is entertaining. A guy who talks about dreams and such isn’t. You’d be another self proclaimed self-help coach with 500 readers. Your content is not that different and you know that. There’s nothing uniqie in your go chase your dream talk. That’s why don’t take your mask off, isn’t it? Smart move, but sooner or later people will get bored and will move on. Your expriement will last a couple of months then either you or your followers will run out of steam.


    • Jenny Jean says:

      Brian… feel free to go away and not read any of this. As it obviously doesn’t apply to your super awesome life.
      I happen to appreciate this site.
      You’re a douche.


  13. @brokeassgirl says:

    but this isn’t a fictional book. it’s supposed to be an authentic exchange between real people. if it isn’t, we should all know that much at least, xxx. you can hardly enjoy a conversation if you know the person might be making it up as they go along. and as i said, i hope he’s not. it might just take one easy honest answer to assure us of that.

    as far a psychicsarah “knowing” unmaskd by his words, i’m not sure what you mean in the sort of inside/obtuse response, but it doesn’t sound like you’re talking about whether his original main way of getting followers “a real celebrity, tired of pretending.will reveal myself when i get 2 mil followrs” is what you know is real or not.

    just a simple question here. no hating, no criticism, just a request to lay one truth on the table and make the conversation mean a lot more, be a lot more, move forward leaps and bounds.

    what’s wrong with that?


    • xxx says:

      Actually I suggested a while back that this was a book experiment, so unlike you, I have not recently started to ponder if Unmaskd is not a real person sharing his true feelings. I would not bother to hang around here if I did not enjoy it 🙂 life is to short…


      • @brokeassgirl says:

        if it is a book experiment, some kind of convaluted memoir or something and the beginning starts with “so i lied and told all these people i was famous, to see who would bite and quite a few did.” is taking awful advantage of a lot of people.

        couldn’t you do the exact same experiment and try to have authentic discussions without the crutch of that lie about being famous? it would be more work, but would also be a lot more noble and worthwhile. i would hope so. and like i said, he hasn’t answered. so there is the possibility that he is telling the truth still.

        i’m enjoying it just fine, but i have one nagging question that i shared. why should i just abandon the whole thing instead of asking to be told the truth? life is too short to constantly move on from things you are curious about. that’s like bouncing from one unsolved mystery to another, because the answer might be complicated or time consuming or disappointing.

        did xxx suggest it was a book in the making or did unmaskd? or are you one in the same? either way, i’m not suggesting we all ditch him. i am suggesting we expect more of this person, since we give more of ourselves already.


    • psychicsarah says:

      No I wasn’t referring to unmaskd’s use of the word *celeb* in the bio…That’s neither here nor there…

      I *know* unmaskd not ‘by his words’ (though they are strangely familiar)…BUT by his energy, intent and *vibe*… & his dare-I-say-it…*ID*

      (Of course in the world of *unmaskedness* this actually puts me at a sorta disadvantage… haha…)


  14. xxx says:


    xxx suggested. Unmasked did give his usual reply; I don’t comment on that for now.
    xxx is not Unmaskd, and don’t know anything more about Unmaskd than you do.

    Go on twitter, scroll down, and you will probably find the reply, I have deleted it from my Twitter as I do not follow anymore.


  15. @brokeassgirl says:

    so weird that i’m asking a simple question and the replies are “you’re not privileged enough to ask questions. if you question anything at all, you must be a troublemaker. you should probably move on and don’t come back” why so defensive of finding out whether this is even based on a real premise? are you so afraid it’s not that you’d rather not know? i just don’t get all the insistence on just soaking up whatever unmaskd gives us in little bites and not asking for something that should be a given in any exchange. just honesty. i am hoping for a good answer. that no, he has not lied to us. that we can trust him. but more and more it seems like a lot of you are afraid it won’t be the case, and so want to maintain the illusion.


  16. JCV says:

    Can we please talk about something else now? I mean WHO CARES! Let it go!


  17. Amy says:

    In reply to @brokeassgirl
    I feel that the only answer you would accept would be his real name. It’s really pointless to dwell on this fact as it’s already been established by unmaskd that he is not willing to reveal himself because he wants the anonymity to be himself on this blog. It was endlessly discussed at the beginning when he began the tweeting. Although it seems most of the dialog is on his terms and I do agree with you on that, I feel you do have the choice not to follow if the doubts about who this person is too frustrating or if you feel he takes more than he gives. Just my opinion and please don’t think that I’m being aggressive what so-ever.


  18. anonymous says:

    Since you call this an experiment, hopefully this can help you find whatever answer you are looking for. I cherish these thoughts if they are spoken by the voice of John Mayer (or whoever a reader would want you to be), but not by someone else. To me you are who I want you to be.

    In my mind you are only John Mayer because something about things that he says resonates with me in a way other things don’t. So, I choose him because I want you to be him. I like your ideas, and, as any person should, I can identify with every post thus far. But your ideas would leave a different taste in my mouth if you finally revealed yourself to be… i don’t know.. Carrot Top.

    Moral of the story: You’re a rich person in social currency. you have my attention, and it’s broken up perfectly to fit my personal budget. Don’t let your identity steal it away.


  19. x2the_nth says:

    I am posting for the first time. I think this is a cool conversation about his identity. I mean, the name is unmaskd so it seems like we are just examining the only thing we know about him (or any of us), the names used here.

    I can see where brokeassgirl [interesting name;-) ] is coming from, and I agree we should be able to discuss and express doubt or disagreement UNLESS unmaskd says that is not cool. I don’t think he is asking us not to disagree or not to question but I also don’t think we can demand anything from him other than what he says or chooses to give. This was not set up as a co-op. He is the CEO of this site. It is his twitter/blog, his rules.

    Besides, Justin Bieber is a celebrity and no offense to the little cutie but I would much rather read unmaskd than anything Bieber might write, regardless of how famous JB is.

    Anyway, clearly unmaskd can say all sorts of things and lots of people still choose to think he is John Mayer. I mean, for all you guys know I am Katherine Hepburn (new rumor! Katherine Hepburn’s ghost blogs on unmaskd).

    I do like the comment about not loving unmaskd, not seeing him as a friend, just kind of taking this as a cool place to discuss topics he brings up.

    (And I know many will disagree with me but I am betting good money he is not Jesus… )


    • psychicsarah says:

      OOOPs what if Bieber is unmaskd (hahaha)

      and still the ID chat rumbles on…

      *trust* me its waaaaaaay better if Unmaskd’s ID remains hidden….(even at 2 Mill)


      • BeyondTheEpiphany says:

        Detaching from your identity/ego/false self is often times a difficult and scary space to venture into. Maybe you are not ready? Or you do not have the tools (yet)to do so. Although cripplingly frightening, it is quite liberating to catch a glimpse of. Consider letting go of what you hold so dearly to be *your* truth. Why not explore that which delves deeper? Our truths. That which serves a greater purpose.
        Perhaps @unmaskd realized his descriptive characteristics were no longer relevant to this blog. Maybe they were initially, and now with the ebb and flow of the experiment, the truths became a hindrance.

        Let us explore what stirs the heart and Guides the mind and leave all that other(shit) behind.


      • psychicsarah says:

        OOh just thought it could be Johnathan R Meyers (Ha ha ha)


  20. unmaskd says:

    @brokeassgirl, @Brian: This is the first and the last time I’m responding to “unmaskd owes us an explanation” kind of comments. Let me be very clear: I don’t ask anyone for anything and likewise I don’t owe anything to anyone. Yes, like any person with a blog I’m asking for your attention, but it’s totally your choice whether to give it to me or not.

    As you might have noticed I do not moderate comments. The reason is simple: I want to have a free discussion. Please don’t abuse that freedom. It’s fine to disagree with me or with anyone else here. It’s fine say that I’m totally wrong, be sarcastic or ask what I’ve been smoking. It’s fine to say “holy shit, this is fucking awesome!” But it’s not fine to show disrespect to others. Not here. If you feel so strongly about my statements, you know that you’re free to set up a site like isunmaskdtrustworthy.com and continue to discuss at length my motives and claims with people who are interested in these topics. But if you want to participate in the discussion on this site please follow 2 simple rules:

    1. Show respect to others
    2. Don’t be a troll

    I would also add “don’t judge others” but that concept may be too hard to understand. Finally, since you’ve asked, I’ve changed my Twitter bio, because the old one was driving the kind of discussions I wasn’t interested in: the one you’ve started here.

    Unmaskd, CEO of Unmaskd Inc.


  21. rock_angel77(Leigh) says:

    i couldnt be arsed to read all the ramblings, im too lazy but i did read Unmaskd’s last comment on this, and I agree with them.
    and i would like to dub myself as the treasurer of Unmaskd Inc. LMFAO :p who’s with me?????? anyone? anyone? Bueller? Bueller?


  22. Dawn says:

    I’ll happily take a position on the board. How about Secretary? I’ll just add that to the duties I already have as his self-appointed personal assistant. 😉


  23. rock_angel77(Leigh) says:

    hahaha ok Dawn, that is fine by me, i dont even know what my duties are as the treasurer…..do u think Unmaskd will be ok with this? I also think someone should be attending to Unmaskd’s ‘fan’ mail LOL


  24. Phil says:

    President of Vices 😉


  25. Ashley says:

    “Holy shit, this is fucking awesome!” (sorry..couldn’t resist) 😉
    So Mr. CEO, how do you take your coffee? Black or with cream and sugar? An assistant needs to know these things 🙂


  26. rock_angel77(Leigh) says:

    assistant Ash maybe Unmaskd drinks tea or hot chocolate? lol u gotta find these things out Missy and as for sugar, i think like me, Unmaskd is sweet enough LMAO


  27. x2the_nth says:

    As part of my audition for the part of CIO of Unmaskd Inc:

    if you are using an RSS feed to get updates, you can manually add the following in your subscriptions in order to get updates of comments until (or unless) a link is included. (Add if you have no idea what I am talking about here, just ignore.)


  28. psychicsarah says:

    Mm… a few *trolls* under the bridge could add to the fun…


  29. PersephoneInsde says:

    Trip, trap, trip, trap, trip, trap! said the “not so skinny” goat 🙂

    It would appear the stock of Unmaskd, Ltd. is on the rise.

    See ya in the board room.


    • unmaskd says:

      As a company we’re a questionable enterprise. Our currency is people’s attention. Our stock (to quote @edgeofdesire83) is the quality of life/freedom of expression. But we don’t pay, have no investors, no offices, no benefits. Oh and we work overtime.

      But at least we have a decent motto: “We Make People Think”.


  30. Amy says:

    Not great at making coffee, but I can make the lunch run 🙂


  31. rock_angel77(Leigh) says:

    hahahaa so we have a whole posse up to be part of Unmaskd Inc LOL

    and me SAPPY???? not likely Squishy!!!! but i dont need sugar in my tea coz im sweet enough LOL


    • Phil says:


      Squishy will never die. Ever. One night of a lot of drinking and you have to hold it over my head. Do you know what it means to be called Squishy by a woman??

      🙂 Love you girl xo


  32. Sunshine says:

    The motto, “We Make People Think” is putting it lightly. My wheels are turning at a rapid pace, the dam has broke and my mind is flooded with thought.


  33. Stacy says:

    So this is Ashton Kutcher’s secret blog, just like @unmaskd is his secret twitter account? Hmm… Well, I guess it makes sense. Only time will tell… Well, done Mr. Kurcher. Well done. In case this is really you, of course.


  34. Tathata says:

    I like FAQ #3… why do you call this an experiment?

    I think all of life is an experiment, because we can almost always chose to stop what we are doing and change our trajectory. Brililant!



    • Unmaskd says:

      Well said. Life is indeed an experiment. Unfortunately, we can run it only once, we have to course correct as we go.


      • ….Mm…sometimes wonder if we do run it only once!

        Maybe it is a case of *better luck next time* … OR … even better … correcting ourselves and re inventing ourselves along the way …. >>> *course correct as we go* @unmaskd

        Love that expression *be transformed by the renewing of your mind* … (though sometimes wonder if that should read *heart*)


  35. 3lln says:

    Hiya. I Just got to know of this when you generously followed my Tumblr, and I thank you for it. You are quite the character and your train of thought is too intriguing to miss out on. I fell in love with your work the second I read a verse/paragraph, and the words have a way of hanging in my head even after reading it a while ago, which is something I look for in other people’s thoughts – impact.. You are wonderful and the “mystery” of your identity doesn’t bother me at all. Only makes sense if anything! Thank you once again and good luck with the haters 🙂


  36. dancergypsy says:

    Oh goodness, how sad! I’m completely stunned that so many people are obsessed with someone’s identity- such as a name. If I could live without a name or body, I would. This is what troubles me about the world; the minds of people being consumed with things that absolutely do not matter! What matters to you clearly shows what you value. I certainly hope status does not define your values, fellow humans.
    Have any of you read a work of fiction? Just because one writes fiction does not mean the author is not real. There can be truth in fiction. After all, it doesn’t appear to me that Unmaskd is hoping to tell us information about what foods he eats, and if he did, his honesty on those matters are somewhat irrelevant to us.
    Perhaps, I never questioned the Unmaskd identity, because I am not interested in the conventional standard of identity. Values are my identity, and I am interested in Unmaskd’s values.

    Not that anyone cares about what I think… I don’t care if anyone cares, but just maybe someone will stumble over this and look in the mirror and ask: “What do I value?”

    If it’s of any further interest, I know who Unmaskd is: a human making use of a brain with thoughts that create a rippling effect on issues of more importance, unlike most people’s. I’m rather grateful these posts are not about what Unmaskd eats, personal habits, fashion, etc that so many feel defines a person. You can find those type of mindless matters everywhere, in magazines, TV, other blogs and try to compare yourself to them, judge whether or not it’s life-changing, or worth your time. Maybe it will provide you with trustworthy information.

    Now I will shut up, because I’m half ashamed I spent time to share my thoughts, when it’s likely pointless, but I did so out of utter pity for anyone who walks about truly hoping for a celebrity behind these tales/posts.


    • Unmaskd says:

      >> Not that anyone cares about what I think…
      if you make a statement like this often enough, others will considered it true. Worse, you will think so too. You said yourself, it’s not about identity, it’s about the value of a thought.


  37. dancergypsy says:

    Thank you for your words. It made think about how I construct my words.

    I wrote that to mean: I do not assume the people I was addressing, to care about my thoughts. I do not think it should matter. I do not determine the value of my thoughts according to how those people may view what I write. I do not expect them to listen to me. Frankly, there are very few people who want to hear what I have to say/write, but that does not make what I have to say/write less valuable.

    I hope that corrected the statement into a more comprehensible form. I appreciate your constructive criticism. I wish to be more impeccable with my words. Please always feel free to do so again, in the future. 🙂


  38. I love your John Galt reference!


  39. dancergypsy says:

    Unmaskd! I am curious– are you an Objectivist? I notice your admiration for Ayn Rand, and much of the values knitted in your quotes and responses reflect a similar trait as that of Ayn Rand’s philosophy. I see how it could correlate to your value-system. Would this be true? 🙂

    Thanks for your time!


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