Are Dreams Real?

Posted: February 29, 2012 in Unmaskd Tales, what makes us tick

A man stopped by the house of the world famous sage Puram Bam. Nobody answered his confident knock, so he opened the door and found the sage looking thoughtfully at two masks he held in his hands.
“I didn’t come for help, sage” the man said. “I’m not one of those who need you to tell them how to live their life. But I came to ask you a question.”
Puram Bam said nothing. He only set the masks on the small table in front of him. One mask was sad. Another one was smiling.
“You and others like you preach people to go after their dreams,” said the man. “I say it’s rubbish. Dreams are like smoke. They are not real. Blow at them — and they are gone. But they don’t let you see the real world, where you have to work to pay for your food and your home. You know that. So my question to you is, why do you keep telling people that nonsense?”
Puram Bam rocked in his chair.
“Are you sure dreams are unreal?” he asked. “You are in my dream now.”
The man laughed loudly.
“Spare me this nonsense, old man,” he said. “Leave that I-dream-the-world talk to the weak souls who are afraid of the real world. I don’t care for it.”
“And yet you’re living it,” said Puram Bam. “You call this a house, but for many years it had existed only in my mind. I dreamt of having a bungalow like this, with these white walls, and this fireplace, and these books, and even these two masks. I dreamt of becoming someone to whom some people would come for advice, while many would come to laugh at my words. It was only my dream, but over the years I made it a part of the real world. Yet it is still my dream and you’re standing in the middle of it.”
“Fine,” said the man. His voice was quieter now. “I see your point. But you knew what you wanted. Those who come to you don’t. That’s why they come. Why confuse them?”
“Do you know what you want?” asked Puram Bam.
“I want to have a good life,” said the man.”I have seventy, maybe eighty years in this world and I don’t want to spend them chasing after some nonsense. I work ten hours a day, but my job pays well. It gives me enough money to buy what I need, to live where I want and to entertain myself when I rest. I’m not an artist or a philosopher and I don’t have big ambitions. I only want to make enough to have a decent living. So why would I ever sweat myself making some dream come true, when my job gives me all I need?”
Puram Bam looked at two masks in front of him, as if choosing which one to put on his face.
“You’ve been sweating yourself to make a dream come true all your life,” he said.
“Rubbish!” said the man. “I’ve just told you–”
“Listen or leave.”
The man went silent.
“You’ve been sweating yourself to make a dream come true all your life,” Puram Bam repeated. “Not one dream. Many dreams. Just like all of us. Every part of the world you live in was someone’s dream once. The streets you walk, the books you read, the bread you buy, the laws you obey, the money you spend, even the words you speak — all of this had been born in someone’s mind before it was made real. The place where you work ten hours a day didn’t exist before someone’s mind created it. The world of people is nothing but dreams that came true. Some of these dreams are horrible, they are dreams of blood and pain, but they too, are someone’s dreams made real. So the answer to your question is simple. You spend your life making some dreams come true. You may as well choose your own dream.”
“But I don’t have a dream,” said the man. His voice was very quiet now.
“Everyone has a dream,” said Puram Bam. “Only most people forget it when they grow up.”
He stood up, walked to the fireplace and hung the masks on each side of it.
One mask was smiling. Another one was sad.
  1. Lisa says:

    Very well said unmaskd. I love the part which emphasizes everything in our world was once a vison or a dream in someone’s mind that was manifest. I wonder what percent of the “dreams” out there are even attempted by the people who have them? “To Dream the (not) Impossible Dream”. Such a great song from the Man of La Mancha. Thanks for the encouraging story…at least it was for me.


  2. I’M Possible



  3. Lisa says:

    To me, the biggest difference between a dream and it’s manifestation is diligent hard work and focusing firmly on what you want.


  4. S.A. says:

    nice tale congratulation 🙂
    with your tales , u put ur followers thinking about basic things that somehow make us who we are !
    hope u post more of ur tales .


  5. Had to share this (by someone called Samantha Bennett 2009)

    A Prayer For The Hoping Against Hope

    And as you stand there

    Hands clasped in front of you

    Eyes downcast

    Concealing the disobedient pounding of your heart

    It dawns on you:

    Here we go again.

    And while you no longer allow yourself the long, elaborate daydreams in which everything works out perfectly,

    You catch yourself thinking: Well, It Could Happen.

    And though you have long since given up making bargains with God,

    You find yourself whispering: Please.

    And since you have – years ago – quit telling

    Anyone anything about anything

    Because honestly,

    The things people say…

    “Oh, it will happen for you, I just know it!”


    “I have a friend who went through the same thing and then one day, just like magic…”


    “The minute you stop wanting it, that’s when it will happen.”

    Oh. OK.

    So you haven’t told a soul.

    Except – after long consideration – your very dearest best friend –

    And you know the odds are against you.

    And still

    And still

    And still

    You know that life is not a numbers game and

    The Lord does, indeed, move in some very mysterious ways and

    Haven’t you earned –

    And there you stop short.

    Because life is also not about earning or deserving,

    Life is about mercy and grace.

    And it doesn’t matter how hard you’ve tried or how much you’ve sacrificed or how positive your positive mental attitude has been

    What matters is reality.

    And reality says: It’s Possible.

    So you dwell in possibility.

    Between the dark and the daylight.

    No longer storming off, slamming doors and swearing, “Never again.”

    No longer crying out in agony because you had been so sure this was It.

    No longer elated by another promising sign.

    You are here.

    You are here now.

    Committed to enjoying the ride.

    Trusting in the friendliness of the universe.

    Awakened to your heart’s desire.

    Knowing that there is no such thing as false hope.

    All hope is real.

    Real. Hope. Now.

    It’s all we have.

    And who knows?

    Perhaps the best really is

    Yet to come.


  6. Anonymous says:

    Dreams can be real if you make them happen for yourself.


  7. Sunshine says:

    This tale brings to mind your musing, “The Dream”. Recently the song “Dream Weaver” was stuck in my head and I hadn’t even heard it on the radio in a very long time. So I was driving flipping through stations, ready to put a CD in and I heard the first few notes and couldn’t believe I heard the very song that was stuck in my head (not to mention the day before that I was reminiscing and wrote something about Dennis Weaver as McCloud)…weird, huh!

    For me, this has a yin-yang feel to it (even though I don’t know much about yin-yang other than something about perfect balance so I googled it to get the correct spelling not knowing if it is spelled “ying” or “yin”). As I was doing that just a moment ago, I discover there is a group called the Ying Yang Twins with a song called “Whisper” with the word B-AM in it and sweat. I must say, your high level of creativity throughout this has been brilliant. I keep having moments of clarity where everything ties together and builds layer upon layer in it’s depth. And in reading a little about Yin and Yang, Now I realize the “World Spins Madly On” video had the whole yin yang thing going on in that too.

    Just now it hit me, BAM just like a call out from an old Batman movie: This post and blog is about a soul mate in which the masks will fit together perfectly when the man embraces the woman and the woman embraces the man. Both the man and the woman each wear a half, happy and half sad face (only not complete masks to make a whole like the face in your logo) and the only way the two fit together is when faced back to back, to attain a complete smile and a complete frown and the man and woman will become one in perfect harmony like twins and the fireplace represents home. Now it ALL makes sense! 🙂 😦


  8. Sunshine says:

    It didn’t make sense that the two would be back to back when I typed it. I realized it is when they are face to face the masks are put together one on each side and they face each other without masks on.


  9. Mm… Overheard someone say their life ran more smoothly when they gave up on their Dreams. Maybe ‘release’ helps create a space !

    Dreams are only worthwhile when they become a reality.Otherwise they are indeed a – disappointing &/or frustrating- NOT so sweet lie …

    …The Zen way to create your Dreams? Is perhaps to find the place where you can meet events/circumstances/people with detachment AND receptivity…

    Even then we may not be led to the direct fulfillment of our Dreams.

    …Instead life may organically lead us to a MUCH better place #beyondourwildestdreams

    It perhaps difference between a HOPE & a DREAM?

    Hope keeps us going… Dreams allow us to arrive @ a destination



    • Manifestation of our Dreams…may indeed be as much about LISTENING in as it is about creative action.

      Misguided action is completely pointless and leads to complications & chaos in our lives.

      Sometimes it is much better to sit back, be receptive & listen to what is supposed to come next

      But WHO decides what is going to come next? Are we really able to do this for ourselves?

      Yes obviously with the daily choices we make we must take responsibility and act

      BUT with the bigger things? The Destiny Game plan? ARE we really in charge of that?

      Are WE supposed to decide what comes next in the bigger field of play or are we creating problems for ourselves when we try to impose our will on things which are just not meant to happen?

      Should we be receptive and allow The Universe/God/or something outside of ourselves to dictate events.

      Which is better? Which is TRUE?

      As with all things it is probably the balance of the two which forms the truth. Yes we have to take responsbility and make choices and modify them if they prove to be incorrect or not in the least bit conducive. We make mistakes this way. Equally we get some things magnificanetly RIGHT this way.

      We are defined by these choices…including the ones we DONT make.

      However… There IS such a thing as KISMET… (I think) … or Fate/Destiny/Predetermined events …

      This might sound like a cop out for the big decisions we do nto have the courage to make.

      BUT I think you will find that when these moments are upon us and you TRY to make decisions and take control….there is actually nothing you can do to impose the change you wish for.

      These are the moments when the Universe DOES know best. They are I beleive to be treated with reverence and respect.. They are one of life’s mysteries… and in a way they are quite exciting for they reveal that life is not all about ourselves…our will…our wishes and our dreams….

      KISMET puts us in our place as children of the UNiverse… and when these moments are bubbling up we might as well watch, observe, LISTEN, read the signs and await developments with great expectation…

      …For if we allow it….we are probably about to get the BEST present of our lives… and it will be received by GRACE alone… NOT by any decision we did or did not make…



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